Some of you have emailed to ask about the mannequins we are using in the shop, and where to get them. (Aren’t they cute?) Actually, my hubby made them. I told him I’d take a dozen and he said they’re too much work for that many. 🙂 But here’s the info in case you ever want to try your hand at one.

WH took the mannequin form that I bought for $10 at a shop going out of business this past summer and used it as a mold. (You can see that mannequin here.) He used a quick-set plaster gauze that you can find at an art or medical supply store or on Amazon. Then a thick primer and drywall compound mix for the overcoat, to smooth it all down. And lastly, a clear latex medium for applying the prints (from old knitting pattern books, or you can find some online for downloading). Lots of work involved. I guess that’s why the ones you find on Etsy are so pricey. After watching the process, I can understand why people charge so much for them.  Here’s a cool one with a Paris flavor. And I’ve always thought the ones from this shop were amazing.

Now I just need to figure out a way to convince my husband that 7 or 8 more would be a piece of cake, now that he has the process down…

Sheri whoalsowantsonewithdifferentyarnlabelsalloverit


  1. Hi Sheri….tell the hubby that I want one….also, with all of us Loopy Groopies out there, he would have huge orders ……………………..he could make them all with Loopy on them……..

  2. I think it’s great that your whole family is so talented and willing to devote their talents to our knitting obsessions!

  3. Cool. Maybe you can use some sort of Henry Ford somethingorother to inspire him into mass (or semi-mass?) producing them. Surely that would make it faster. And once you’ve dirtied your hands and the workspace, might as well go whole hawg.

  4. They are gorgeous!!!! The prices are scary…. Love the idea of the yarn labels on it, would be smashing!!! DH rocks, he is sooo handy. My DH can hardly hang a picture, LOL.

  5. I think you husband could have a business out of those with all us fiber lovers…….I would use one as a decorating piece in the bedroom. You could put your favorite sweater, scarf, shawl of the moment on it……

  6. Hi Sheri
    I have half a mannequin that hangs on my wall! I want to decoupage old pictures my mom left me from stars when she was a young girl! Is this possible to do? Can u decoupage photos? If so how.

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