Mizzle in Lorna’s Laces

I picked Lorna’s Laces Pearl for my First Quarter Challenge yarn, because I love the way it looks in a shawl. I made a Traveling Woman in Red Rover Pearl a couple of years ago. This is the Mizzle pattern by Patricia Clift Martin, free on Ravelry.  It looks like it knits up into a pretty scarf/cowl/shawlette type accessory in the fingering weight that is called for. Since Pearl is more of a DK weight, my shawl was a little larger and I like that length and size. I used 2 skeins of Pearl for this and now I have it on display here at the shop, which is where most of my shawls end up. I really love knitting shawls, but I very seldom wear them. I always think they look wonderful on everyone else and kind of dorky on me. But it doesn’t stop me from continually adding shawl patterns to my knitting list, and having several in progress at any given time.

We’re still collecting votes for the Fourth Quarter Challenge, so make sure to email us (support@theloopyewe.com) with your vote. After I blogged that on Monday, Cheryl from MA emailed to ask whoever won the third Camp Loopy project vote. That reminded me that I never finished that off!  Here’s why. We asked for voting right before *Thanksgiving, which turned into The Big Loopy Move, which turned into The Second Loopy Move, which turned into Christmas, which turned into The Grand Opening*. We only had 11 Project Three votes cast at the beginning, and all 11 people voted for 11 different projects. I know that there were over 600 photos to go through, but you all did that very well with the first two camp projects. Typically, we have lots of voters weighing in with voting. I intended to re-blog it and ask for more votes, and then … well … things were a little crazy around here and I just forgot. (Repeat reading from * to *.)  So now, instead of asking you to vote again, I’ve just used the random generator to pick five winners from Project Three.  So congratulations to Una-Mary in Australia for the Absolutely Love It Shawl, to Amy in WA for the Lazy Loopy Shawl, to Barbara from MN for the 800+ Yards, to Kristine from TX for the Camp Sweater,  and to Beth from NY for the Travel Shawl for Camp Loopy.  We’ve added a $25 Loopy credit to each of your accounts, and I know you’ll have fun spending it. (And thank you again, Cheryl, for the reminder!)

So back to the issue of knitting shawls and (me) not wearing them. Do you knit shawls? And do you wear them?

Sheri stillenjoyingmyPalindromeScarfandIwilldefinitelywearthat


  1. beautiful shawl finish Sheri – I need to try Pearl – Love LL yarns but have never tried that one. I have que’d that pattern since it was done in fingering weight – have to mark all those that I like for future needs. Hope you have a great week! mel

  2. I love knitting shawlettes. The only one I wear “all the time” (ie. daily) is Holden Shawlette. It looks great with the point in front and it works with every coat, jacket, sweater I own. LOVE it. I also knitted a Citron in green laceweight Malabrigo that is the exact same color of a fleece jacket I own. The shawl sticks to the jacket like glue–so those two are paired for life and I get a lot of compliments on the “jacket” because people don’t realize it has a knitted shawl stuck to it. 🙂 They just think it’s a really cool jacket feature.

    Just finished Winnowing and although it is gorgeous, can’t imagine ever wearing it. LOL

  3. I love to knit shawls. I knit my first one for my wedding, and since then I’ve been hooked. I’ve knit about 4 shawls, and I have two on needles right now.

    Sheri, what size needles did you use for the MIzzle shawl in Pearl?

  4. Oh yes, I love to knit them and love to wear them. I keep them in my office and there’s one in every room at home. We keep our house cool so they’re perfect for guests who might feel a bit chilly. In fact, it’s not unheard of for the guest to go home with one, which naturally gives me an excuse to make more. They look great with everything and are such great canvases for yarn and stitch patterns.

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