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We’ve been thinking about you East Coasters all day, and hoping that you stay safe and warm and dry. (The stash is in a safe place, right?) What a storm to ride out. We’ll stay on top of the news and do let us know that you’re doing ok!

It’s Monday, but we don’t have an Update tonight. (I know!) Although we have lots and lots on order, we just didn’t get much in last week to put up. Maybe the UPS and FedEx people got together and decided to stockpile our new shipments, to get a week off? Of course you realize we still have thousands and thousands of skeins of yarn nestled on the shelves here at Loopy, ready to hop in a package and fly on over to your home, right? So it’s not like you have nothing to choose from without a Monday Update. Since some of you are home-bound with Hurricane Sandy, I thought I’d take the time to start our holiday gift knitting discussion, and give you some fun possibilities. You might get some good knitting time in over the next week. (Maybe by candlelight.)

Teacher Gift Ideas: A cute stuffed apple, 3D Apple Bookmark, Apple Coasters, or an apple cozy in Cascade 220 Superwash 808 and 887.  Of course you don’t have to make them something apple-themed. You could also opt for a fingerless mitts like Susie Roger’s Reading Mitts (in Cascade Eco Alpaca for soft mitts in neutral colors that go with all coat colors, or Dream in Color’s Everlasting DK for some color pop), or Cafe au Lait mitts (tucked into a new coffee mug with a Starbucks coupon, in Road to China Light, shown here in Carnelian), or the Cabled Pattern Wrist Warmers from Drops, which remind me of a favorite cabled turtleneck for your hands (perfect in Madelinetosh Sport).

Your favorite female friends and relatives: Besides those fun mitts patterns, you might also consider:

Cowls like Biscuit (done in luscious cashmere from Jade Sapphire’s line), or Abstract Leaves Cowl (in Lorna’s Laces Solemate, shown here in South Shore, which will help to regulate the hot/cold, and with the option of beads), or a Brighton (in your favorite multi-color from Three Irish Girls Adorn or Glenhaven), or a Byzantine (in The Loopy Ewe Solid Series colors).

Scarves like Falling Water (in Shalimar Breathless), or Favorite Scarf Ever (in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock), or Tiger Eyes (in Shalimar Zoe Sock), or the Rill Scarf (in Prism Lace).

Shawls like Cinnamon Toast (in Stonehedge Shepherd’s Wool DK), or Trillion (in Mountain Colors Bearfoot, shown here in Sapphire Trail), or Lightwaves (in Kauni Multi and Kauni Solid), or Topiary (in Madelinetosh Pashmina Worsted).

I know it would be helpful to start all of the gift knitting in January, but despite my best intentions, it never happens. Why? Because I scurry around and make gifts in November and December and then figure I want to knit something for myself, come January. One of these years I’ll learn (plan, execute) better. But not yet. Next week I’ll give you some pattern ideas for the guys in your life. Are you making a lot of gifts this year? And did you plan better than I did?

Sheri needingtoleaveworkimmediatlyinordertostartgiftknitting


  1. Hi Sheri! I am one of the east coasters homebound due to Hurricane Sandi. So far, so good. Just LOTS of strong wind and rain. I have been eagerly awaiting your update, hoping to see it before we lose power! 🙂
    Thanks for the update and the positive thoughts. Heres wishing luck to all the other east coast loopie groupies!!

  2. Listening to Sandy howl outside my Virginia window, and sending my thoughts and prayers to Northeast. Veteran of numerous storms…if you are told to leave a low-lying area that is prone to flooding in heavy rains or high tides, GO. Stash can be replaced; YOU can’t be. Storms like this kill most people by drowning.

  3. I hope all of the East Coast groupies stay safe as well! Thanks for the suggestions Sheri- I am making – or going to attempt – a lot of gifts for the holidays. I’m still pretty slow though. I am trying to stick to hats and mitts! We will see if I get them all done! I make for quite a few people at Daniel’s school. Then I have some friends and family to make for. Good luck to Lisa… 🙂

  4. Hi Sheri! I’m in Ocean County NJ and the winds are howling outside!! So far KNOCK ON WOOD we still have power so I can surf a little before going back to knitting. My DH’s employers cancelled work today and tomorrow but my boss didn’t. I stayed home and plan on it tomorrow too. Everyone stay dry and safe. KNIT ON!

  5. Heh. Yeah, that’s what I should tell Frank: “The skeins were lonely and hopped off the shelf at The Loopy Ewe so they could fly to Los Angeles and live with ME.” He’ll be too busy munching his “husband bribes” to complain!

  6. Listening to the wind howl and the rain crashing down and knitting to maintain my sanity. So far, no loss of power–one flicker, but nothing else. Long night ahead though. I feel worse for those in NJ and north from there….

  7. I just blew back into the house from grocery shopping…got to get ready for our 4 day retreat in the Hocking Hills starting Thursday. Now, Sheri….I have had post-it notes all over my house, car and day planner reminding me to watch for info about the Spring Fling (My last stroke incident gave me a huge memory loss issue). I won’t be home until late Sunday and there is NO reception of any kind where we go. I’m not asking for any favors but wouldn’t Monday be a good day to make the announcement???!!!! 🙂 Of course, I’m just kidding but I really am serious about the post it notes. They are my lifesavers right now! Hey everyone, keep warm and dry!!

  8. Feeling very fortunate that we were only briefly without power last night, and I cast on for an Arroyo for my mother in law’s birthday present before the lights went out (didn’t want to try to cast on 241 stitches in the dark!). The scarf/shawl seems doable for Thanksgiving gifting, and fortunately I’m already done with my father in law’s DNA scarf but I started that in March of this year. No other gift knitting planned, I just don’t knit quickly enough to make it an option.

  9. As far as gift knitting goes, I’ve been knitting gifts for other occasions all year. Plus, I seem to be having an issue with some tendinitis in my right arm. Hoping it won’t slow me down too much, but gift knitting just is not an option this year! (Note, I didn’t say knitting was not an option, just gift knitting!) 😉

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