Knitting and Sewing – Three Things and a CONTEST!

Three things you might be interested in:

1. Happy Honeymoon to Patti, who is offering all of her patterns at no charge between March 14-21 to celebrate. There are some really cute ones. Pop over and pick a few!

2. Miniature knitting jerseys wanted for the Tour de France! I think I like the yarnbombed bike idea better, but curious to see what they do with the jerseys.

3. How to sew a fabric lining into a handknit or crocheted bag. (And hey – we have the yarn and we have the fabric for you!)

Three ways to think outside the knitting and crocheting box:

1. A clock that knits as it ticks.

2. Taking knitting-in-a-rocking-chair to a whole new level.

3. A crochet yarn-bombing that goes to massive lengths. What a colorful sight!

Three things that I’m just not sure about.

1. Over-sized knitted stools. Not sure how comfortable those would be around the house.

2. A scarf that just might swallow you whole.

3. Knitted chicken jumpers. Although they’re pretty cute.

Three easy-to-sew project holders:

1. Drawstring project bag.

2. Zippered box bag.

3. Open-top yarn or accessory holder.

Three famous knitters:

1. Lucy (knitting herself some stripey socks).

2. Jack Bauer (but I think he only knits gun cozies).

3. Sam the Squirrel (he needs reading glasses. I can relate.)

Three other cute sewing projects I have put on my to-make list:

1. An easy way to dress up store-bought towels and washcloths. Make sure you prewash both the towels and the fabric before sewing.

2. Purse organizer, knitting accessory organizer, car organizer – limitless uses.

3. Low maintenance kittens. No vet bills, no litter boxes, no meowing in the middle of the night.

Three people who have won something:

1. Winner of the Fourth Quarter Challenge drawing (for a $25 Loopy credit): Gretchen from AZ who made the Gaptastic Cowl out of Shalimar Missy Bulky.

2. Winner of the First Quarter Challenge drawing (for a $25 Loopy credit): Cammy from NY who made the Racing Raindrops Scarf out of Shalimar Breathless.

3. Β Winner of today’s blog contest: YOU? (Well, one of you!) Leave a comment below and we’ll draw a name next week to win a $25 Loopy credit!

Sheri thankstoPinterestforthephotosandinspiration


  1. I love when you post great little projects that work up quickly and a beginner can do.
    Love your blog and all the wonderful ideas!

  2. Aaand, now I have yet MORE patterns! Clearly this will necessitate more yarn and more hours in the day . . . πŸ™‚

  3. Knitted sweaters aren’t just for chickens. My cousin and I are knitting sweaters for penguins that have been caught in oil spills. The sweaters keep them warm and prevent them from trying to clean their oily feathers.

  4. Love the squirrel with the glasses who is knitting. And the chickens are adorable.
    Great blog post-loved all of the options.

  5. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful things….I LOVE the drawstring bag tutorial…..I sew but have never seen an easier way to do these cute bags…Loopy Ewe Fabric Dept…….Look out..

  6. How on earth do you find these things? The old ladies knitting chicken sweaters really cheered me up, and they seem pretty chuffy, too! My mother always said people should retire from 45 to 65 and then go back to work again, so they can feel useful. Maybe there’s something to be said for that.

    Crazy/wonderful clock and knitting rocking chair. There are incredible minds out there!

    Thank you for picking up my Vernal Equinox day, which started with freezing rain.

    Meg, in cold, raw, snow-filled New England

  7. I’d love to have the desk chair version of the rocking chair that knits. Can you imagine the multitasking possibilities!!

  8. This was great fun to read and look through all the links. I think I’ll be dressing up my towels from now on!

  9. My favorite is the knitting in a rocking chair. So much potential!

    Do you think they could make one to fix dinner, too?

  10. Thank you for all the links! I was especially happy with the one for the drawstring project bag for beginners. All your beautiful fabrics are making me want to learn to sew!!

  11. Spring has sprung here in No.Alabama, some early bloomers are already out but will get nipped next week when the temperature plunges back to below freezing hopefully for the last time. Meanwhile I am knitting on my Challenge #2 Socks and love the yummy yellow yarn! For Spring!

  12. My husband has chickens…..hmmm….nah!! But they are adorable! Really love how those towels look, too.

  13. Seriously – Jack knits?! I can also relate to the reading glasses, darn it! Pick me! Thank you πŸ™‚

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