First RAK Reporting Day Contest

We sure enjoy seeing all of you knitters and crocheters popping in the shop every day. (Some of you pop in via the webcam, and others of you pop in in person). Last weekend we had a group of Loopy Groupie podcasters up here for a meet-up and shopping. If you are in the market for some new podcasts, you will want to give them a try! Leslie and Laura were here from The KnitGirllls. Mel was here all the way from Hawaii, where she podcasts at SingleHandedKnits. And Diane was up from Denver, where she podcasts at Others in the photo – Loopy Office Manager Lynn wearing the cute Elf Hat that Laura made for her, and Tami who also came up with them from Denver for the day.  It was fun to have them here. I usually only get to see Leslie and Laura at the Spring Fling, so this was a bonus! (Speaking of the Fling – signups go through the end of the day on Tuesday, 12/11. We’ve had a great turnout for signups so far, and are so looking forward to having you here for the retreat.)

Today is our first Friday RAK Reporting Contest. Did you do something fun this week? Share it with us by leaving a comment below. We’ll use today’s comments to randomly draw a winner for every 50 responses, so check back on Monday to see if we drew your name. In the meantime, have a great weekend!

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  1. My friend had to go into work early one day this week, so I volunteered to take her 5 yr old dauhgter an hour before school, and also to drop her off at school.

  2. Thank you for doing this!! You inspired me to buy the groceries of the woman ahead of me at the grocery store. While she was bagging, I swiped my card. She teared up as she thanked me. Her appreciation was so rewarding.

  3. This is the time of year for my favorite RAK. When I have to go through toll booths, I pay for the car coming behind me. A little something to make the morning commute better.

  4. I have a friend who’s been having a rough time with her kids recently, so as a surprise, I bought her tickets to a concert she wanted to go to.

  5. i’ve “adopted” an elderly person in an end care home for the holidays. she wants a satiny nightgown, which has been extremely difficult to find. they’re all either flannel or too risque for an elderly lady. while this has been much more of a time commitment than i anticipated, i am still hopeful to make her christmas wish come true.

  6. Don’t know if this counts as a RAK…Last year my eldest sister and I had a falling-out over our mother’s estate, and things were strained between us ever since. A few weeks ago, my sister lost her husband to cancer only a month or so after he was diagnosed. I thought it was time to let bygones be bygones on my end, so I sent off a Christmas parcel to her containing a shawl and a couple of pairs of socks that I had knit, as a surprise (we didn’t exchange gifts last year), hoping it will cheer her up on Christmas morning.

  7. My RAK for this week was for a friend whose husband is deployed. She has 4 children 2 of which are under 2. She got the flu, so I went to her house to watch the kids so she could sleep all day and not worry about the kids being taken care of. I also brought and made lunch and dinner for everyone. Brought some diapers and wipes for the babies since she was almost out and not able to go to the store.

  8. I have a special Bible in Greek and Hebrew. I hadn’t been using it for some time. (I use an English translation now). A new friend is studying Hebrew. She teared up when I handed her my old bible. I’m just sure it wanted a new home. And I’m sure she will get many years of enjoyment from this old treasure.

  9. A friend is leaving soon to see her family in Sweden. I gave her a baggie of dried apples I made for her to snack on on the plane. They are one of her favorite treats and her apple trees did not produce very much this year so she was unable to make any herself.

  10. This year an older friend of mine had to give up driving because she was having trouble with her eyes. The loss of her independence and her ability to read was depressing. Last week I took one of my iPods and filled it with Books on Tape for her to take away with her when she left for Florida. She was thrilled to have stories to listen to as she walked.

  11. Just today my daughter and I took the lightrail train into downtown Portland. While we were waiting at our stop for the train to arrive, an elderly woman clutching a dollar was trying to get a ticket from the machine. On the first page it said it wouldn’t take bills, which is not always the case. I used my cc to get her a ticket so she could get on her way. She reminded me of my grandma who has been gone for 6 years now.

  12. I thought I was too late to get a Romney Ridge calendar this year, so I had ordered one directly. Lo and behold, one arrived in my Loopy box today.

    My office manager is a new knitter and always enjoys looking at the sheep pics on Facebook so I gave her the calendar for her bulletin board at work. She was thrilled!

  13. I was in line at Target and a woman was deciding what she was going to have to put back due to not enough money. I had a coupon for $5.00 off and gave it to her. She was able to keep one more thing in her cart.

  14. A woman at the grocery store approached me wanting me to buy her food stamps so she would have money to take the bus home. I pointed out that it was illegal to sell food stamps for money, but I gave her bus fare to get home anyway.

  15. Two seniors, one with a walker, were in my local supermarket, making their way very slowly around the aisles, putting things back or taking smaller sizes and I heard the woman say she couldn’t believe they’d left their coupons home. I went up to the customer service counter and bought a store gift card for $20, then caught up with them and said “Santa just left this for you” and placed it in the woman’s hand. They were both a little stunned. Their surprised, relieved smiles made my day.

  16. One of our favorite traditions is that my husband and I take a day off work to do all of our Christmas shopping. We usually go out for lunch, and leave our server a 100% tip. This year, we couldn’t take off work; and it was dinner rather than lunch. But I hope we made her night a little brighter.

  17. For the first time in several years our long term acute care hospital is having a Christmas service for our patients and staff. This has always been uplifting to those who won’t be home for their own services. I’ve been asked to lead the choir for this special service. What an honor and privilege I don’t deserve! I know this probably isn’t considered random, but it is something others say they are “too busy” to do.

  18. I was speaking with a cancer patient about her medications and she kept telling me how much she liked my nail polish. She said she was really looking forward to getting a manicure when she got out of the hospital and hoped that she would be able to find the same color because she liked it so much. That night on my way home I picked up the color for her. What fun it was to surprise her with her own bottle of nail polish this morning.

  19. I don’t know if he is homeless or not, but a guy selling newspapers on the street corner is there all the time with his dog. I wanted to give him something but don’t like to just give money so I pulled up and gave him a bag of dried chicken for his dog. He seemed very thankful and the dog was drooling waiting for the first piece!

  20. A coworker and I played secret Santa for two coworkers this week. We baked pies and left cards that said we appreciated all they do for the department. These two coworkers are definetely overworked and underappreciated. We wanted them to know others do notice how hard they work and that we do care.

  21. I went the extra mile for a student. We had a meeting set, but she went to the wrong campus. I really didn’t feel like waiting around for her, but I know she’s trying hard…so I sat there and waited for her to show up. I would have loved to go to my LYS and spend some “me” time, but I put my work and students ahead of me. 😉

  22. Last night was a pin release party at Disney. I went and got a few pins for myself, then I remembered seeing a lady on Reddit asking about a certain Disney ear hat that her disabled son wanted. I managed to find one at Downtown Disney, so I grabbed one and have wrapped it up as a gift for him. I also included a pin and some post cards for them both.

  23. On Thursday night our youngest disappeared (he’s 8, and autistic), the police were extremely helpful so after they found him (a very long hour and 15 minutes after he disappeared) I rang their call centre to say thank-you to everyone involved and then I wrote a letter which was posted yesterday. I know mostly they get complaints so I decided I’d make sure they got a written thanks which will go on their records; I thanked not just the officer who found him, but the people on the phone and those in the patrol cars who were out looking as well. I used to work in call centres and I know that a call or even better a letter can just make your day; most of the time you deal with complaints and obnoxious customers.

  24. The Target store I frequent is right near our airport and our Army/Air Force base. We get many military folks in there. Whenever I can, if I see one in line at the Starbucks in the store, I try to pay for their order. It isn’t much, but I get a couple of minutes to talk with them while we’re waiting for our lattes. Met a lovely young woman who is a flight nurse the other day. I so appreciate those men and women who are willing to serve for us!

  25. My dad has been taking almost round-the-clock care of my 91 year-old grandfather for the last 2 years. In late October, my grandfather passed away. For the last month or so, I’ve been trying to keep my dad’s spirits up by taking him to different outings, making sure he isnt alone often, and little things like that. He took such good care of my grandfather, I’m trying to help take care of him.

  26. I posted good reviews on yelp and Angie’s List for my gardener and carpet cleaner. Both own their own businesses and have been struggling a bit this past year. I hope it will bring a little more business their way.

  27. My daughter and I had a hair appointment today. After we were finished my hairdresser told me my total and I wrote my check out like I normally do. I usually give her a few dollars tip, but today I decided to give her a $25 tip along with a $5 gift card to Starbucks. She didn’t immediately look at the check and I didn’t say anything and then we left. She flagged me down in the parking lot to tell me I wrote the check for too much. Told her, “No I didn’t and Merry Christmas”. She was pleasantly surprised. I also gave the other hairdresser with her a Starbucks gift card. I have 3 more Starbucks gift cards just waiting for that random someone.

  28. Our neighbor’s dog got out of her pin and was running down the street. I live on a very busy road and was concerned that she would be hit by a car. I got the dog and took her in until my neighbor arrived home that evening. She was very grateful that her dog was alright.

  29. These barely count – but last w/e when I was out shopping I found $2 in the parking lot. Stuck it in my pocket – and tonight it went into the red kettle……I have started a new job with a commute that can be quite trying…..I make a point of waving a thank you to everyone who lets me into the crowded lanes…..the funny one tonight was holding a door open for a man from another culture who had his hands full – the shocked but grateful look I recieved from him was quite gratifying (even as I giggled about it!)

  30. I just found out that one of my friends recently got diagnosed with breast cancer. She just turned 30 and miscarried this summer. I knitted her a chemo cap as she will be under going surgery and chemo this month. I haven’t sent it as I just finished it today but I hope it helps her and reminds her of the love and support she has to get through this difficult time.

  31. I was at Trader Joe’s and an elderly woman was parked in the handicapped spot and pausing by the sidewalk – I realized she couldn’t balance to step uponto the lip of the sidewalk. I offered her my hand to balance on and she happily was on her way. I, who am able to do this so easily, do hope someday there will be those who are kind in turn.

  32. I’ve been taking care of a woman at work that had foot surgery before thanksgiving. Fetching her coffee & getting her print outs & keeping others off her back for a while. I even made her a toe cover for over her cast!

  33. My fiancé and I just donated a bunch of goodies to the local Cat shelter. We got both of our cats there and knew how much they need donations. The lady that was working was super happy to receive the loot!
    We donated 2 small blankets, a cat bed, 2 large bags of food, and some toys that we picked out from petco.
    I am an animal lover and I feel that animals are usually overlooked this time of year when people are worried more about things to buy for their family and friends.

  34. On Monday I mailed a “care package” to a Rav friend’s daughter who is currently stationed in Bahrain. This is her first Christmas away from home and I remembered her mom had mentioned she’s a knitter, so I sent her two skeins of yarn (already wound, I doubt she packed her swift!–sone Malabrigo Silky Merina in “Archangel” and a skein of “local” Virginia yarn), a homemade “Knitting Emergency” ornament, an Uncle Sam ornament, and some treats from Virginia — peanuts and apple butter. I explained on the card that I was a friend of her mom’s from Ravelry and thanked her for serving our country — now that I think of it, I may have forgotten to sign the card, I was so excited thinking about her opening the surprise package from a total stranger!

  35. while at work, one of my co-workers was having a super bad day and just about everything was going wrong. So I gave her my home made chocolate chip cookies and mason jar of milk that I had planed on having as a snack, totally cheered her up!

  36. Our sales team is the front line at work and they hear a lot of negative feedback and get blame placed on them a lot. I emailed the heads of the team positive feedback about 2 of the best people on the team to share what a good job I think they are doing. My feedback got forwarded on and both people were touched.

  37. A man stopped to tell us a cow was out down the road and he had nearly hit it. We went to investigate and found out it wasn’t ours. Usually we would call or stop by to tell the neighbor that their cow was out. Because of the danger to the cow and other drivers and it was very early in the morning, we put the cow into the pasture ourselves. The best thing is that it went very well. The cows don’t always cooperate. Thank you for making us all more aware of the needs of others around us. Since reading the earlier blog post, I’ve been so much more conscience of the needs of others around me and had fun helping them out. Merry Christmas!

  38. My 15 year old daughter and I were at the mall shopping for toys for kids in the New York Cares Winter Wshes program. (Awesome program should anyone want to answer a “dear Santa” letter from children in shelters.) Anyways, we decided to eat dinner in the food court. It’s always crowded and seats are hard to find. We had just finished eating when an elderly woman with a McDonald’s child meal bag asked us if we would give her our table. We jumped up, cleaned the table and helped her sit. She insisted she was only kidding but she said “I’m going to cry” and she truly had tears in her eyes. I told her that if our doing something nice for her meant she might think about do something nice for someone else when she could, then we were all winners.

  39. Last night I surprised the kiddos with a meal out after a long day at the park. While in line at Chipotle, the woman ahead of us started talking to the kiddos a bit. I noticed she was dining along, so I went up to the cashier and told them both that we would be paying for her meal tonight. She was so tickled. She said she would return the kindness by passing it along. I call that a success. It also led to a great discussion with my kiddos about how kindness can be spread and is much better than being mean-spirited.

  40. Every year I save up my change and dollar bills to put into the Salvation Army’s kettles. This year I thought that I wouldn’t be able to do so because I had lost my job and was in bad health. However, I realize that it it even more important that I keep up with this tradition. I may not have as much to give but I do have something to help out with and that’s all that matters. Reading all these entries shows that everyone can help out with just a small gesture. You would be surprised how people never forget when something wonderful is done for them. I know I haven’t when I received an amazing Christmas surprise several years ago.

  41. Sent off a “pick me up package” to a Loopy friend who has been having a rough time lately. Oh and I gave my gloves to a Salvation Army bell ringer on the way out of the store. The surprised look on her face will be with me for quite a while.

  42. I was actually on my way to do mine when I got called into the office. So as soon as I leave here, it’s getting done. Since I have no little kids to purchase for any longer, I’m going to go to local supermarket and troll the lines and just pick one. I’m going to ask if I can just jump in front of the person checking out and purchase a gift card and then I’m turning around to give it to them. Groceries can be expensive at anytime during the year. The holidays make it extra hard. Hopefully this will give someone a little extra cash in the gift department for their little ones.

  43. I paid for the order of the person behind me at McDonald’s. I had to go to a second restaurant since no one pulled in at my regular stop! Who knew that would ever happen.

  44. I picked an angel from the angel tree at the mall to make a small child’s christmas special. So much better to give than to receive

  45. A friend that lives far away recently lost her husband and her mom just had a stroke. My project at the time was a market bag and every time I knit it up, I would think of her – so I figured I would mail it off to her and let her know I was praying for her.

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