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I’ve finished two more woven scarves, and I have to say, it’s really fun and I love the results. I’m still working on getting my edges even, but washing and blocking helps a lot. (Not really blocking. You actually wash it and hang it on a rod to dry. I like that better than pinning out the edges of a shawl. Shawls aren’t really “wash and hang” types of things.) All in all, weaving/washing/blocking sure goes much faster than knitting. No wonder I’m hooked on it.

I haven’t tried a two color woven scarf yet, because I’m having too much fun weaving with multi-colors. Do you ever find a gorgeous multi-color yarn that you want to buy, but you’re not sure what you can make with it that will work well with the coloring? Weaving always works well! But if you want to knit with multicolors and you need a good pattern for it – try Lintilla, Hitchhiker, Wurm, or Boomerette. (Need suggestions for multi-color yarn? Lorna’s Laces, Hand Maiden, Fleece Artist, Mountain Colors, Studio June, Sweet Georgia, and Three Irish Girls are all great choices.)

This one was done with Wollmeise Sock in True Love.

And this one was done with Wollmeise Sock in Versuchskaninchen.

I have a few more colors set aside for future scarves. But right now, I need to get back to some knitting. My sweater is not progressing. I’ve decided I’m not a good sweater knitter, although I keep finding sweater patterns that I like. I’m not giving up on it because I love the yarn and want it to be a sweater, but I do find sweaters challenging to stick with, for some reason.

Have you discovered there is one thing that you’re not as good at knitting (or finishing)?

Sheri 3sweaterscurrentlyontheneedles.


  1. Great scarves! Weaved scarves are the only handmade items than I will give this Christmas: they are so much fun and fast to do than I hope I can be done on time with my gifts making this year 😉 My favorite yarn for weaved scarves is Lorna Lace Shepherd socks (one multicolored for the wrap and a complementary semi-solid for the weft, the results are always stunning, whatever the combination I chose)
    OK, sorry: that’s the question here… What am I not good at in knitting? Focusing for sure!!! I always have too much projects on my needles, have a hard time finishing anything and am always more excited by the next project and next yarn than by what I’m doing. But that’s also part of the fun 😉

  2. LOL 🙂 I love the enthusiasm Sherry – having 3 sweaters on the needles is way better than never starting any! 🙂 I have a bunch of cute patterns I intend to try “someday” … plenty of yarn I’d like to see worked up as sweaters … but yeah, still working on things I can manage quickly. Christmas is around the corner!
    🙂 Keep up the great work – those scarves are LOVELY!

  3. OOh yes I for the life of me can not master I-cords. I just get a jumbled mess, maybe because I am a loose knitter but i am aware of it and pull tight but I just get something I have to sew shut anyway!!!

    I will persist though!

  4. My secret —- just a few rows at day, no more. If I think about it i feel overwhelmed – but it does grow day by day a little at a time!

  5. Your woven scarves are beautiful. I have one sweater on the needles and honestly, I don’t know if I will ever finish it. It is too much work! I love socks best of all and then scarves come next. I actually have three socks on needles, but I know that I will finish them all and SOON!

  6. But next month’s NaKniSweMo! (National Knit a Sweater Month) Maybe you should give it a try… Personally, I’m debating between Fiona Ellis’ Paisley and Amy Herzog’s Apocalyptica. But I digress….

    Myself, I hate weaving in ends, no matter what the project.

  7. I think sweaters like to hibernate in a corner and watch the world go by … I can think of 4 or 5 on the needles, but I really don’t want to know how many there are … socks & hats seem to go faster with about 60 – 120 sts to a round.

  8. Sheri, those scarves are lovely. And you may be having the opportunity to wear one very soon! As I look out my window, it’s so dark and gray to the west … I smell snow in the air!

    I’ve never dared beyond a child-sized sweater. Just. Can’t. Get. My. Courage. Up.

  9. Love the scarves but I don’t need to dilute my knitting time if I’m going to get anything done! hahah Big projects or complicated patterns are hard to finish. You have to devote all your time and attention if you want to get it done. I love knitting socks. Small canvas, going as complex as I like, but it can be done in far less time than a jacket or sweater. Made a number of those projects for my daughter and myself, but I’d rather do smaller things when I can….

  10. Just sweaters for the big people. Oh: I guess there are a few in the “Forlorn” basket for some wee ones too. I like the gratification of knitting socks and some shawls but the sweater knitting just doesn’t happen around here – much.

    Beautiful scarves!

  11. I know what you mean about tackling larger projects. I started a sweater in September, frogged it in October, and will probably finish it in November. On the other hand, I have knit two pairs of socks in October already. Sweaters are so demanding of our time and socks…not so much.

  12. Really love the woven scarves! Wondering how the loom is listed. Going to try and knit another sweater and see if it fits better- then if not- I will strickly be a sock, scarf and hat girl- I know I can knit them without any problems!

  13. I love to knit socks, but for the life of me I can never pick up the gusset stitches right. There must be a little known secret, but no one is telling.

  14. Those scarves are gorgeous Sheri!

    Afghans…afghans are the bane of my existence. I don’t know why I even start them. The last one – a 45″x50″ – took almost a year! So much for it being a “weekend” afghan. (snort…giggle)

  15. Those scarves are gorgeous Sheri! My mother was a weaver for a few years when I was about 10 – she had at least 3 big looms, one of which was big enough to do a rug. I remember helping her set them up and untangle!

    I have a terrible time with sweaters/tops for me. I measure , do math and they still don’t fit or look right. Close to giving up but sure would love to master them. If you follow Yarn Harlot, she just knit a complicated sweater in a week! Who else can do that? I’m thinking she has figured out how to knit in her sleep.

  16. Your scarves look marvelous, Sheri! I haven’t woven in awhile, and your work is an inspiration to pull out my Cricket and weave! I have a sweater that I’m working on for hubby, and the progress slows as the sweater gets “bigger”. I think it’s because it becomes less “transportable” because its so big and heavy–I have the same problem with larger shawls or blankets, too. Well, thanks for the inspiration!

  17. Your scarves are beautiful. Can you tell me why you chose the 15″ Cricket over the 10″? I’m thinking of putting the Cricket on my Christmas list and just wondered which would be the most practical. Thanks. Lovely weaving!

  18. I just cannot get working with double-pointed needles. To me it is like having sex with a porcupine! However I keep on trying just because it is a challenge!

  19. You’d think as a spinner and weaver I’d have a longer attention span but when it comes to sweaters I loose interest way to fast. I won’t tell you how long I’ve had some sweater projects in hybernation. Socks and small shawls are much more do-able for me.

    If I feel then need to give a handmade creation to someone I’m far more likly to have woven rather than knit it.

    Perfecting your selvedges comes with practise. A lot of weavers find that one side is always a little more wonky than the other.

  20. To Bev…. That’s why I knit toe-up socks! NO picking up gusset stitches, you do the gusset increases and then knit them in as you continue to finish the heel. You can also try the sock on as you go and assure the length/width is just right for your foot. I have also been able to take leg/instep patterns from top down socks and reverse them to use on toe-up socks. I use a basic Wendy Johnson pattern and drop in whatever fancy work I want. If the yarn is colorful enough, I just let it do the talking….

  21. It’s the sleeves that get me. I hate sewing them on. I used to think it was just finishing in general but the last couple of years I’ve noticed I zip right through the side seams once the sleeves are on. Also, buttons. I have 3 sweaters all put together and in a pile, just waiting for the buttons to go on. And I even have the buttons.

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