RAKS are Back – Get Ready!

It’s December! In previous years, we’ve done a contest all month long involving RAK’s. (Random Acts of Kindness). Last year we didn’t officially sponsor any RAK contests, because we moved the shop from St. Louis to Fort Collins the first week in December, and it was a little over-consuming. But I missed it, and we’re putting it back into the regular December schedule again. This will be our fifth year of December Friday RAK contests, and I’m so looking forward to reading the comments to see who is participating and what you have chosen to do. Thank you in advance for the love that you’re going to share!

There are three Fridays before Christmas, so each of those Fridays will be a RAK reporting day here on the blog. If you’d like to participate, you’re encouraged to do something special and unexpected for someone around you each week. They can be cost-free or expensive, big or little, anonymous or not. Pick something extra nice and out of the ordinary. Not things like “I held the door open for the mom with 3 toddlers at the grocery store.”, because I think we all do those kinds of nice things all the time. Or at least we should be! Need some ideas? If you click on the Random Acts of Kindness blog category over there —> on the right side of my blog, you can read comments from past RAK posts.

Why do we ask you to report back in on Friday? Because your RAK’s inspire other people to go out and do the same. I love the emails that I get in December, where people are telling me how inspired they were when reading someone else’s comment about something nice that they did. You have no idea how your one idea might spur or encourage lots and lots of other people who read about it. That way, your RAK goes even further than you originally intended. To further encourage you to report back in via a blog comment here, we’ll be drawing one name for every 50 RAK comments we get on the Friday blog posts (12/7, 12/14, 12/21). You will win your choice of yarn from our new Loopy Seasonings Series, and we’ll also be adding something extra to your prize as well, because that’s all part of the fun.

Our first reporting day is this Friday and we’ll announce the winner next Monday. You have a few days to do something nice and leave a comment on Friday’s post. (Then – you will have another opportunity to do something else next week, for that Friday’s post.) I hope you’re up for it!

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  1. I donate money and food to our church food bank. And my husband helps elderly neighbors with tasks they can no longer do. We both help others thru our church. Love your online store. Thank you.

  2. Today I packed 50 baby, children’s books and a box of toys to ship on Monday to Wanblee, SD on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation. I frequently send things here–the Natives have so little and need everything. Costs me some money but I feel so much better donating their than I do when I donate to a local non-profit.

  3. I usually support a local family for Christmas, providing gifts and money. This year, it’s unfortunately a family member who lost their job and are expecting a baby. I’ve sent money, so they can decide where best to spend it and I’m buying everything on their baby list for the new arrival. It’s been fun shopping for a baby.

  4. I met someone on Ravelry and we had e-mailed each other a few times. She was in a bad car accident and totaled her car and had no way of getting a car to get to work. I was going to sell my car and get a new one but when I realized that this person needed a car, I gave her my car so that she had transportation back and forth to work.

  5. On Wednesday I send a package filled with baby clothes to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to help teenage mothers. It was fun shopping for baby things. It really makes me feel good to be able to help others!

  6. I flew on a plane this week to visit my sister. There was a baby in the row behind me. When the man in front of me reclined so that his head was practically in my lap, I restrained from reclining, so the Mom and child would have a wee bit of room. I could have been more comfortable, but it was a nice secret RAK for the young Mom.

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