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photo-4As soon as the Metalico arrived (months ago), I knew I had to knit with it. It feels luscious (50% Baby Alpaca, 50% Mulberry Silk), and it is lovely to work with, as well as lovely to wear. We had a Metalico Trunk Show here in August and I really didn’t want to pack it up those samples and send them all back when our month was up. Fortunately, I was working on my Camp Loopy Project Three and knew I’d have a sample done for the shop soon.

photo-3This is the Another Way pattern by Louise Zass-Bangham (the same designer who did the Song of the Sea Cowl that we highlighted last month.) There are all kinds of color combinations that you could knit this up in, but I loved the idea of having all subtle neutrals in this Metalico. In fact, I love the finished product so much, that we are going to kit some up for you, in case you’d like to make one for yourself! The kit will include the pattern plus 6 skeins of yarn (2 Opal and 1 each of photo-5Silver, Platinum, Flint and Gold Dust) which is enough to make the larger size. If purchased individually, the six skeins plus the pattern would be $94. We’re selling the kit for $89. Email us if you’d like to pre-order one of these kits ( We will have them ready to ship in about 2 weeks. If you’d like to make this fun pattern with a different yarn, you’ll need 5 different colors with about 150 yards of four of the colors, and about 300 yards in the main color (which is the white, in my shawl). It would also be lovely in Road to China Light, Madelinetosh Pashmina, Cascade Superwash Sport, Blue Sky Royal, or Manos del Uruguay Serena.

photoWould you like to try some smaller projects with the Metalico yarn? Here are some projects that should work with 1 skein: Grand Right & Left, Knitted Neck Scarf, Hydrangea Neckwarmer, Reciprocation, Bamboo Field Mitts, or Assemblage Mitts. For 2 skein projects, try: Dew Drop Cowl, Downtown Cowl, Seeta Fingerless Gloves, Flower Scarf, Silky Scallops Lace Scarf, and Bainbridge Island Scarf.

Have you seen any other Camp Loopy Project Three patterns that you’d like to make? I always see so many great ideas when I go through the Camp Loopy Photo Galleries. I love seeing what you have made.

Sheri also?Don’tforgettovote(Thank you!)


  1. Thanks for the reminder to vote – I try to remember every day or two. I hope it helps! There’s no company I’d like to see featured during the Super Bowl more than TLE!

  2. I drooled over the Metalico (not literally!) during my visits a week ago, but came away happy with some DIC Smooshy with Cashmere instead. Now that I’m back home in NJ, I can see I really do need to order some Metalico. That is a gorgeous Another Way!

  3. Suzi – it would be close. Each Loopy Cake is 110 yards and you need a little more than that for each color. Although you could make it a little narrower. The “V” in the middle is where you start and you knit each color 2″. But if you knit each color 1.5″, I think you might be able to do it! (And then of course you’d need one more full skein of the main color.) Good idea!

  4. I have yet to try the Metallico! It’s on my list! I vote every day, Sheri. How are you doing in terms of standings? !

  5. Still first place, Lisa! 🙂 🙂 If you go to the main page and use the drop-down box under where it says “sort by” most recent, you can also sort by most popular. There’s Little Loopy, leading the pack!

  6. ooh, still first place! I vote on at least 2 devices a day, maybe 3 if I get on the computer! how exciting – I was wondering how to check. Would love to see Loopy at the super bowl 🙂

  7. Loving it that you are still in first place. I bookmarked it so it is easy to vote everyday. Pretty much the first thing I do when I turn on the computer – this way I don’t forget.

  8. Very nice. I like the striping in the Metallico shawl, though I admit that I have my eyes instead on the Cabled Throw that you showcased. I first saw it as an ad in a knitting magazine, and even though I have bought the pattern, I haven’t gotten around to knitting it yet.

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