Loopy Academy Winter Break and a CONTEST!

What are you and Loopy up to during this month of Winter Break from Loopy Academy? We noticed our Little Loopy doing some selfies today and thought we’d share them with you.

He picked out new yarn for a project.


He checked out the stock room and contemplated opening up the new deliveries.


He went to the library “to study”, but I can see that he’s looking at novels, not instructional books.


And he broke his dieting resolution, by stopping by Mary’s Mountain Cookies on the way back from the library.


All in all, no resolution-keeping and no studying going on around him this month.
He needs Loopy Academy’s Second Semester to start up soon and keep him a bit more occupied.

What are you and your Loopy up to this month? Leave a comment or email us a photo (support@theloopyewe.com) and we’ll use the random generator to pick a winner next week. What do you win? A $50 Loopy Gift Certificate, which you can use now, or spend on Loopy Academy projects in a couple of weeks, or save for a rainy day!

Sheri and Mischievous Loopy

P.S. The final winner from our second Random Acts of Kindness blog post in December is Jan in VA who wins one of our Blue Sky Alpacas kits! (Let us know which one you’d like, Jan!)


  1. Working on my list of must knit projects for the year. Started my socks KAL, and thinking of my beautiful skein of yarn from Loopy that wants to become a shawl or a cowl. It still hasn’t told me yet.

  2. Loopy has been helping me finish some non-Academy WIPs as well as keeping my resolution to knit every day in 2015. He’s been doing some studying on new techniques so that he’s ready to go when next semesters assignments are posted!

  3. I just finished my knitted Mochi Mochi toy menagerie for Mary Cate, the little girl I mentioned in my RAK comment from December. I knitted about 15 Mochi Mochi animals, & put magnets in them when I stuffed them. I then gave them to her with a magnetic dry erase board & Crayola washable dry erase markers. She can draw new “habitats” for her Mochi Mochi animals & stick them on the play board in the scenes she draws. It turned out pretty cute!

  4. I am working on a myriad of baby items this month. Four coworkers will be welcoming new babies into their families between now and May.

  5. Loopy had too much partying last week with the Buckeyes in the National Championship. She, Mae-Bull, and Caora all cheered the Bucks to the win. They are resting yet, not doing much. Who knows what they will do tomorrow? I told them they could have a week to recover. I think I saw some yarn next to them, so it’s hard to tell what they will be working on tomorrow.

  6. Trying to help teach my baby how to roll and crawl, and working on Ysolda’s mystery knit-along once he’s in bed.

  7. I’m trying to finish projects, but then new ones catch my eye almost daily. I finished my first linen stitch scarf. It is so perfect for using some left-over sock yarns, here and there, changing the colors. Using some stash yarn seems to justify getting more. Though it has been cold in MA, and I am forever misplacing my hats, so more hats will be next.

  8. I’m working on organizing my ravelry library and queue. Trying to match up what I have in stash and what I need to shop for.

  9. I’m doing some self-indulgent knitting and contemplating which project to cast on next. And “window shopping” for yarn online while trying not to hit the ‘Checkout’ button!

  10. I am working on an unfinished blanket I abandoned a few YEARS ago. It’s going surprisingly fast since it’s just knit and purl stitches. Makes for great TV knitting!

  11. If it’s not too late to enter the contest, pls throw my hat in the ring. I’m ready to school to start!

  12. the last couple of years have been filled with disaster… fires, Death, car acciden, cancer, alzheimers diagnosis. I decided it’s time topick up my knitting needles again. I’m going to finish a scarf that I started 3 years ago for my daughter in law. loopy will be so proud of me.

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