Camp Loopy Project Two Drawings

Thank you for voting on our Camp Loopy Project Two entries! We have tallied the votes and the winner of the Reader’s Choice Award is Janine from Missouri, who finished this gorgeous High Seas lace shawl which she calls “Belladonna Goes for a Swim”. She used Sweet Georgia CashSilk Lace in the Nightshade colorway for this stunning creation. The finished shawl is the shape of a parallelogram. Congratulations on being a Blog Reader favorite, Janine!

We also drew three names from the rest of the 672 photos that were entered, and they also win a $35 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificate! Those went to:

Tamah from North Carolina, who made the Cielo Shell out of Cascade Ultra Pima in the Cornflower Blue colorway.


And Traci in Nevada, who made a Pendulum Shawl out of Shalimar’s Breathless in the Glacier and Ore colorways.


And Christina from California, who made the Let’s Go Shopping Shawl out of Dream in Color’s Starry in the Peacock Shadow colorway.

We’ve added your $35 Loopy Gift Certificate to your accounts. And a big congratulations to all of you who participated in Camp Loopy’s Project Two. We have loved seeing all of the things that you made.

Now that we have all of the photos up and approved for Project Three, it’s time to vote on that one. Hop on over to the Project Three Gallery and pick a favorite. Then email us your vote: We’ll tally them up and will announce the final list of Camp winners in a couple of weeks.

The Camp fun isn’t over yet! We have some special Camp Colors coming up this fall, as well as the bonus yarn that so many of you earned. You’ll be getting an email from us in the next couple of weeks, if you finished all three projects within all of the guidelines. And as soon as the Camp Colorways are ready, we’ll share that with you on the blog. It looks like we’ll have two different batches of Camp colors, and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I am very pleased to have won Readers Choice. Thanks to everyone who voted for it and thank you, Sheri, for the prize. I had a lot of fun at Camp Loopy this summer and hope to participate again next year! Janine

  2. Holy Cow I’m a huge fan of that “Let’s Go Shopping Shawl” but it’s CROCHETED!!!! 🙁 Bummer. My crochet skills are pretty weak, especially in comparison to my knitting skills – so that’ll have to wait. 🙂
    Great work to all the winners – definitely inspiring 🙂
    Enjoying some lovely Fall weather here in Jersey today – but have to say some prayers for all those affected by the wicked weather we experienced over the weekend. At least one local death I know of – 🙁

  3. I just loved doing the Camp KAL’s. I know I didn’t over-participate in the forums, but I loved having some project guidelines, the goal of a deadline, and the opportunity to try some new yarn/patterns! (I feel like a lot of my knitting mojo got jump-started in the process, too!)

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