Madelinetosh, Shalimar, Soak Sets, and Help Wanted!

Happy Monday, Happy Canada Day, and Happy Independence Day Week! We put lots of yarn up in tonight’s Update, and there are some fun pattern links for you to check out, below! Just a note – we will be closed on Wednesday so that the Elves can spend time with their families. We’ll be back in the shop on Thursday again!

Just up:

Madelinetosh Sock – 90+ colors available. This 100% Superwash Merino fingering weight is great for socks, shawls and lightweight sweaters (like Folded or a striped Elfe, or the beautiful Iolanthe.)

Madelinetosh Pashmina – 90+ colors available on this one, too! This 3-ply sportweight yarn is 75% Superwash Merino, 15% Silk and 10% Cashmere. I like using it for things that are going to wrap around you, like shawls (try Shaelyn or Wandering the Moor) or cowls (try the Eleanor Cowl or Looped Loop) or scarves (try the Squinch Shawl, which is more like a scarf, or the Sempiternity Scarf) or even fingerless mitts (try Adumbrate or Reune Fingerless Mitts). (Shown here in Black Currant.)

Shalimar’s Zoe Sock – Brand new to the shop and up in 30+ colors tonight. This 3-ply 100% superwash merino comes with a hefty 450 yards per skein and knits up beautifully. Great for socks, of course, but also nice for scarves (like the Into the Woods Scarf) or shawls (like Henslowe or Maluka). (Shown here in Scarab.)

Cascade 220 Superwash – a few more new colors (from our backordered bunch). This is a great yarn for babies, blankets, and anything else that needs to be tossed into the washer and dryer. I want to make the Pine Forest Baby Blanket or the Baby Chalice Blanket, but I don’t know of any baby to give it to. (Or maybe your cat need’s a lion mane for stalking and daydreaming and playing?)

Soak’s New Soakbox Sets – Each set comes with a small bottle of Soak wash, their new Handmaid Luxury Creme (for your hands), a bottle of coordinated Essie nail polish, a matching skein of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport, and a fun Fiona Ellis pattern for a pair of fingerless mitts. (Each kit contains a different and unique fingerless mitts pattern.) There’s a red version, a peach/buff version, a teal blue/green version, and a tan version. (Thanks to Soak for the photo.)

Have fun shopping tonight, and we’ll look forward to sending you a Box of Fun tomorrow!

Sheri thinkingIneedtosendmyselfaboxoffun.Forfun.

P.S. If you’re local and interested in working at The Loopy Ewe, we’re looking to hire a part-time inventory person. Elf Roberta has evolved into our main Customer Service person (many of you have talked to her on the phone!) and helps with on-the-floor inventory, but we need someone else for unpacking, checking in, pulling for photos, and other back end responsibilities. Must be very detail oriented, organized, have a good eye for color, able to lift heavy boxes of yarn, and available to work 3-4 days per week including Saturdays. If interested, email me for an application:


  1. I am ready to tell my DH it’s time to move to CO for work. We moved from Vermont to NY 4 years ago for his work. It’s my turn. I fill all the qualifications 🙂

  2. Hi Sheri!
    I am home again in Oz! I wish I lived near you as it would be lovely to join the elf team. Never mind… I have a tremendous stash left still from when I last worked in a wool shop 20 years ago! So much lovely wool… so little time! I’d be totally lost to the stash situation if I were a Loopy Elf! Still, I can dream………

  3. I wish I lived nearby. I can lift my wt (110) and would love to list on my tax return “Profession: Elf.”

  4. Sounds like a great job being an elf. Too bad I live in CA,. As an aside, I sent in my photo in time for Camp Loopy but it still says it hasn’t been approved. Did I make it in time? Sent it in on June 28, should have been okay but just wanted to check. I am sure you had a ton of pics to go through.

  5. I have knit both the Pine Forest Baby Blanket & the Baby Chalice Blanket, & I loved making both (I enjoyed Pine Forest just a teeny bit more). Both are on Ravelry (I am kmcschmidt over there). You won’t be disappointed if you decide to knit either!

  6. I don’t think Minneapolis is local to Ft Collins ……. sigh …………………… I will just have to be happy being part of the security team via webcam.

  7. I want to come and work for you and The Loopy Ewe too!!! What’s a little commute every day anyway? Wisconsin to Colorado- no problem. :). I have been using my Camp Loopy 2012 tumber practivally every day – so whoever reads this post, order one!!!

  8. So wish I had more time – I’m in FC, but work full time already with kiddos to boot. . . do you need a late night elf?!?

  9. So close but so far away. I’m in the southeast Denver metro area. That would be my dream job!

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