What’s Up?

We’ve been busy around here, checking in new inventory, getting photos taken, and preparing for next week’s Monday Update (because I have heard from many of you about missing one this week!). We have big rolling carts full of yarn like this, to get out on the shelves and up on the website, soon.

However, we had to take a 3 hour detour yesterday to deal with our internet service, because our speed had slowed to a turtle’s pace here at the shop (in between blipping off completely every so often). Three hours of time on the phone. I am so not impressed with their customer service. Not that I’ll be mentioning the name of that particular internet company. But I’m not happy with them. (Can I help it if they like to put their logo on the modem?) We think it’s fixed now. It had better be. 🙁

Luckily, we have these jars of nourishment in the Loopy Elf Kitchen, for stressful times such as these.

And lest you worry that we will run out, let me assure you that we keep plenty in reserve for refilling.

So what’s up with you this Wednesday? Are you needing some jars of extra nourishment, too?

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