What Are You Doing Today?

What am I up to today? Oh, just playing with Madelinetosh Merino Light and Beads:

SteamAge (with 6-1024), Wilted Rose (with 6-158), and Fig (with 6-135S),

The Loopy Ewe Madtosh and Beads 2


Georgia O’Keefe (with 6-147), Briar (with 6-134FR) and Stovepipe (with 6-135),

The Loopy Ewe Madtosh and Beads 3


and Fragrant (with 6-208), Mineral (with 6-412R), and Volga (with 6-1827).

The Loopy Ewe Madtosh and Beads

And contemplating beaded shawl and scarf patterns like: My Hope, Oaken Dreams, Stellanti, Aase’s Shawl, Triptych Shawl, Undulating Waves Scarf, Pacific Shawl, Into the Woods Scarf, Leafwise, and Bois.

What have you been doing today?

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  1. I’m supposed to be paying bills, but I am playing on the computer. BTW the link to Undulating waves takes me to Triptych.

  2. I’m finishing up my work. I had a good day out for lunch with a dear friend. Now, I’m going to eat a little bit of supper and then knit on a baby afghan for Jess’ sweet little niece! Just about finished. Third one in 4 months!

  3. Thanks Vickie – I fixed it! Marsha – don’t you love making baby items? They go so quickly and turn out so cute.

  4. I’m knitting up Oaken Dreams right now as part of Sivia’s Mezzaluna shawl club. the $45 is the price for the 6 shawl patterns in the club. We are on number 3 right now.

  5. trying to find the right yarn for Shipwreck. I keep going from DIC starry to Lorna’s Laces Helen Laces and cannot make up my mind. Help!!!

  6. I’m on a mini knitting retreat and spent today working on my ‘new’ first quarter project. More than half way through the first repeat of the cowl. It’s going well, looking good, and I’m glad I changed patterns. Love the yarn, but it wasn’t making a firm enough fabric for the original choice. Pouring rain all day so having a good project to concentrate on was perfect.

  7. After a blah day at work, I’m curled up with two cats, a Great Dane, and a cup of homemade chai. Not sure if we’ll get snow tonight or not, so have pulled out “A Deadly Yarn” and started devouring it. My mom’s on my hit list for getting me hooked on Maggie Sefton’s series.

  8. I love beads and really like the way they add weight to the lace edging of shawls. My current favorite way is to pre-string them, put one bead on a yo, then play with where on the yo you want the bead to lie when you work the yo on the next row. Depending on how many yo there are in a row, you can put a bead on each one, or be more selective. Just sharing this because I haven’t seen anyone else do it (although people may well have!)

    I have used the crochet hook method, but my preference is to prestring if the yarn can take it.

  9. WOW Sheri – I’m positive my hub and my wallet are thrilled we don’t live right around the corner from Loopy…. 🙂 I could disappear for days at a time in your store…. yarns with matching beads…OH MY! Please continue to spoil us with all these wonderful items / ideas / photos – especially since I’m all the way in NEW JERSEY!!! Thanks

  10. Stop it! LOL I just saw your suggestions of Madelinetosh and beads and I just *had* to order the Fragrant and the corresponding beads, and I am going to *attempt* doing the Leafwise shawl (small). I hope one hank is enough.

  11. Kim – the $45 is for a series of 6 shawls, not just one. ($45 for one pattern would be a deterrent, for sure!!)

    Pattie – true, I’m a matchy matchy person with beads and yarn. I need to develop a little more confidence in my beadwork before I want them contrasting and really standing out! But I look forward to getting to that point one day.

  12. I ended up buying the MezzaLuna series. (which includes the Oaken Dreams). I just bought the pattern club, not the yarn club. I have Loopy skeins that would be great for all of the patterns released so far. This will be a great destash set of patterns for me, and then I can buy more yarn! and more beads too! Yes, I have a bead stash.

    I have not used contrasting beads much yet either, but silver lined clear beads go with many colors and provide contrast while being a neutral. Oh, I also used green beads with grey yarn, and I liked that a lot. So I guess that is a way into contrasting beads with yarn–start with one neutral item.

  13. I’m working on Boo-Knits Valentine Mystery Knit Along. The shawl is called Temptress.

    She has amazing patterns and at a decent price. She uses all weights of yarn and some of her patterns will work with any weight.

    Head over to Ravelry and do check out her patterns. It’s worth it, even to just drool!
    And yes, I’m a big fan. I have all her patterns lol

    P.S. Once you start beading, you’ll be hooked. Check out the floss threader method. I use a beader. Others use a tiny crochet hook. Cheers!

  14. Your pattern suggestions are wonderful – absolutely love the “Bois”. It’s a shame that work takes away from knitting time.

  15. I’ve never tried MT ML nor beading with knitting. I liked several you recommended. What am I doing ? I ‘m trying to finish up the 1st quarter challenge – Winter Wonder and loving both the pattern and the MT Pashmina Worsted – it is quite a lovely yarn that I will definitely use again. Hope you have a great weekend Melody

  16. I got up early this morning and did some knitting on my new Blooming Fuchsia Shawl and eat smoothy and went to Bishop Center ( gym and senior center and pool etc) and walked for 30 min and took Cardio Exercise Classs. And after lunch I went to Michael’s and purchaed beads for my new shawl and also went to Korean Grocery Store and bought much needed Korean foods. It is so warm and sunny day with 65 degree in Central Ark.

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