Wacky Wednesday

It’s a crazy day today, so you get an official Wacky Wednesday post. (That just means I’m thinking about too many different things to narrow it down to one blog post. I did, however, find a really pretty flower photo that WH took, so at least you have something nice to look at here …)

Here are my random thoughts this afternoon:

– Haven’t started my Camp Three project yet. Still working on two things that I want to show in in a week or two. THEN I can get to the Camp Project.

Didn’t the Women’s Gymnastics Team do great last night?

Wishing the news wouldn’t inadvertently spoil the outcome of Olympic events held earlier in the day.

Wondering what Michael Phelps will do in his retirement. Maybe he’ll take up knitting. 😉

Trying to figure out what I want to make with the 4 different skeins of JulieSpins that I bought for myself from this week’s Update. Dappled, Vineyard, and 2 Riverbank.

Looking forward to our local Yarn Crawl, which starts on August 11th. Nine great shops in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming participating. If you’re not local, can you fly in for it? (Sounds like a marvelous summer vacation to me.)

Anxious to try out the new reading glasses that we are adding in to the shop. (Realizing that many of you don’t need to use reading glasses, but I do and these are awesome. I admit, I mostly bought them for myself.)

Happy to live in a place where I can get up and walk before work and not arrive back home dragging from the humidity.

Also? Happy to see mountains every day.

How about you? Anything you’re wishing, wondering, looking forward to, or happy about?

Sheri stormingoutside,yayrain!


  1. Sheri, when I look at the Photo Gallery, I feel a sense of pride for each and every participant. I almost feel overwhelmed with such beauty and such tenacity. After all, 800 plus yards is nothing to sneeze at. That was an accomplishment for every person. I am happy that I was and continue to be a part of Camp Loopy.
    Hannah aka Polkadotdreams on Ravelry

  2. I’m looking forward to entering my knitting in two local county fairs this summer! Judging results for the first one will be available tomorrow. So excited!

  3. I am so happy you got all those skeins of JulieSpins!! She is one of my all-time faves and in fact that Riverbank got onto my wishlist this week… but I will watch yours vicariously at least till I knit up the lace or the 370 still in stash 🙂

  4. Oh, eager to see the new reading/knitting glasses! One can never have too many pairs!

    Also looking forward to seeing my skein of JulieSpins in Pear Blossom – so hard to choose just one!

    And happy to hear that you’re still walking!!:-)

  5. I am so with you on the Olympic spoilers. It seems the harder I try to avoid them, the more I hear! At least since I know, I can spend a little less attention on the tv and more on the knitting!

  6. I am happy that the 113 temperature is not 115 and that the central air is clicking along. Makes for good knitting. Thinking about the utility bill does not make me happy, so I won’t.

  7. Oh, please, more JulieSpins Pale Hydrangea! It sold out before I could finalize my order.
    So, so pretty.
    And a question, is the colorway listed as Piment meant to be Pimento? ;o)

  8. That flower made me smile. What is it? My project 3 is humming along but everything else is on hold. My reading ‘knitting’ glasses have LED lites in the frames that I can turn on and off so I can knit in dark corners—-I love them.
    My favorite Monday nite activity is browsing the ‘whats new’ pages at TLE. It inspires me to see all the yarns and colors.

  9. I’m looking forward to an August trip to Colorado to visit our daughter and her family. I’ll be in the Fort Collins area over Labor Day w/e – hoping to visit TLE while I’m there. I hate that you left St. Louis – your were 3 miles from my home – not a good thing for my charge card but wonderful for my stash!

  10. I’m wondering why in all the men’s gymnastic’s coverage, they haven’t shown any still rings routines. Seems kind of odd to me.
    Love that flower! I’ve never seen one like it.

  11. What lovely pictures. I have not had the opportunity to travel out West to Colorado or Arizona. I hope to do that soon.

    As for happy, seriously considering making another Northern Lights shawl with some JulieSpins laceweight. And loving my Camp Loopy 3 shawl – Cladonia. And probably the best is that I have been able to make every deadline. Gives me hope that I am knitting faster and better. Of course I have a ton of Christmas knitting ahead of me. 🙂

  12. My daughter is going to be flying in to your area to celebrate her anniversary. The Yarn Crawl might test how much he loves her, but it sure would be fun doing it!!

  13. Love the photos- my neighbor had one of those funky plants in the first few photos that I loved.

    What am I wishing, wondering, looking forward to? Well, I should receive a shipment from TLE this afternoon and cannot wait until I get it. It’s for my Camp 3 project and I’ve been on hold. According to the Delivery Confirmation, it should be in today.

    What am I wishing? That I had spent a little more money and gotten the yarn I really really wanted for the Stephen West MKAL. I am just not happy with what I have, but if I get my TLE yarn today, I really won’t care and (fiddle dee dee) I’ll figure it out next week.

    I really love the Julie Spins yarn. It is so beautiful and luscious looking. I could see the MKAL in the ivory with beach house as an accent color.

  14. Well, I obviously was looking at lots of yarn this morning. I meant the Pear Blossom with Camilla as an accent color.

  15. Just happy that I got a ton of yarn for my birthday and have several fun projects OTN that are all going well! And happy that I can take the bus to work and knit all the way there and all the way back!

    This really has been a great year for me!

  16. LED lights in glasses? What a cool, cool idea! No more “Will you turn off the light out?” 101 in Sacramento today – could be worse – 113! My favorite place to knit is on my mil’s porch in Truckee, CA or by Donnor Lake (Donnor Party) or Lake Tahoe. The sky is blue and the air smells sooooo good. Truckee is always a great place to plan fall and winter knitting. It is very cold and snowy.

  17. Wait, what … reading glasses????? In loopy red I dare hope???? And will they be come in the less strong sizes? I think right now I use a 1 or 1.25 depending on how tired my eyes are!!

  18. I loved all of the flower pictures Sheri! I can’t say as I have had any Olympic spoilers because I don’t watch tv much. I have been watching some of the Olympics though and loving everything! You know, I think Michael Phelps is great but the poor guy is only 27 and look at all of the hype and pressure put upon him. I hope he relaxes a bit after he “retires”. :). I feel badly for him though with all of the stuff people put on him.
    Ok. Off my soapbox. I too look forward to seeing all of the Monday updates. All of that goodness just makes a person happy. Don’t even need to buy anything although that ‘s fun too.
    I am also happy in my knitting progress. I have met both Camp deadlines and the quarterly challenges. I am definitely getting better!
    I am also happy to have such a wonderful 10 yr old son. I thank God every day for him! With so many terrible things going on in the world today, it is nice to be able to write down these good thoughts!

  19. The humidity has been really high in the Boston area lately. I will admit that I am still cold all the time (the perils of the air conditioned office), so I reveled in my walk this morning though I needed a rinse (that part is yuck, but the rest was pretty awesome).

    I’m making great progress on my Camp Loopy project, which I’m hoping to finish by the end of the Olympics!

  20. Reading Glasses!! How fun. The latest trial is contacts for distance and reading glasses to function!! But I am seeing the computer better than ever. Can’t wait to see what you offer!

  21. Reading glasses?! I love fun reading glasses almost as much as I love knitting bags! Can’t wait to check them out 🙂

  22. Hi Genia – no, that Juliespins color is Piment (no “O” on the end.) According to dictionary.com, Piment is “wine flavored with spice or honey” and I’d say that describes that colorway perfectly!

  23. I WISH I could join you for the yarn crawl! That sounds fantastic. I’m LOOKING FORWARD to the reading glasses. I need some desperately! And I’m WONDERING if it will ever cool off so that I can wear the F.O.’s I have from Camp Loopy! Finally, I’m inspired as always by the lovely pictures in your blog, Sheri!

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