Still Loving Socks … and a CONTEST!

Thank you for all of your great book and movie suggestions in last week’s Anniversary contest! I have discovered the benefits of books on tape (or, I guess they call it audiobooks now. Books on tape is so yesterday…) I can walk or knit while listening to good books, and now I have a whole list of titles to explore. We used the Random Number Generator to pick two winners from last week’s comments. We’re sending Sixth Anniversary Kits to Dianne in IN and Leah in MO. Congratulations to you two!

We have a new contest for you again today. (Do you like the weekly contests during our Anniversary Month? We do!) This week’s question is an easy one, I think. What item have you knit or crocheted the most? Socks? Shawls? Sweaters? Blankets? Scarves? Mittens and Gloves? Hats and Cowls? Leave the answer in the comments below and we’ll draw the winner next week. I have two skeins of Wollmeise Lace that we’ll be sending to two winners!

I went to Ravelry to see what the answer would be for me. I’ve missed photoing a few things, but most of what I have knit is on my Rav project page. The answer? Still overwhelmingly socks! Some 60 pairs of socks, about 25 shawls, 30 scarves, 15 gloves/mitts, 10 hats/cowls, a few blankets, a few sweaters, and a few felted bags from the early days. How about you? (You don’t have to give exact numbers – just tell me what you think you have knit the most!)

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  1. Summer Tops. Because I live in south Texas.

    But lately I’ve been making shawls – don’t get to use them much but they’re fun to make.

  2. For me it’s shawls. I have knit more shawls than anything else. Coming in a close second is socks…

  3. Shawls. I luuuuuuuuuvvv shawls. I can’t remember when I got on the shawl kick but I’m happy to be on it.

  4. Scarves. They are so easy to make and gift to ANYONE! I’ve got to admit though, I’m new to knitting and am only on my first sock. 😀

  5. I actually crochet more than I knit, and I definitely make mostly blankets. I would, however, love to learn to knit socks.

  6. I think it’s a toss up between sweaters and blankets. Every new baby gets a blanket and there have been a lot in the last 9 years. But the sweaters are mostly for me. Socks and shawls are becoming the go-to projects now.

  7. I think it’s between socks and scarves for me. Probably because they are the easiest to work on in short bursts and they travel well.

  8. If it weren’t for all the hats I’ve done for charity, it would definitely be socks. So, a mixed answer —

    Most knitted for me and my family — socks!
    Most knitted for others — hats!

    I’m doing a lot more sweaters and shawls though, so watch out!

  9. I am pretty sure it’s tied in my closet. Socks – Cowls/Scarves. Gosh, I can’t wait for it to start cooling off so I can pull those socks out again!

  10. I’ve done mostly shawls and scarves. They were what I learned on because you can experiment with stitches and techniques and not really have to worry about size and gauge yet. But I’ve moved on to socks, gloves, mittens, and soon a sweater!

  11. If I had answered this questin last year my answer would be socks, as I’ve made more than 25 pair for myself and family. But this year has been the year of the shawl for me. Big ones and small ones.. I’m on to shawls.

  12. Afghan blocks for me, since I like to participate in block of the month (or one time a block a day for a month) crochet alongs. After that it’s bags, with fingerless gloves/mitts and shawls tied for third.

  13. I’ve knit socks more than anything. I would love to say sweaters or cardigans, but I haven’t yet mastered those skills.

  14. When I had a knitting business, I used to knock out 4-7 pairs of longies (baby pants) a month, so I’ve probably made more of those than anything else. But left to my own devices, I will knit shawls till the cows come home. I have about 20, I think.

  15. Definitely socks. I can knit them on the bus ride to work, and everyone in my family loves them! I think I average about 16-20 pairs a year.

  16. Hats and baby monkey socks Hats probably 60+ and baby monkey socks pretty close to it I am still doing monkey socks now! The 60 plus hats were hats for sailors and baby hats. I am glad I love doing it because that was alot of hats!

  17. When knitting for other people, I’d say hats, scarves and cowls, but for personal knitting sweaters just eeked out a win over socks, because I love to knit both of them so much! There are such an abundance of cool sweater and sock patterns out there so I never have to knit the same thing twice 🙂

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