1. I got some great photos of this sort of sheep when DH and I were in CO last year. it was amazing to watch how they felt like they owned the road!!

  2. We got some photos like that right at the summit of Mt. Evans in May (two days before I was lucky enough to visit The Loopy Ewe. They are pretty incredible when you see how barren and cold their habitat is most of the time.

  3. I’ve lived here 30 years, spent a ton of time in the high country, and still have never seen a bighorn sheep. Great photos!!!!

  4. Great photos!! When we were in CO in January, we were driving in Rocky Mtn Natl Park and saw a couple Moms and their babies crossing the road right in front of us…..so cool! You don’t get to see them very often, unlike the Elk….but we still enjoy the Elk every single time we see them!!

  5. The only time I have seen these and the big horn sheep are this time of year in the Rockies. Beautiful pictures and I think I know where you got these shots. :). Wish I were back out that way hiking!

  6. The photos are from Mount Evans, the highest paved road in N. America. There were about 25 mountain goats near the peak, and about 25 of us with cameras getting the same easy shots. Finding a parking place was the only challenge of the day.

  7. I love getting to see the mountain goats! I’ll be in Estes this weekend, but it’s always so busy I doubt we’ll see any. I have high hopes for when we’re there in the middle of September.

  8. Wow. I SOOOOOOO miss living in the west (25 + years in Wyoming and Montana). The wildlife is amazing and they are all so beautiful!

  9. We went to the mountains last weekend and went on a hike and ran across a young black bear and a small herd of elk cows and calves. I love living in Montana. Saw 5 bull elk on my way to work this morning too.

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