Cowls and The Perfect Colors

I still like knitting socks (which is where this whole love-of-knitting started), but lately I have been on a cowl kick. Cowls are typically quicker to knit up than socks. It’s nice to do something different once in awhile. This week, I finished a cowl (the Lava Flow Cowl, free on Ravelry) using our March Club Loopy Color. Β There was plenty of yarn left over if I had wanted to knit it so that it looped double around my neck, which would also be cute. And the Lorna’s Laces Honor is wonderful to knit and have against your skin. Now I want to make Debbie’s mitts to go with it (pattern in the kit).

Did you know that Teal is one of the colors that everyone can wear? It’s considered both a “warm” and a “cool” color, making it perfect for everyone. The other colors are pink (not just any pink – kind of a Rose Pink), Eggplant (which falls into the middle of the color spectrum – not too warm, not too cool), and True Red (also in the middle of the color spectrum.) Check out this article, which shows these colors on people with different colorings. I think that makes our March (teal and red) Colorway, perfect for all.

Here’s another “did you know?” – did you know that teal and red are the two most difficult colors to get right, digitally? Just compare my two colors in this blog post. The first one is closer to correct, but looks a little bit over-bright and washed out. The second one is too green, but shows the pattern a bit more sharply. And check out Beth’s blog post (from Lorna’s Laces). She showed our kit photo (which shows the colors pretty true – in person, they match the Baggu bag very well) and also included a few of her photos (which show up greener and lighter). Interesting, isn’t it? I do prefer Beth’s photos for showing you just how soft and wonderful this Honor base yarn is. How can you not want to reach in and pick that skein up? I love teals and reds, but they sure are hard to photo correctly.

For those of you who emailed about seeing the inside of the Cupcake Mittens from Wednesday’s post, here’s a picture of one turned inside out. It looks good, doesn’t it? Not as pretty as the outside, but still very nicely done. I’m continuing to practice my colorwork skills. There are just too many great patterns out there that I’d like to do, that require colorwork. I need to get good at it. And just a reminder – I did not do the beautiful work on these mittens. That was down by our talented test knitter, Momo. I want my work to look like hers some day.

This weekend, I’m organizing a few closets and finishing up two projects (a shawl and a scarf). What are you doing?

Sheri whowentthroughherstashthisweek.Thatwasfun.


  1. Saturday: husband’s concert, Cards game, then a Aquarium Society meeting
    Sunday: unpacking from a trip
    Monday I am declaring a total fiber day!

    That March colorway is lovely. I am a fan of turquoise and teal.

  2. I got out of Dodge (NH) just before the big snow hit! I plan to enjoy eating out and shopping in Brooklyn and NYC! Possibly a shop til I drop kind of thing!

  3. Sheri, I look HORRIBLE in teal – and I’m a “Winter.” (Pale skin, blue eyes, dark brown hair.) But happily, whenever I order a yarn I think is going to be royal blue/Navy and it arrives and it’s teal, I know I can knit something for my very knit-worthy sister, who LOVES teal.

    And I have to say again, this never happens when I order from TLE. You have the most accurate photos, hands down, on the internet. When I order royal blue from you, it really IS royal blue!

    (Besides, I have eleventy billion teal and turquoise skeins set aside for my sister anyway.)

  4. Happy Friday! Weatherman has been playing April Fool jokes since Wednesday. Snow every day but then it goes away and leaves MUD in my backyard. Sigh…the puppy (is a 14 month old still a puppy?) really loves the mud. Fortunately, his older Golden brother is more sophisticated in his choices of things to play with. Thank you for that cowl pattern. I am already working on Christmas presents. I am making ALL of them this year and they are smaller project. Socks for a special friend and then cowls. I wanted a nice cable cowl to knit for two different people. I love this one. I think I will make it longer so they can double it around their necks. Never done a cable…time to do one! Thanks Sheri. Have a good weekend.

  5. Greetings everyone!

    We get to see my stepson tomorrow!!! He’s 18 now and we don’ t see him as often as we’d like (my little ones always scold him for not coming over more often) sigh… the teenage years
    Happy knitting everyone

  6. Thanks so much for showing your cowl. I love the kit yarn but hate pooling/flashing and this seems to fit the bill. Tonight I hope to relax and knit. Tomorrow my daughter will be attending a prom (all boys school).Yikes!

  7. I love the inside of your mittens–so even. Spillyjane patterns are so cool and well written. I’m glad you carry them and the kits!

  8. I love teal!! One of my favorite colors! This weekend? Knitting, of course. I suppose I’ll have to take a break to prepare a meal or two, and, perhaps, get some groceries. sigh! So mundane!

  9. Sorry the Cards lost, when I was watching the game they were leading, darn.

    After getting a virus on my computer yesterday and spending big dollars to have it removed remotely from someone out of the country today, I think I am just going to sit. Maybe sit and knit or sit and read or sit and watch TV, but certainly just sit.

  10. My plans are to knit this weekend like just about everybody else. We’ve had a couple days of really nice weather but tomorrow is rain/snow showers. πŸ™ But that’s knitting weather. I’m working on a baby sweater for a friends grandson-to-be.
    PS – I liked your cowl but I’m afraid it would be to warm for me. (Hot flashes nowadays.) Maybe one of my daughters. πŸ™‚

  11. Painting the upstairs bathroom. Or at least priming the walls for painting. The wallpaper has been up for 35 years. Put a pic up on Facebook. It is well past time. And maybe squeezing in some laundry and some knitting. Yea. Knitting would be nice.

  12. A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to take a class from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee on knitting with silk hankies. So, this weekend, I’m going to play with silk cocoons and make some silk hankies. Which brings me to a question–do any of your dyers do silk hankies–I’d like to buy some from the Loopy Ewe!

  13. I am going to help my son (who is just about your son’s age) finish moving into a house with his buddies. He is in grad school and working part time and has gotten this all to work, so that is godd. Then my husband and I will move our bed into his bedroom in order to start working on ours. The roof had a leak and ruined part of our ceiling, and we decided to wait the extra two months to fix the ceiling so that we could move the bed and know that we have a place to sleep while it is being done (projects done by my husband never seem to move all that quickly πŸ˜‰ and I like my sleep). I am hoping to find some knitting time in there as well, as I desperately need it.

  14. I love your cowl Sheri. So much that I downloaded the pattern. I am going to save it for the Fall, because it’s already in the upper 80’s here in Houston. I’d die if I wore it now!

    This weekend my 7 year old daugther has her Father-Daughter Dance for Girl Scouts. Her first dance ever, and she could not possibly be more excited. My husband is pretty excited too, and will be proudly squiring her! I’ll probably take our son out for some mom-son time. He’s 12 though, so dinner with mom won’t be all that exciting a prospect. πŸ™‚

    Otherwise, looking forward to some relaxation! That means knitting!

  15. I’m so excited that I was able to get one of the Loopy Club kits – I just fell in love with that colorway and really have been wanting to try Honor. I will probably do the shawl but your cowl is very nice and I agree – I have been on a cowl kick this winter. Tomorrow my mom is giving me a birthday luncheon at a local tea room for a few special friends then we are convening to the historic home where I work to knit or stitch and have cupcakes and coffee – what could be better ! enjoy your weekend

  16. I saw that article about colors good for everyone some time ago, loved it! Interestingly there are a lot of those very colors in my closet πŸ˜‰ I like that cowl idea for the Honor, but like Cindy in Houston I’d have to save it for next winter! While we have had a little “cold” snap (in the 50s) here in North Alabama it’s way too warm for something like that (although it was cool enough today that I AM wearing the scarf/shawlette I made with the February Club Pattern). This weekend my sweet son is coming over to change the oil in my car – so I’ll cook for him in return, and I’ll finish up some baby booties (Duck feet) and maybe start some new socks for myself with the Loopy STASH I’ve been collecting β™₯

  17. Hopefully not much!! I will knit as much as possible, and read some. I am knitting a shrug that ties in the front for my daughter, basically I have sleeves left. And I am reading the new Clan of the Cave Bears book, “Land of the Painted Caves”.

  18. I am not much for cowls but I DO love colorwork and the inside of thoses mittens are fascinating. OHHH, to be able to knit colorwork like that. I can do colorwork but it sure doesn/t look the inside of thoses mittens. Beautiful.

  19. That Honor yarn is soooo soooooft! Am picking up my knitting corner today and reorganizing (a never ending task) my patterns and yarn. It is clear and will be in the 50s today in SW Colorado.
    Bluebirds are back, a sure harbinger of Springtime in the Rockies.

  20. Love the cowl! I really got into them this past winter myself. This is my birthday weekend so I am planning on pampering self. I have a roaring cold and have just finished my first week on my new (wonderful) job. I plan on making friends with my couch, reading, watching “The West Wing” and, of course, knitting. I’m working on a baby sweater set (hats, socks etc.). Tomorrow I’m getting a 90 minute massage and there will be some serious napping!!

  21. I plan on finishing some projects too. I have to work too πŸ˜›

    Maybe I can get away from some nice coffee today

  22. Dear, DEAR Sheri, now that you have SpillyJane kits, don’t you think you should also offer Tulip baby sweater kits? I really want to make one, and I have some DiC, but I don’t have 8 colors!

  23. This weekend I helped my brother celebrate his birthday by going bowling, then I walked in the MS 5K.

    Oh, and I started another sweater I’ve not finished the other one yet, but this is the season for the one I started. Open face cardigan, bulky yarn, lime green. I’m loving every stitch.

  24. Thank you Sheri for the inside out version. Mine is not looking as badly as I thought. You are just terrific! Love love love the cowl. As for the weekend I planned on knitting but it only worked out to be about 20 minutes worth by the time the weekend ended.. sigh..

    Thanks for all you do!


  25. My pattern came. Thank you very much!!! Regarding colors, I look terrible in teal. My DH says it makes me look “green”. I have very pale skin, green eyes and dark brown hair (with a gray halo arount my face). My sister, who has just slightly more red in her hair looks wonderful in teal. I am currently adding the lace border on to a full size shawl. It seems like it takes forever. I may stop and cast on for my Tulip sweater instead of working on the shawl. Thanks for the speedy delivery.

  26. That is an interesting bit of color theory! I have always been interested in color theory and its various applications. πŸ™‚ Teal is one of my favorite colors, and I agree, very difficult to photo properly.

  27. I think I need to see your cowl on a real person, because I completely expected it (and thus thought it was) to be a pair of socks draped around the neck of the cage thing. I don’t know what my mind was thinking of!

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