Camp Project Three – Derecho

I had fun knitting up a Derecho for my Project Three for Camp Loopy. (So much so, that I’m making another for myself. This one will stay at the shop.) I used our Loopy Ewe Solid Series in Ivory, Iron and Barn Red, and I made the small size. I liked the construction, moving back and forth from one side to the other for the stripes. What I didn’t like was having another set of needles dangling there, while I was working on the opposite side. I eventually ended up taking the second needle out and putting those stitches on waste yarn until I needed them again. That worked out great. It took much less time to do that than to untangle needles from the two different balls of yarn that I was using, for each row.

I wasn’t sure that I’d like the one dark stripe there (which is how it works out for the small size), but once I put it on the mannequin and brought it around to the front, I thought it worked out just fine. I’m going to try the larger size, this second time around. In the larger size, you end up with two of each stripe combination, all going separate directions. I’ll keep you posted on how that works out.

Thank you for all of your exercise tips in last week’s blog contest! Lots of good ideas and motivation in there. The one that I liked the most was “Don’t overthink it.” You have no idea how many thoughts (excuses) I go through each morning, trying to talk myself out of getting out of bed to exercise. Don’t overthink it – that’s my new motto.  I did draw two names to win the final two skeins of Wollmeise Lace that we had for our anniversary month contest. Congratulations to Sheryl in San Jose, CA and Laura in Edmond, OK!

So did you make anything during Camp Loopy (or see anything that someone else was making) that you want to knit this Fall? My list is full, once again.

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  1. I saw a number of absolutely beautiful knitting! One of my favorites is the above mentioned Derecho. In fact I now have the pattern on hand in case some of my stash inspires me….or something new from the Loopy Ewe.

  2. What kind of a question is that????

    Of course the “laundry list” of knitting keeps growing after every month at camp! Thanks again for the fun and the challenge. I look forward to it next year.

  3. I didn’t make it thru the final challenge this year. Life just got in the way. I did find lots more projects and certainly hope there will be a camp again next year.

  4. I added lots of patterns and a whole new category to my queue. I added a ‘multi-color’ to my queue tabs so I can find all these wonderful multiple colored items later.

    Also, I got to make new friends. One lives no more than 45 minutes away. We had a meet and greet and plan on meeting up again in a few weeks.

    What a great opportunity to try new patterns and make new friends! I love Camp Loopy and will be there next year.

  5. Ummmm, nope! I didn’t see one other thing that others were knitting and my “to do’ knitting list didn’t grow one bit. Hahahaha! I know you really believe that, right?

  6. Well, I know I met a lot of yarns online that I’d like to meet in real life! My favorites list is much longer, but mostly a blurr right now. Camp was a lot of fun. I hope that you’ll do it again next summer.

  7. Now let’s see —– I chose project 1 on my own. Project 2 was the result of one that someone did for project 1 and it was the same for Project 3. That was also one that someone else did for their project 2. Yup, I’m a copy cat but who cares. I ended up with 3 great projects and 3 great christmas gifts in the bargain. Top that off with the yarn I just ordered for 2 Faberge’s. A pattern that so many knit for project 3 and I think it’s safe to say that it was a very successful Camp Loopy experience. CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR. THANKS TO SHERI and all the ELVES!!!!

  8. Awesome shawl Sheri. I love those colors together! I have quite a few things in my ravelry favorites and library!!! This Camp was great. It really made me knit my behind off to meet the deadlines!! Plus, I learned quite a few new things. I am so proud! Thanks bunches to you and the elves and all the other campers- everyone is so nice!

  9. Yes, I have a very long list of things to knit that I saw during Camp Loopy. I have started a Cherry Vanilla sweater from stash yarn that I found when looking at Vodka Lemonade and Charleston Tea (which is my next project). Also in my cache for Fall knitting are the multitude of Christmas presents that I make each year (I have already started).

  10. Seriously Sheri you should warn us newbie campers about the dangers of overcrowding our queue!! Lol SO many gorgeous projects / patterns during camp… My heads spinning but I’m trying to stay focused – First Christmas ornaments for 2 babies so far & then special requests for the next baby on the way due in a couple weeks… After those are finished I think I will get into the Camp inspired items. There just arent enough hours in my day with work full time! 🙂
    Congrats to all the campers for doing such great work 🙂

  11. Camp Loopy has seriously challenged my knitting skills and variety of projects.
    Were it not for CL2011 I wouldn’t have knit shawls, I would have stayed with the tried and true 2-a-t-t sox.
    CL2012 challenged me to knit a sweater. Lawdy, lawdy. I knit a sweater ! ! ! !
    EVERYONE in Camps Loopy has inspired and and motivated
    Sheri your camp challenges have truly widen my knitting experience
    and You and The Elves pamper me to no end.

  12. Yes! I saw many inspiring projects and have a huge list now. However, for me, Camp Loopy was really a confidence-builder. Usiing the guidelines for each project forced me to choose patterns where I learned new techniques. thank you so much! It was great fun!

  13. I loved Camp Loopy. Derecho was my project 3 also in Buckeye colors- The best part of camp was the new friends. I met my swap partner in person and met one of my tentmates at Stitches. Thanks for being a great Camp director and thanks to the elves for all their help.

  14. Have you seen Derecho done in neutrals? There is a photo of one on the Ravelry pattern page. A neutral palette would even eliminate the one dark stripe in the small size.

    I purchased Spud & Chloe Fine in Popcorn, Clementine and Orangutan to make the small version for Camp Loopy Project 3, but was so slow with Project 2 that I postponed the Derecho. Actually, I spent the time trying to figure out how to remedy the “one dark stripe” problem (without success). After seeing the one done in neutrals, I decided that would be my solution (for a small one) and last evening I ordered more Spud & Chloe Fine so that I can make a large one in those three colours. Don’t you think that’s a great solution to the “one dark stripe” problem? Buy more yarn!

  15. I thought that part of Camp Loopy was to fill our “Favorites ” list. Now to find some way to knit past life expectancy! !!!

  16. My list is always full, but the latest projects have come from Amirisu, a bilingual online knitting magazine like Twist Collective. I need a DK weight for the patterns I’m most interested in, so I will have to pick something from the shop to try them out!

  17. Hi Sheri…..Hope everything is okay…..It is after 9pm and there is no Monday blog or update. Did I miss you saying that there was not going to be one tonight because of Labor Day. Thankyou so much.

  18. Hi Sheri! I loved being at Camp Loopy again this year! It was such a joy to keep up with my new friends I made at camp through the Ravelry threads! I didn’t know about them last year! I fell in love with the Pamuya Shawl and the Elix Shawl just fascinated me! I don’t know when I will make time to indulge the urges to knit these, between Nanna Knitting and such, but I see them becoming a part of my future, and hopefully soon! I saw lots of Color Affections, and am trying to figure out if I will commit to one of them… Camp Loopy was an absolute blast and I can’t wait for next year! Thanks for making Camp Loopy happen!!! And I hope you and the Loopy Elves all had a very happy Labor Day!

  19. I made a shawl for Camp Loopy 3. And while I was “at camp” reading the posts, I found at least 6 other shawls and a couple of cardigans I want to make. I live in South Texas and don’t NEED many shawls or cardigans but I’m enjoying making them and putting more.on my “to do” list.

  20. OMG, thank you so much! I opened my front door today to a package of gorgeous Wollmeise lace :-). I never win anything; what a perfect beginning to my day! Thanks Sheri; I’ll be out your way in person around the 19th, SO excited to meet you and see your new place!!

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