TGV (High Speed Knitting)

I have another project off the needles and this one went quickly and was a lot of fun. (Also? It’s another case where someone wore one in and I decided then and there that I had to make it. I need to stop doing that.) This is the TGV and I used two skeins of Madelinetosh Sport in the Lowland color. One skein for the body and one skein for the ruffle. It went super fast because it’s just garter stitch until you get to the ruffle. I really like these shallow-shawl-scarf kinds of pattern, because it’s easy to wear them wrapped around your shoulders. Do you have any other cute pattern suggestions for shawl/scarves like that?

You can get this pattern individually, or in an e-book of 4 patterns. When I saw that one of the other patterns was the Hogwart’s Express, I got the whole set of them. Elf Vickie made that for Camp Loopy Project One and didn’t it turn out cute?  The beads for the eyes really pop on this blue. She used Lorna’s Laces Solemate (Bigger on the Inside), and size 6 beads (I think in the Ice color). I haven’t seen the other two patterns in the e-book knit up, but they both look like something I’d like to make.

We’re in for some big rainstorms here this weekend. It poured last night for about 30 minutes. I don’t think I’ve seen a downpour like that in the whole year that we’ve lived here! And we’re getting more rain right now. It’s good for the residual hot spots from the wildfires, as long as there is no thunder and lightening to go along with it. Keeping our fingers crossed. We’ve really needed the rain.

Have a great weekend and I hope you get lots of knitting time in. I’m working away on my Camp Loopy Project Two shawl. It’s a new kind of technique and I’m anxious to get done so that I can share it with you! Have you tried anything new lately?

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  1. Love those collars, Sheri.

    Have you seen Ruth Marcus’ column – “Real feminists do knit.” You can “Google” it.

  2. Have a good and safe weekend! Love both of the shawls! There are some great new patterns up on Ravelry now. New Brooklyn Tweed, Cecily Glowik McDonald, etc. !

  3. Beautiful shawlettes! What is the pattern for the one with the owls? I would love to add it to my library on Ravelry.

  4. I need a baby shower gift for next weekend and will want to block it before we leave home … had to set aside my camp project, but thank goodness [sunny baby blanket](pattern) in DIC classy is moving along. My newest challenge was my double knit hat – I really want to knit some more because there are some doubleknit shawls that I love.

  5. I’ve had my eye on TGV. I like the narrower shawls because they make great gifts to my daughter because she can wear them as scarves. I just finished Momijigari which has the same narrow design. Kate’s favorite was a 22.5 degrees designed by Martina Behm. My Camp Loopy project 2 is Kieran Foley’s High Seas and it is slow going – patterned on every row and P2tog through the back loops. I had to go look at a video on YouTube to make sure I was doing it right. Can’t wait for rain in St. Louis.

  6. Love your TGV. I, too love those shallow shawls/shawlettes.
    Knitted Hogwarts for Project 1, such fun adding those beads!
    Just finished Piper’s Journey
    Paula/KnittingPipeline designed the border using a new-to-me technique. Enjoyed her pattern so much, I’ve co another.
    For Project 2 I’m knitting Vodka Lemonade designed by BabyCocktails – this is going to be my first top-down sweater.
    ♥ ♥ ♥’s for your Rain. Heaven knows you guy NEED RAIN w/o lightening
    I love TLE and all the Elves!!!!!

  7. I guess my project 2 for camp loopy isn’t really new, but it has been over 40 years since I have made an adult top down sweater. I like the hogwart shawl and the TGV. Something I plan on making in the future.
    Glad you are getting rain and hope no lightning shows up!

  8. We are praying for rain here in MT so send some our way if you can. We had a wildfire here a week and a half ago and it came to within a half-mile of my house and destroyed 73 homes in all as well as quite a few outbuildings. Yikes! Last year, we had devastating floods. This year its fire. Whats next, my money is on plague and pestilence.

  9. I had a late request for a deadline shawl, so I am not trying to get about 2000 yards of knitting done this month. Only 11 days to go for Camp Loopy project 2!

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