Wacky Wednesday

It’s a crazy day today, so you get an official Wacky Wednesday post. (That just means I’m thinking about too many different things to narrow it down to one blog post. I did, however, find a really pretty flower photo that WH took, so at least you have something nice to look at here …)

Here are my random thoughts this afternoon:

– Haven’t started my Camp Three project yet. Still working on two things that I want to show in in a week or two. THEN I can get to the Camp Project.

Didn’t the Women’s Gymnastics Team do great last night?

Wishing the news wouldn’t inadvertently spoil the outcome of Olympic events held earlier in the day.

Wondering what Michael Phelps will do in his retirement. Maybe he’ll take up knitting. 😉

Trying to figure out what I want to make with the 4 different skeins of JulieSpins that I bought for myself from this week’s Update. Dappled, Vineyard, and 2 Riverbank.

Looking forward to our local Yarn Crawl, which starts on August 11th. Nine great shops in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming participating. If you’re not local, can you fly in for it? (Sounds like a marvelous summer vacation to me.)

Anxious to try out the new reading glasses that we are adding in to the shop. (Realizing that many of you don’t need to use reading glasses, but I do and these are awesome. I admit, I mostly bought them for myself.)

Happy to live in a place where I can get up and walk before work and not arrive back home dragging from the humidity.

Also? Happy to see mountains every day.

How about you? Anything you’re wishing, wondering, looking forward to, or happy about?

Sheri stormingoutside,yayrain!