Lorna’s Sole/SportMate, Beaded Kits, and More!

It’s Monday. That means it’s time to show you what has enticed me all week is new at Loopy Central this week! Just up, you’ll find:

Lorna’s Laces – new colors for the season, as well as some popular re-stocks in Solemate, Sportmate, and Shepherd Sock. (Shown here in Spats.) Have you tried one of the “mates” – Solemate or Sportmate? This is made with 30% Outlast®. Outlast is “the original, proactive heat and moisture management technology, and is also the only phase change material that is a Certified Space Technology. It’s proactive and uses phase changing materials to absorb excess heat from your skin when you are warm, and then releases the heat back to you when you need it most.” As you can imagine, this is a great base for socks, mitts, scarves, hats, and shawls. You can find more info on Outlast, here. Solemate is made up of 55%  Superwash Merino, 30% Outlast and 15% Nylon. Sportmate is made up of 70% Superwash Merino and 30% Outlast.

Laura Nelkin Designs – Laura has come up with some really fun beaded jewelry kits, and I’d like to make just about every one of them. 🙂 You’ll find bracelets, necklaces and earrings, with great instructions and all yarn and bead materials included in the kits. (Shown here in the Black Ribband Kit).

Lantern MoonWe picked up some fun new accessory and project bags and tape measures at Market this year, from Lantern Moon. Lantern Moon works with groups from Vietnam, Cambodia and Bali, providing Fair Trade work, and continuity of training and employment for women and families. Their designs are beautiful and we’re glad to support them.

HiyaHiya – We have our first batch of Kitty Snips in! I know many of you have enjoyed the Puppy Snips, but for all of us cat lovers out there, Kitty Snips were important, too. We also added in Knitter’s Safety Pins (which I use for stitchmarkers) and Small Interchangeable Needle Sets.

Namaste – The new Pumpkin Spice colors have started arriving. We have the Mini Messenger and the Monroe bags in (shown here), with Circular Needle cases in Pumpkin Spice, still to come. Such a pretty color for the fall.

Nancy’s Knit Knacks – More organizing tools, re-stocked! We have their Perfect Notion Case, the DPN Needle Tubes, the WIP Tubes, the WPI Tools, and the Knit-Kard sets back. Do you have a set of the Knit-Kards? Each one is laminated, and there are 14 in the set, held together with a ring. You’ll get cards for: Yarn Classification Chart, Yarn Yardage Estimator, Yarn Label/Washing Guide, Kitchener Stitch, Perfect One Row Buttonholes, Knitting Needle and Crochet Hook Inventory, Knitting Abbreviations, Rate of Increase/Decrease, Long Tail Cast On, Perfect Gauge Swatch, Yarn Yardage Table, and more. Great reference set for your favorite knitting bag.

Loopy Notebooks – We had some cute little notebooks made up for in-store classes (for knitting notes) and decided we should share them with all of you, too. It’s a great size to keep in your knitting bag.

Have fun checking out the new things, and we’ll get your orders out to you quickly!

Sheri listeningto”DancingQueen”ontheradio.

P.S. It’s time to vote for the Second Quarter Challenge! All photos were due in on July 1st. Please head over to the photo gallery and then email us with your favorite project: support@theloopyewe.com.  We’ll announce the Reader’s Choice winner next week. (And stay tuned for voting on Camp Loopy’s Project One, too. That will come later this week.)


  1. Oh! I never even noticed the puppy on the puppy snips! LOL! I love all the Lorna’s Laces that came in. I’m going over to check out the Solemates! I love Mondays.

    Can we get a hint on Camp Loopy #3 Project? Even if the Camp Store is not open yet?

  2. Hi! I already have a shopping cart started! I have used the Lorna’s in Solemate for a few projects. IT IS WONDERFUL! I have had virtually no pilling or snagging of the yarn at all. Very smooth and soft to work with. I haven’t tried the Sportmate yet. It will be just as awesome only in a DK weight! Over at Jimmy Beans, there is a Lorna’s Limited Edition Color every month that you can get in the Solemate or Sportmate as well. The color only lasts as long as their stock does- check out some of the past months’ colors!!! I order 1 skein of the LLE every month in Solemate! My yarn basket is looking beautiful with all of those plus some of what I still have left from LOOPY! Many beautiful choices in tonight’s update! Have a great week everyone!!! :).

  3. Love the kitty snips! Two pair are coming to live with me. And of course I couldn’t resist a little sheepy pouch from Lantern Moon. ‘Cause you know I was really needing another bag….

    Can’t wait for the new Namaste bag to arrive (harlow?) in the Pumpkin Spice color – what a perfect shade of orange!

  4. I don’t believe it! The last two weeks I’ve been looking for the Hiya Hiya safety pins. They make great stitch markers. I “settled” for some coiless safet pins—just not the same. Hope they’re still in stock for my next Loopy splurge ….

  5. Sheri, I’m bright and perky on this Tuesday morning. Just in the right frame of mind for adding to my Wishlist. OMGosh, I’d better start saving my pennies! ! ! !
    Love to THE LOOPY EWE

  6. Crud. I never managed to get a picture taken of my Q2 sweater! (or rather I never managed to get the photos off of the camera). Oh well, it is a great sweater anyway!

    I have some of the Outlast/Mate yarns but I haven’t used them yet. I’m looking forward to it especially for winter gear. Maybe I’ll buy enough sportmate to make a light sweater.

  7. Sheri!!! I am in a bit of a panic!!! Have I missed Camp Loopy Week for 3rd project???? Please reassure!!! Meanwhile, Mama Mia is on my computer server, so it gets watched way tooooo often – seems like a good thing to do tonight while I knit on my Junebug project and settle the nerves!

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