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We’ve been busy around here, checking in new inventory, getting photos taken, and preparing for next week’s Monday Update (because I have heard from many of you about missing one this week!). We have big rolling carts full of yarn like this, to get out on the shelves and up on the website, soon.

However, we had to take a 3 hour detour yesterday to deal with our internet service, because our speed had slowed to a turtle’s pace here at the shop (in between blipping off completely every so often). Three hours of time on the phone. I am so not impressed with their customer service. Not that I’ll be mentioning the name of that particular internet company. But I’m not happy with them. (Can I help it if they like to put their logo on the modem?) We think it’s fixed now. It had better be. 🙁

Luckily, we have these jars of nourishment in the Loopy Elf Kitchen, for stressful times such as these.

And lest you worry that we will run out, let me assure you that we keep plenty in reserve for refilling.

So what’s up with you this Wednesday? Are you needing some jars of extra nourishment, too?

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  1. I want all of that yarn……Wish I could stop after one helping of that most amazing nourishment….ok, so now I am going to have to stop on the way home for this treat. Yummy…..Okay, need to put them in a jar with maybe a knitted decoration on the lid……

  2. Oh, that would be dangerous, particularly since I’m also needing some extra nourishment, or encouragement, or something extra! Maybe I should buy yarn instead!!!

  3. OOH what an awesome idea! Everyone should work with jars of M&M’s for additional nourishment at the office 🙂

  4. Well, I’m sitting here with Hershey macadamia nut kisses, so I would say yes.

    And last week I discovered 4 different companies were selling dark chocolates filled with salted caramel. I bought 2 and conducted a survey at work – Ghirardelli was voted my most of the testers as better than Dove.

  5. Can you ship some of that nourishment to me? I need it really badly. My dad is ill, I am swamped at work, my oldest is getting married in three weeks and the shrug that I am knitting in cobweb weight lace is not finished yet and the plaster ceiling in my living room fell in because of a leak in a teeny tiny pipe in the bathroom (like I have time for that). Chocolate would really help!!

  6. Extra Nourishment would be great. Today was my trip to the mall with the 16 year old son who finally decided he needs new things for school and a new phone! We survived but chocolate would certainly help in my recovery!

  7. That collection of Hand Maiden looks so luxurious! How very tempting it must be to walk through that shop after deliveries. Also tempting would be your jars of nourishment after days like today. Good idea to have such a pick-me-up close at hand 🙂

  8. I picked up the items that I entered in the MN state fair … 5 ribbons … two were from last year’s camp Loopy projects and one was in the yarn from my 2011 spring fling swap partner.

  9. Well, I had a Twix on my way home from the grocery. :). I always need that kind of nourishment. :). All of that yarn looks awesome! Are you going to have a fourth quarter challenge Sheri? I have SO many project ideas! :).
    Glad you survived your internet issues!

  10. yes please…I need additional nourishment. But it has been so hot and humid m&ms would melt just to spite their candy coating! LOL How about frozen M&Ms…that is how I like them best. 😀

  11. I’m just finishing estate things and dealing with stuff, and my dog has been sick today on top of it all, and yarn fumes and chocolate would be really good right about now. Maybe I’ll go downstairs and crawl into one of my stash boxes…. 🙂

  12. I found some Reese’s Pieces at our Costco so they had to come home with me… All 3 pounds of them!!! (Pour ’em, Pop ’em, Seal ’em… yeah, right!) I have been spending my evenings after work knitting on a Daybreak shawl and Popping Pieces with great enthusiasm! Something magic about the mixture of peanut butter and chocolate! I discovered the Peanut Butter and Chocolate milkshakes at a Cafe in Washington State on the Southbound I5 heading to Portland OR a few years ago and when I need to go to my “happy place” that milkshake memory is there, too! Tonight we are watching a retro DVD of “They Call Me Trinity”. Good fun, spaghetti western. And Terrence Hill has the Bluest Eyes I have Ever Seen!!!

  13. In trying to cut back on chocolate consumption I discovered the incredible dark chocolates at The Cupboard, downtown Fort Collins. Kahlua infused, orange infused….I’ll let you dream from there. I’m just getting started with the Anniversary Kit, as distraction from reality, and it’s working!

  14. Yes, please and thank you. I’ll take chocolate in pretty much any form. Hubby comes home the other day announcing he got me pearls for my birthday. Godiva pearls. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

  15. I have no will power around a candy stash like that. Good thing – for you and me – that I’m beyond driving distance!

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