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Claudia-and-mariaLast night was an extra fun Knit Night! My friends Claudia (the Wollmeise on the left) and Maria (on the right) have been here visiting from Germany this past week. It has been so fun to have them here and I am glad we could share a Loopy Knit Night with them, too. We’ve done a lot of knitting, shopping, touring, and eating over the past 8 days. 🙂 They’re heading back home to Germany today, but Claudia will be back for the Spring Fling in April. (Spring Fling information will be out next month.)

Here’s a super quick and easy dinner idea that my family likes. I hope your family will like it, too.

French-Bread-PizzasFrench Bread Pizzas (found on Pinterest, originally from the What’s Cooking with Ruthie blog)

French Bread (unsliced)
Your favorite pizza sauce (I like using my spaghetti sauce for this.)
Your favorite pizza toppings (We used sausage and pepperoni.)
Your favorite pizza cheese (We used Mozarella.)

Cut the bread lengthwise, so you have a top and a bottom.  Then cut each piece in half so that you have 4 large pieces from the loaf.

Spread the pizza sauce on each slice, then top with your pizza toppings. Finish it off with the cheese and bake it at 500 degrees for 5-7 minutes.

Sheri hopingyouallhaveafunweekendplanned


  1. What a great picture of Claudia and Maria. And congratulations on getting Claudia in a photo. She is beautiful. I don;t know why she was hesitant to be photographed in the past.


  2. Two lovely ladies in that photo and just look at that great scenery in the background! Thanks for the French Bread Pizza recipe. I’m going to try it this week-end.

  3. Ok first, you’re making us jealous of the wollmeise visitors, and then you top it off with super yummy looking pizza!? OY!
    🙂 Happy knitting and glad your visitors are having a lovely time – enjoy feeding them!
    ps – SPRING FLING details always make me want to plan a trip to CO … hoping next year’s budget allows!

  4. Hi Sheri, Thanks so much for featuring my yummy pizza recipe! I’m so glad you and your family enjoyed it! It’s a fave around our house too. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks again.
    xoxoxo~ Ruthie

  5. So glad that you, Claudia, and Maria had such a fun time. And yippee that Spring Fling info is out next month!

  6. Fabulous!! I wish I could have seen them! They are both so sweet. Hopefully I’ll get picked for Spring Fling 🙂

  7. Sounds like you had a great time. I can’t wait to hear about Spring Fling. I hope to make the cut!!! Don’t know if I mentioned to you that I’m out of work now since I had my last stroke in September but I’m coming to CO no matter what! I’m actually saving all my change and $1.00 bills everyday for “spending $$”!!

  8. When I got home yesterday I found this wonderful blog entry!
    Ohhhhh – it has been a fabulous week and we had so much fun and enjoyed hospitality without end. A piece of my heart is still in Colorado – thank you ♥♥♥ Sheri!

  9. Wow. How fun for you and them! The pizza recipe sounds yummy! I can’t wait to hear all about this Spring Fling – everyone sounds so excited about it!

  10. Sheri thanks for this unforgettable week, hugs to you and your family. Today I decided to stop working and to be your lodger forever :-))))).

    Hi everyone,
    I discovered the new Loopy Ewe store and beautiful Colorado. Whispering “it´s breathtaking”, don´t tell it other people and come to the Spring Fling. For me it´s hard to wait until Spring.

    And yes, I still have my picture-phobia (get it from my mum, she was more worse than I). But I do so much better and allowe people taking pictures who I know and also trust very much.

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