Camp Loopy’s Project One Inspiration

One of my favorite parts of Camp Loopy is seeing all of the amazing projects that you all come up with to knit during each month. I get a year’s worth of ideas (ok, I admit – years and years) just by going through the Camp Photo Galleries. We have been collecting votes for Reader’s Choice favorite for a couple of weeks and it’s time to announce the winner. We have also drawn 3 random winners for all of the entries for Project One. Each of these knitters wins a $35 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificate, which we’ve already deposited into their Loopy accounts. 🙂

The Reader’s Choice award goes to Sheryl from CO for her gorgeous Tiong Bahru done in Wollmeise Lace in the Merlot color.

The randomly drawn winners (and thanks for participating!) are Karen from Maine for her Mizzle Shawl done in Trekking XXL, color 411:

And Lena from Norway for her Dahlia Shawl done in Prism Lace, color 111:

And Kathryn from Pennsylvania for her Spectra Shawl done in Dream in Color Smooshy Black Pearl and Fleece Artist 2/6 Blue Lagoon.

Two projects that I have already made (or started) as a result of Project one? My TGV Shawl, which was such a quick knit, and now I’m working on the Derecho for Project Three. (I had planned on a Ripple Rock Shawl, but Dechero won. Ripple Rock is still to come.)

Now it’s time to vote for Project Two! Hop over to the Camp Loopy Project Two Photo Gallery and email us ( your favorite. We’ll compile the votes for a couple of weeks and will let you know who won the second round!

Did you add any “must knit” patterns to your favorites list from Camp? Or did you knit something and think, “Oh, I need to make this one again, for sure.” I’d love to know what caught your eye this summer.

Sheri whoalsoaddedmanybooksandmoviestotheReadandSeelists


  1. BOTH_-I added patterns to my queue and I loved my first two projects so much I can’t wait to do them again —the third not so much but it is just the color selection I am not thrilled with, All are Veera Valimaki patterns and I did buy Derecho as a direct result of Camp to start soon!

  2. I’ve been avoiding adding projects to my queue, but I already have more yarn for another Color Affection and to top it off I’m working on Leftie now, which I have plans for a second one involving extensive modifications.

    I figure when it is all over and I’ve caught up on my holiday knitting, I will add tons of projects to my queue. My scary, scary queue.

  3. I added Blueberry Vodka Lemonade cardigan after seeing Gerry’s. I love that cardigan and it looks amazing on her. Dream in Color Everlasting in Heavenly colorway…is, well, just heavenly.

    (Great job Gerry!! Whoot Hoot!)

    Cheers, Laura (aka veelau)

  4. Gyllis, TGV and I’m going to finish the Color Affection I started before camp. But my newest must-do is your tricolor technique for Thin Ice. I’m hoping It will be an option for the Fouth Quarter Challenge!

  5. Holy Cow! All of the winners’ projects are spectacular!!! Congrats to everyone! In my wildest dreams will I be able to make some of these things! My queue is crammed full!

  6. As usual, there are many to add to the queue, but the Raiun cardigan and Derecho shawl are there near the top and there are several glove patterns from Pamela’s influence.

  7. Interesting how all of the random projects were in blue yarns! My favorite color!

    Every time I see most anything at The Loopy Ewe, my ‘want’ list grows!

  8. There were a bunch of must knit patterns I got from camp, but I found Cladonia during session 2 and knit it up for session 3. I will be knitting this one again for sure! I’m sad that camp is coming to an end. It was a fun summer.

  9. The Cameo shawl caught my eye since a few people made lovely ones during Project One… so now that is what I am finishing up for Project Three! Camp is a lovely thing 🙂

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