Do You Need to Get Away? (CONTEST!)

heartfeltBecause it’s February (the month of love – and you know we love you!) and in honor of our first Colorado Loopy Ewe Spring Fling coming up, we thought it would be fun to give away a spot at our Spring Fling for a contest this month. Not only that, but if you win, you get to pick a friend to bring along with you. We saved a spot for them, too! You cover the cost of getting yourself to the hotel (by plane, train or automobile), and we’ll provide you both with the Fling weekend package for free. (Pop on over to this blog post to see what is included in the Fling weekend package.) If you have already signed up for a spot at the Fling, you’re still eligible to enter the contest and get your Fling package for free for you and a friend. We don’t want to leave you out. The Spring Fling dates are April 18-21, Thursday evening through Sunday morning.

So do you need a weekend away with your best buddy? Would you like to hang out with a bunch of great knitters, visit Loopy Central, take a class, get a goodie bag and relax all weekend? If you want to be entered to win, leave a comment below and tell us you’d like to attend and who you want to bring along with you. We’ll use the random number generator to pick someone next week and will report back with a winner. It’s going to be a great weekend!

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  1. I would love to come for the weekend but I am not sure which one of my friends I would bring! I have soo many fiber friends and I know that they would all like to come with me. I would just have to put the names in a hat and pull one out!

  2. This is a great contest! I just couldn’t resist to enter. I would (hopefully) bring one of my knitting friends from Phoenix. I live in Chicago now and haven’t found my inner knitting circle of friends yet so this would be a great knitting reunion if sorts and a wonderful opportunity to meet more like-minded friends. Also since I’m a (relatively) new mom it would be an awesome excuse for some “me” time. Anyway good luck to everyone! Someone is going to win a fantastic prize!

  3. How cool! I’d bring a friend who has been doing some intensive caregiving for an aging relative. She could use a break!

  4. I would love to get back home (in MD now) and see my 93 yr old Grandpa who’s in Lakewood. I don’t know who I’d bring, it would depend on who could get away?

  5. What a wonderful contest. Fits February, plus its my birthday this month so this would also make a perfect present 😉

  6. A weekend away? Do people actually do that? I know I have heard those words before but I always thought it was some figure of speech. I have 2 kids, a husband, a full time job+…
    Now I have a wonderful co-yarnaholic friend who has 3 kids and also works full time+ I would have to bring her along so I have proof that this whole “weekend away” thing isn’t some figment of my imagination!

  7. I would love to share this with a friend who has given me endless hours of knitting help and support. She has never expected anything in return. What a surprise for her this would be!!!
    Wendy Fuller

  8. This trip would be fun to spend with my best friend “sister” who is in another state. Just to make up time to be with her and enjoy being together and of course we have so much fun shopping for yarn when we “do” get to be together. Plus we both need a vacation to just get away, she does not get to do much so this would be a way to let her have some fun.

  9. It would be amazing to get to come to the Spring Fling and bring my dear friend who moved from NYC to Austin, TX!

  10. Generous offer! I would bring my sister, who has been helping our mother the past few weeks and who would never think to reward herself with a trip like this one!

  11. I would be thrilled to win this retreat… I have never been on a knitting retreat and would be thrilled to win… I would bring my knitting friend Helen who would be more excited to win this retreat weekend package…. Please, please, pull my ticket……. Thanks so much for offering this opportunity….

  12. I would love to win this for my Mom. She is awesome! She would probably take a knitting friend or Grammy. She learned to knit last year and is having a lot of fun doing it. This is so nice of you to give this away.

  13. Wow! What a wonderful give-away! I’ve always been so envious of the folks able to attend the Spring Fling. It has just never worked out for me. If I could come, I’d probably try to bring my friend Rae. She is an excellent potter, but wanted to learn to knit. I’ve been teaching her some, but she’s still in the early stages. I think an event like this would really get her “hooked” on knitting!

  14. Ooh, the Spring Fling always looks like fun, but it’s hard to talk my pocketbook into it. I’ll bet my mother-in-law would love to join in some knitting fun, too!

  15. I would love to win a trip to spring fling! I would have to have my own contest among my knitting friends to see who could come with me. 🙂

  16. Can we still enter? I’m going to the fling but would love to have my trip paid for and I’d love to bring my little sister who I taught to knit (she lives here in Denver too). She would be so excited!

  17. Maybe being last is good…. or it might be too late! But I would sure love to Spring Fling with you all! I would bring my sister, who admires my knitting and should learn to knit herself! 🙂

  18. I, too, hope that I can still enter! My minister/husband just got out of the hospital after a 10 day stay. We followed that with a couple weeks of home IV treatments and continue to deal with his other health issues while serving 2 churches. What a treat this get-away would be. I would bring my adult daughter who knits and could use the trip as a thank you for helping with the animals and the house while her dad was ill.

  19. That would be the best weekend ever!! Who to bring? Oh my. My Mom, MIL, DH, knitting friend? That is a big decision! Oh I hope I am the lucky one!

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