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Thanks so much for being one of our blog readers! We have fun touching base with you a few times a week here on the blog. But did you know that you can find The Loopy Ewe in other places, too? (Just in case the blog doesn’t provide enough loopiness for you. You can find us on:

Facebook – Where we post information on Monday Updates and Wollmeise Updates, as well as asking for feedback on certain products or patterns. (Today, I asked for some suggestions on cardigans using fingering weight yarn. I love getting quick feedback from all of you via Facebook!)


Instagram – Where we post frequent photos, sharing things going on in the shop. New yarn colors, completed projects, Elf photos, Loopy shenanigans, and more. It’s a sneak peek into all things Loopy. (Most recently, you’ll find pretty color combinations for yarn projects, pictures of customer-completed projects, and Loopy with his scuba gear.)


Twitter – We save Twitter mostly for Monday Updates and Wollmeise Updates. Did you know you don’t have to have a Twitter account to get tweets from us? If you want to be alerted when there is Wollmeise in-house (or when the Monday Update goes up), simply send a text to: 40404 that says “follow theloopyewe” and you’ll get a text message when we tweet.


Pinterest – We’re always looking for fun patterns, handy tips, interesting projects, and inspiration to pin to our Loopy Ewe Pinterest board. It has been fun adding in a Quilting and Sewing board, too, now that we’re going to be carrying fabric! Here are some pins I added in today:


Ravelry – Our Loopy Groupie board has been going since almost the very beginning of Ravelry. We have discussion threads for different projects, to answer knitting questions, to discuss Monday Updates, to share project photos, and more. It’s a great group of knitters and it’s easy to find answers to any of your knitting questions over there.


We love connecting with you in whatever format you like best. You’re fun to hang out with and we like seeing what you’re up to!

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  1. It can be so much fun that you loose track of time and you realize that your co-worker has been talking to you for a while but you don’t hear them because your too busy looking at everybody’s finished items and looking up the patterns to see how much yarn that would take and going to the website to see what’s new because it’s better to get something new than to go stash-diving and wondering how soon you can cast on and thinking maybe you should wait until you finish the one you’re already working on ……. yeah social media is fun!

    *by the way, I don’t have facebook nor do I tweet or anything else. Ravelry is bad enough for me thank you very much.

  2. Thank you so much for the info on following you on twitter. I don’t have a twitter account nor do I want one. But I’m happy to get a text message when you post. Maybe I won;t miss out on the next Wollmeise posting. I’m currently knitting a mitered square afghan with No Whale Watching in Co. May need more yarn in the future.
    I already follow you in Pinterest and Facebook and Ravelry etc.

  3. I have FB and Ravelry, and frequently check your LE blog. I have Pinterest, but don’t check it that often. I’ll just have to be satisfied with that, ok?

    Ps – did you forget to mention to VOTE??

  4. Not a big social media person, and although Twitter is tempting, I have not gotten an account thinking it might keep me from broadcasting something rather impolitic to the world at large in a heated moment. BUT, to learn I can get the Update Tweets as a text? Genius. (I was gonna say ‘Priceless.’, but we all know there’s a price to be paid from knowing about the latest great stuff at TLE. ;^)

  5. Wow! I don’t know how you keep up with all the social media and run a terrific yarn store, but I’m glad you do. I follow/like you on Facebook and Ravelry, but will add Pinterest and maybe even Twitter via text. Thanks for all the ways to be Loopy!

  6. I follow on Pinterest, fb, and ravelry. I tried twitter but didnt care for it in general. I haven’t tried Instagram yet. Maybe one of these days! If I did do all that is available, I wouldn’t have enough time to knit! I am pretty faithful to your blog, Sheri! It is really the only one that I read! I check Brooklyn Tweed occasionally. Thanks for offering so many choices!!!

  7. Can’t wait to see the results if the fingering-weight cardi search. I’ve been saving my multiple skeins of last year’s camp yarn, and looking, looking, looking for the perfect pattern’

  8. Follow you on your TLE blog site, e-mails, Ravelry, FB and will add Pinterest. No interest in Twitter or Instagram right now. Hopefully, that should keep me well informed and up to date on TLE activities. Would love to try Wollmeise – hopefully I will catch some next time before it is sold out! Thanks again for all you do to make this the best yarn store ever!

  9. I saw the Facebook entry but I did not answer Elle! for a fingering weight sweater! I shall have to check the entries later to see what everyone said. I try not to spend too much time on Facebook although I did “like” TLE over there. I love the twitter feed. Maybe a little too much for the WM updates! I have been thinking about Pintrest but really…. I. need. to. have. some. knitting. time.! I am still working on my 3rd Camp Loopy Project!

  10. I love my social media though I’ll admit that I put a lot of it aside when I am doing Camp Loopy. I just am not super good at reading all of the interesting Ravelry posts and getting knitting done at the same time.

  11. Wow Sheri – I didn’t realize I was missing out on so much Loopiness!! lol
    I may have to get up to speed sooner rather than later – but so far, the Blog & Ravelry have me pretty much covered. I love Loopy!

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