Colorado Wildlife (But Not in My Backyard!)

Last week I shared our backyard “wildlife” with you and I so enjoyed reading about all of your pets and their antics! I found myself wishing you all could have included photos. This week, I’m sharing some more of my hubby’s photos of some handsome wildlife close by. Just because they’re cute. Especially that baby.





Thanks for participating in your favorite cake blog contest last week. I’ve drawn two names, and each person will get four books to add to their knit/crochet libraries. Congratulations to: Becki in VT who said her favorite cake is chocolate with buttercream frosting, and Angela in CA who said her favorite cake is a coconut cake with coconut custard filling and coconut buttercream frosting! (If I liked coconut, I’d say that sounds really good.) We’ll be shipping the books out to both of you next week and I hope you enjoy them.

Now that Camp Loopy is (almost) over, I’m wanting to start a new project and thinking about a sweater (thanks to all of your great ideas on our Facebook page.) I thought I was going to use a semi-solid and keep it one color, but I keep being drawn back to stripes. Like Paulie, Driftwood, Shellseeker, Navona, or Funky Grandpa. Anyone want to join me? Let’s knit stripes!

We’re off on Monday due to the Labor Day holiday, but we’ll be back packing up orders on Tuesday, September 3rd. (And how can it be September already??) I hope you all have a great weekend!

Sheri nogoodtrackrecordforsweaters,butIwantastripedone.


  1. I have been wanting to knit a sweater. Someone said start with a baby’s, which I finished. So I think I am ready for this but no time limit pretty please. Just finished my last Camp Loopy project yesterday. Still have to block – hoping to get it in tomorrow. Had a great summer with the camp. Looking forward to next year.
    Thanks Sheri and Elves.

  2. great photos! living in colorado is something special. i absolutely love it here!

    anyway, i wanted to ask you, i checked out the loopy central cam today and what is that what appears to be reddish, maybe with some black in it, colored wrap/shawl on the mannequin in the background?? thanks!

  3. I cast on a Funky Grandpa yesterday! I’m not thrilled with one of the colors that I ordered so I’ll have to do some more TLE shopping.

  4. A sweater?! I don’t think I can do one yet! I did make a baby sweater for a gift and that little thing took me almost 3 months! I had to stop and start a lot with Camp starting and stuff! Still, it would’ve taken me that long anyway!!!
    Camp project 3 done and uploaded today!! Thanks for another great summer Sheri and all the elves!!!! 🙂

  5. I am DYING to do a sweater! But unless it is the 4th Q challenge, it will wait till January, because I need to get holiday knitting done first! There is never enough time!

  6. We saw a moose and her cub up at Sprague this summer. Too bad the camera wasn’t handy and the bus didn’t stop. Cool siting though. Love the elk with their big racks. So maybe we could start a thread on ravelry to share our pets with you.

  7. I’m actually knitting a sweater for my dear Momma right now! I’m knitting Anne Hanson’s “Leaving” for her. If I’d been better prepared last year, I’d have had it ready for Momma’s 60th birthday, but it’ll be ready when 61 rolls around later this year.

  8. You are so lucky to have such wonderful wild life so close that you can see them!!! I am thinking about doing an Elfe, but I want to wait until I have lost a bit more weight… Have fun making your striped sweater, which ever pattern you decide on! By the way… is there going to be a 4th Quarter Challenge this year???

  9. Paulie is one I’ve been wanting to knit but I like them all. I’ve never done a sweater, which is quite different from saying “I’ve never bought yarn for a sweater.” 🙂

  10. I will knit a sweater with you, Sheri. I just don’t know if I’ll be able to finish one in a month again. Started a new job and it’s really taking a lot of my knitting time. I’m going to work on Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig. I had a few rows started in July, but Camp Loopy took over the bulk of my knitting.

  11. Yeah! I could really use a new sweater (Aussie = jumper). Love stripes, but they don’t love me unless they are really thin – the curse of being on the shrimpy size. Eyeing the Stonehedge for sweaters…!

  12. Rachel – glad to hear you’ll knit along, too! I’m sure I won’t finish mine in a month, either. No deadlines on this one. Just knitting at your own pace!

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