Mizzle in Lorna’s Laces

I picked Lorna’s Laces Pearl for my First Quarter Challenge yarn, because I love the way it looks in a shawl. I made a Traveling Woman in Red Rover Pearl a couple of years ago. This is the Mizzle pattern by Patricia Clift Martin, free on Ravelry.  It looks like it knits up into a pretty scarf/cowl/shawlette type accessory in the fingering weight that is called for. Since Pearl is more of a DK weight, my shawl was a little larger and I like that length and size. I used 2 skeins of Pearl for this and now I have it on display here at the shop, which is where most of my shawls end up. I really love knitting shawls, but I very seldom wear them. I always think they look wonderful on everyone else and kind of dorky on me. But it doesn’t stop me from continually adding shawl patterns to my knitting list, and having several in progress at any given time.

We’re still collecting votes for the Fourth Quarter Challenge, so make sure to email us (support@theloopyewe.com) with your vote. After I blogged that on Monday, Cheryl from MA emailed to ask whoever won the third Camp Loopy project vote. That reminded me that I never finished that off!  Here’s why. We asked for voting right before *Thanksgiving, which turned into The Big Loopy Move, which turned into The Second Loopy Move, which turned into Christmas, which turned into The Grand Opening*. We only had 11 Project Three votes cast at the beginning, and all 11 people voted for 11 different projects. I know that there were over 600 photos to go through, but you all did that very well with the first two camp projects. Typically, we have lots of voters weighing in with voting. I intended to re-blog it and ask for more votes, and then … well … things were a little crazy around here and I just forgot. (Repeat reading from * to *.)  So now, instead of asking you to vote again, I’ve just used the random generator to pick five winners from Project Three.  So congratulations to Una-Mary in Australia for the Absolutely Love It Shawl, to Amy in WA for the Lazy Loopy Shawl, to Barbara from MN for the 800+ Yards, to Kristine from TX for the Camp Sweater,  and to Beth from NY for the Travel Shawl for Camp Loopy.  We’ve added a $25 Loopy credit to each of your accounts, and I know you’ll have fun spending it. (And thank you again, Cheryl, for the reminder!)

So back to the issue of knitting shawls and (me) not wearing them. Do you knit shawls? And do you wear them?

Sheri stillenjoyingmyPalindromeScarfandIwilldefinitelywearthat


  1. I knitted my first shawl ever last year as a Christmas present for my great aunt. It was a lot of fun, and I’d like to knit more shawls. Unfortunately, I definitely fall in to the wouldn’t ever wear them category – my office is super informal and I’m a t-shirt/fleece sort of person, so I’ll have to find people to gift them to. Thank goodness for elegant grandparents!

  2. I only just started knitting shawls last year. I do wear them occasionally but I often forget and get cold and wish I had one with me.

  3. I was NOT a shawl person….. before. My thought was they’re beautiful but I don’t want to look like my grandma! (such a stereo-type)

    My first shawl was for the Camp Loopy Challenge. I made the Whipporwill and it sat in a drawer for a long time. I finally brought it out and put it on and I now wear it proudly. I constantly receive compliments on it and it looks beautiful. I like to wrap them a little closer to the neck so they don’t exactly look like shawls. I have made several different shawls since then and I’m hooked.

    Sheri put one on more like a scarf than a shawl and you’ll find yourself wearing them more often!!

  4. I do knit shawls, but they keep winding up going to other people!.. I have my eye on something for me, because on the rare occasion one makes it out of the house with me, it is usually noticed by several people. I will also add that as long as my church, and everywhere else, is economizing on their heating bills, they are a great way to make a personal statement and be deliciously toasty.

  5. I didn’t think of myself as a shawl person until I started knitting them. I tend to wear them more like a scarf or even “backwards.” The compliments that I haved received whenever I wear them help get rid of any awkward feelings very quickly. And I must say that you looked anything but dorky when you tried on my Coquille shawl when my sisters and I accompanied Hazel and her hat to the Loopy Ewe a few weeks ago.

  6. Wear them almost every day. In summer, I carry them for cold a/c and in winter to keep neck warm. When it got cold enough for a hat and couldn’t figure out where I put all of them last spring, I grabbed my [Ibiza DK shawl](project) and threw it over my head with the long tails wrapped around my neck – even warmer than a hat!

  7. I am always knitting shawls, I wear several around the house for warmth but most I give as gifts and for charity, the only time I ever wore one out for a fashion statement I was laughed at and have never worn one out since!

  8. I love most of my shawls, but I feel like something with their size and shape make them hard to wear in the place I’m coldest: my office. I want my arms mostly free, and for my shawls at least I cannot keep them on while I’m there.

    I probably should try Patty’s suggestion. I’m always cold even with a wool cardigan and socks on! Another layer would be wonderful!

  9. Shawettes are my favorite thing to knit, and I do wear them, either over my shoulders or backwards. I’m a turtleneck/jeans person, so shawlettes are perfect!

  10. Thanks Sheri! I really should read the blog before I call trying to be honest and telling you that I ACCIDENTALLY got given $25 in Loopy Credit that I didn’t earn! I can’t believe I won! Anyway, though, yes I do knit shawls and wear them, but generally just up and around the neck like a neck shawl/scarf. . . 🙂

  11. I’m working on my first one right now and so far it is the funnest thing I’ve knit. I will probably never wear it but it is working up to be gorgeous!

  12. I have knit four shawls. All four are sitting in my drawer. It is sad because they are all beautiful. I guess I am not a shawl person. I don’t feel good wearing them. I will move on and knit other items. I love fingerless mitts and socks. Those I wear all of the time. I am also not a hat person and have given up knitting them. There are many things to knit. We just need to find the right match to fit our preferences.

  13. I love knitting shawls.I just knitted one with 2,500 beads. I wore it for Christmas but not sure when I’ll get to wear it again. I wear others when I can but am a nurse in a hospital. Need to remember to knit colors I can wear not just colors I love.

  14. Shawls…I love to knit them so I do and then they live happily in a drawer. I don’t feel comfortable wearing them. I do wear my Catkin but it’s more of a cape than a shawl.

  15. I thought it was just me who didn’t wear shawls but knitted them. I love buying/using sock yarn, so many pretty colors and fibers.

  16. My major thing to knit right now is shawls. I have given seven away, and have about six I’ve made for me. I work in an office that is always cold, so they are great. I decided that even though I’m short and a bit of a pear shape, that my shawls are now my fashion statement. I get so many compliments on them. I just need to block about four that just need blocking and the ends woven in them.

    I tend to make them big, but I do want to make a Mizzle shawl. It looks like it will stay on my shoulders very nicely.

  17. Knit and wear them. Here in AZ the cold weather is perfect for them, and even in the summer the A/C everywhere makes buildings freezing! Shawls are perfect.

  18. I make them, sometimes wear them, mostly folded as a scarf but what I like shawls most for is wearing while in bed reading. Sure keeps those arms and shoulders warm and comfy. I have two very plain ones just for that purpose.
    Come on girls, drag those shawls out of drawers and wear them as bed jackets..you won’t look or feel like a dork there!

  19. knit, and wear them. they flip off the shoulders quick when a ‘power surge’ hits! And people see them more than my socks…

  20. I made my first shawl for the First Quarter Challenge using Lorna Laces Pearl. I loved working with the pattern–Summer Flies–free on Ravelry. I didn’t do swatch first and now I think it is not long enough. I’m thinking about ripping it out and starting from s ratchet using smaller needles.

  21. I’ve knit 13 shawls for myself (with two more on the needles now) and I wear none of them. I do love to knit them, though, and will continue to do so. I need to learn how to wear them, though. Currently they live in a dresser drawer and I take them out to admire them now and then. You did wear shawl to knit night last week, I recall, and it looked fabulous on you!

  22. I am working on one now. I often use them as big scarves or as a hood/scarf.

    Throw shawl over head, with point in the back, “arms” hanging down next to face.
    Cross arms around neck, tie in back over the point.
    You end up with a hood, a nice neck cover, and there is no way for wind to get in.

    You can also shove the hood off your head and get a nice face-framing effect.

    My mom throws a light shawl over one shoulder of her coat, then ties the ends somewhere around the other shoulder. The effect is pretty.

  23. I love knitting shawls and I do wear most of them, but, there are a few that I end up not wearing and sometimes giving away (those would be the ones that I did not enjoy knitting and just want the memory erased). That said, I need to start a new shawl. I think it’s time 🙂

  24. I love to knit shawls. I wear the bigger ones often and the littlest ones sometimes. I’ve knit at least 5 or 6 of wendy johnson’s patterns and a bunch of traveling woman shawls. I give them as gifts also.

  25. I’ve made several lace ones, but I have only pinned out one, and that was last Xmas’s present to Mom. Current office is toasty, but want to find my stash of finished shawls to pin so I can wear them.

    I love the complexity of the stitches, the focus, and truthfully, the lovely comments when I show them off. It doesn’t hurt that this is the one craft my Mom can’t do. I knit her stuff that she adores, she crochets me stuff, it works.

    Love your blog Sheri, glad you are a bit closer, as Edmonton to St Louis is a dream, but Colorado is on the edge of possibilities.


  26. I love to knit them but don’t wear them. I just gave one to a leaving co-worker and I know she will wear it a lot. Another ex coworker received two and she also wore them. Not sure why I don’t like to wear them but it’s probably because I also can’t seem to get them to lay right around my shoulders. I’m trying to take a shawl break now and make some socks but not sure how long that will last till the call of the shawls comes back.

  27. I, too, love to knit shawls, and like you, Sheri, I seldom wear them. I more of a jeans and tee shirt type. The challenge of the lace is what I enjoy, and once the piece is done, I rarely think of it again. I give the shawls away or hang them over chair backs. I have kept a couple, but I feel funny wearing them…….

  28. I’ve knitted over 100 shawls, most of which were given to the local cancer center (talk about paying it forward…), but I do have about 10 shawls that I wear all the time. Being sick myself these days, I find it nice to wrap up in one when I lounge around in bed being tended to by cabana boys (uh oh, I’m delirious…).

  29. Shawls have overtaken my knitting since the time of the first CampLoopy Project.

    I do attempt to wear them, however, many have been gifted to family and friends. But still have several on the needles right now.

    My next big knits is going to be an attempt to knit a sweater for myself. My first sweater/cardi aside from my Shalom.

  30. Yes and yes. Wear them at home and work; small ones are worn as scarves. The triangle point does a nice job of filling in the gap at the top of a coat.

  31. Love the Mizzle! It looks beautiful in that colorway, and now I must add the pattern to my queue. Yes, I do knit shawls, and I do wear them, mostly as scarves. I always wear scarves, even in the summer.

  32. I love to knit lace shawls but find I get the most use out of the smaller ones.

    I’m currently in the grip of Veera Valamike’s (sp?) striped shawls (I’m on my third). They are very wearable! Good for stash-busting too!

  33. I wear them as scarves too. I love a triangle shaped shawl with the point in front and the ends wrapped around my neck to the front, but turn it around with the point in the back and I suddenly feel self-conscious about it!

  34. I LOVE to knit shawls. I’ve become pretty well known for them in my knitting circle. I’m getting better at wearing them, too. I’ve decided that shawls go great over scrubs when I get to work in the mornings when I’m still cold from dashing in from my car.

  35. I love shawls. I wear them as scarves sometimes. As I really have no place to wear a shawl, I wear them all the time.

  36. My first shawl ever was for my first Camp Loopy project! And since then I have done 2 more (one of which was my Fourth Quarter Challenge.). It helped that my tween dd was so enthusiastic about the first one & refers to it as “the amazing shawl of awesomeness”! I gave the 2nd one to my mom, who drapes it over a chair as far as i can tell, & wear the others not infrequently. Even if it feels a little awkward to wear them out of the house, I love them anyway! And yes I will certainly make more! They are a nice break from sweaters.

  37. I’m a historical fiction reader and ALL women wore shawls. Warm ones, fashion statements, shawls of all kind. I’m a big believer that all of us can wear our shawls now too, just find the right size. It’s hard for most women to wear shawls that are too long/too big.

    I also love Cheryl Oberle’s book Folk Shawls. She has some great winter warm type shawls that I loved knitting and I wear regularly.


  38. I’ve always been a shawl person, so yes, if I knit them for me I wear them. I adore them, and couldn’t give a rat’s patootie if I look goofy. 😀

  39. Sheri – where did you find that mannequin? I’ve been looking for one that I could decoupage my yarn labels onto…however yours has peaked my interest.

    Thank you!

    PS – Love the Zombie BBQ – I used that for Novia by Anne Hanson and it came out with great random color.

  40. Some enabler (go look in the mirror Sheri!) got me hooked on shawlettes over a year ago. Now I can’t seem to stop. I wear them as bigger scarves to accent a sweater in the winter and have a large lacy one that looks great over my black suit. My boss was just stunned when he saw it the first time. I have gotten back to sock knitting which was always my passion but just cast on some cotton blend for a spring shawlette to wear to MD Sheep & Wool Festival. That will make certain the temps at the fest will be in the 90s!

  41. yes i knit shawls. yes i wear them. usually two or three times a week. more in summer than in winter. (in winter i often wear a suit to work.)

  42. I love to knit shawls, I’ve made two in the last month. The problem is blocking.. never have done it.. but need to, to make sure that the shawls look wonderful. I just finished the Multnomah using Dream in Color “Good Luck Jade”… it is so pretty and will be better once I block it. I am so hooked on shawls, I love lace and the more complicated the better.. just too many gorgeous patterns to choose from, and I too… don’t wear them. I will someday… ( sigh)

  43. I love your Mizzle Shawl! It turned out terrific! And I don’t know why you don’t wear it. It would look terrific on you. The first shawl I made that I wore a lot was my Whippoorwill Shawl (med size). The shape and the simple-to-tie ends make it easy to wear. And it doesn’t “fall” off my shoulders nor end up needing to be fussed with all day either.

  44. I do knit them, and I do wear them! I wore my Rock Island on Wed., and LOVE it. I also recently wore Hawthorne, Pagona, Daybreak, Palimpsest and Ulmus (not at the same time of course). Today I’m in a sweater though–Katharine Hepburn. And I just finished the Q1 challenge (Semele), which I hope to block this weekend and wear NEXT week. Huzzah!

  45. I’ve knitted 3 shawls now for myself. There are 2 more on some needles. When it comes to our winter I intend to wear them instead of jumpers. But even in summer the lighter one is just right in the cooler evening air. Besides people seem to like them and give me compliments. A lady in our sewing group asked me if I was getting
    ready to go into the retirement home. I answered her that the shawls were for now.

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