We’re Celebrating with a CONTEST!

This month we’re celebrating our Sixth Loopy Anniversary! We officially opened our virtual doors on August 1, 2006. We’ve shared a few of these photos before, but celebrations are all about pulling out the scrapbooks and fondly reminiscing, right? Here is a peek at our Loopy (virtual) scrapbook.

The shop started in a tiny corner of our basement, not much bigger than what you can see in this photo – about 90 sq. feet. This was our first group of in-store shoppers. This corner worked well for the first couple of months, and then someone (that might be me …) just kept ordering more yarn and we needed more space.

We decided “who needs a basement?” and expanded from the little corner, into the rest of the finished area that we had.

We had to stack boxes on our front porch and in our front hallway, waiting for the mailman each day. Some days, there were a lot of boxes!

After a year at home, we made the move to office/retail space a few blocks away, and that was our Loopy home for the next 4+ years. After our first year there, we doubled the space by knocking down the walls and taking the offices next door. That was fun, although it made for a bit of an interesting (weird) floor layout.

Last December, we put everything on two large moving trucks, and moved to our current location here in Fort Collins, CO, about an hour north of Denver.

With 4500 sq. ft. here, I’m hoping we will have enough room to put off any other moves for the time being. You all need to come visit so that you can walk in here and look around that corner. It goes down a long way, and every bit of it is filled with yarn! (Here’s a peek down one of our four long aisles.)

Of course none of this would be here without YOU and your incredible support. We love hearing from you, we love pulling and packing orders for you, and we love seeing what you have made when you finish your projects. So often, our yarn companies and indie artisans tell us, “You guys have the BEST customers!” and we totally agree. You are the best. We sure appreciate you.

In celebration of our six years, we will be doing a few different blog contests this month, in addition to a couple of other things. This week’s blog contest question is: How long have you been with us at The Loopy Ewe? I know we have six year Loopy veterans who ordered that very first week, and one day Loopy newbies, who discovered us today when they saw the sign on the building and popped up to see us, hoping “The Loopy Ewe” had something to do with yarn. Leave your answer in the comments below, and we’ll do a random drawing next week for some Wollmeise Lace, that I saved just for our anniversary contests. 🙂

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  1. I made my first purchase in April 2012 and became a groupie in June 2012 – I’m glad I connected with you online and hope someday I can visit your shop – Happy Anniversary!

  2. I would have to say its probably been about 4 yrs. I was living in Kansas City & when I came home (St Louis), my sister told me about this new yarn shop that had very limited hrs or you could visit by appt. so of course I had to see it. Was very,very sad when I heard you were moving to CO! Miss you, but thank heaven for the Internet !

  3. Wow, I know I’ve been shopping with you for a long time so I went and looked in my Quicken software. It goes back only to March of 2007 and I placed an order in that month. So I guess I’ve been hanging around with you guys for at least 8 1/2 years! My, how time flies!

  4. Congratulations on the first leg of what I hope will be a long run. I do believe I’ve been with you from your infancy! Keep on with the inspiring emails and great offers!

  5. I can’t remember when I started shopping with you but you were in St Louis. What a fun place to visit and great people!

  6. I was so excited to find such a wonderful LYS within driving distance. The staff are wonderful and have been a great help.It’s about time to come in for my monthly yarn/fabric fix.
    I have enjoyed the challenge of Loopy Academy and Camp Loopy both yarn and fabric. Looking forward to another productive year.

  7. I’ve been “Loopy” for more years than I care to admit but a customer for about 2-3 years! I have great LYSs in my area but will be moving to the southwest where there seem to be very few. Happy 9 years!

  8. Congratulations on your 9th anniversary!
    My first order was back in July of 2007 (LOVE that I can go back and look at previous orders).

  9. I don’t remember when it was but you were still in St Louis. I’ve been to the last camp loopy and hope to come to the next.
    Happy anniversary!

  10. My first purchase was in September of 2012. I was signed up for a Donna Druchunas class to make Bosnian Socks and I found the most beautiful Solid Series of colors on the Loopy Ewe! Love how they turned out with the beautiful colors.

  11. I joined when I was told how awesome TLE is and was directed to the Camp! So only a few months but I love Loopy Ewe!

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