What’s Loopy Doing during Loopy Academy Break?

Thanks to those of you who have sent in pictures of what Loopy is doing during Loopy Academy’s January Break! (Be sure to get in on the contest on Wednesday’s blog.) Here are a few photos that have come in:

Ruth and her Loopy are trying to pick out a new project:


Carla and her Loopy took a wander outside to say hello to the pasture pets:


Ann and her Loopy laid the knitting down to watch a hummingbird in Tucson:


MK kept her Loopy busy with laundry:


then cooking:


(although he snuck in some Christmas cookies while her back was turned):


and then finally knitting with an episode of Downton Abbey:


Dianne and her Loopy are hanging out in her pretty knitting/sewing room.


At Lise’s house, she and Loopy have been trying to decide how to spend a Loopy Gift Certificate:


Melissa and her Loopy have been winding yarn for new projects. (Although it looks like Loopy has been hogging the ball winder…):


Brandy and her Loopy are busy working on her latest cowl: 


Here at home, Lexi can sometimes be found babysitting Loopy while I get some work done. (They never stay like this for very long.)

Lexi and Loopy

I’m glad to see you all have put your Little Loopy guys to work. Most of them need to be busy, or they get into trouble. We do have a few sweet ones in the bunch, but most of them just delight in getting into things. Kind of like a two year old.

Sheri thinkingthegoodthingaboutthetroublemakingLoopysistheymakeuslaugh


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