Boxes, Paper, and Yarn

Why is it that you can have the nicest toys for your kids, and the plushest beds for your cats, and they prefer the boxes and the wrapping? (Well, at least that works until a certain age with kids. At some point, a refrigerator box is a lot less appealing than a refrigerator stocked with good food.) I was unwrapping some things this weekend and had packing paper on the floor. Zoe bypassed a nice comfy bed in favor of plopping her tiny self into the middle of the crunchy, noisy packing paper. She clawed it, she tasted it, and then she curled up and fell asleep. I’m pretty sure it was the highlight of her day.

We have an Update full of beautiful color for you today! And just to make things challenging for the Loopy Elves, we’ve stocked a few similar-sounding yarn bases from Hand Maiden. They’ll need some caffeine before coming in to the shop to pull orders for you tomorrow. Just up:

Hand Maiden Sea Silk – 70% Silk, 30% Seacell, this 436 yard fingering weight skein is ideal for shawls and scarves. This is a yarn that you’ll get and want to cast on immediately.

Hand Maiden Swiss Moutain Sea Sock – 51% Silk, 29% Superwash Merino, 20% Seacell, this is also a 436 yd. fingering weight skein. In addition to shawls and scarves, you can also use this one for socks. Simply scrumptious treats for your feet. I’m currently finishing up a little shawl out of this. (The photo shows the Salt Spray colorway.)

Hand Maiden Swiss Silk – 100% silk and one of their newest bases, this 436 yd. light fingering weight yarn is perfect for shawls, scarves and cowls. I think Hand Maiden’s beautiful colors show so well on their silk and silk blend yarn bases.

(And if I were trying to decide what to use each base for, I’d be using it to make: A Sea Silk Scarf for an upcoming birthday gift, a Swiss Mountain Sea Sock pair of socks for myself, and a Swiss Silk Shawl for a friend for Christmas. Because, you know, I’m all about knitting ahead this year….)

Madelinetosh Pashmina – We put 43 more colors of this up today. I know you love this merino/silk/cashmere blend as much as I do, because you keep buying us out! This sportweight yarn is a little quicker to knit than fingering, and I like the way it makes your stitch patterns pop. Great for socks, scarves, shawls, wraps, and sweaters.

String Theory Hand-Dyed Caper – A few more colors have made their way to our shop (via boxes that got separated from the others), so we now have those up for you. Just added: Ruby Slipper, Winterberry, Cobalt, and Canyon.

Kollage Riveting – The yarn made from re-cycled jeans, re-stocked again in Storm, Dusk, Night and Charcoal, which we have been out of.

Dream in Color Classy and Starry – re-stocks in several colors that you’ve been waiting for.

Needles – a re-stock of Kollage’s square circulars and DPN’s.

Accessories – a re-stock of Stitch Savers (that handy little crochet hook for rescuing dropped stitches), Knitting Counters (am I the only one who needs one of these in every knitting bag?), and Sheep-y Tape Measures.

Sheri whojustsawafewsnowflakesoutthewindow.Andyesterdayitwasinthe80’s.FPS.


  1. Man, I know what you mean about pets! Yesterday, I was painting the upstairs bathroom. Maggie, the world’s fattest kitten, INSISTED on helping. Which meant she was curled up on the drop cloth, or up on the stool next to me reaching for the paint brush or looking out the window. Black kitten, sandy-peachy-off-white paint. Yea. 😛

    It got REALLY interesting when Salty Dog decided he was going to help, too, and then spotted the kitten. Um…. NO.

    And oh, oh, I need to get a couple gifts that I need BEFORE Fling, so…. Hand Maiden might just work. 😀

  2. Our beagle Hank doesn’t subscribe to the low cost bedding plan. He has taken over an upholstered Stickley chair to the point where no one else sits in it AND we will have to recover it when he’s “gone”. Time for some shopping.

  3. Love the picture of Zoe! My cats eagerly watch me unwrap my loopy packages and enjoy chasing the tissue paper after I remove the yarny goodies.

    And echoing the comment on the awesomeness of this update!

  4. My cat Jasmine took over the box that held my antique Christmas ornaments. Thank goodness the ornaments were still on the tree. She climbed in and rearranged all the tissue paper. I put the ornaments in another box and she has been happily lounging in her box for 3 months now. She also loves our furniture but has never laid in a cat bed. Cats are so amusing!

  5. Zoe is such a beauty! I had a cat several years ago that preferred laying on paper to anything. My current cat, Lexi, won’t have anything to do with it! 🙂

  6. The lovely Zoe takes a great photo. We have dog beds all over the darn house and I am still tripping over animals every day. Our Lily dog can j-u-s-t block a doorway if she works at it. So she sleeps completely stretched out-weird for a spaniel/chihuahua mix.

    Thank you for yarns that make my heart sing. The Hand Maiden (ALL the Hand Maiden) is wonderful to work with.

    I nearly cried when I saw the snowflakes today. The chickens won’t go out in it.

  7. Ha ha. We always bought the cushy dog bed, but the cold tile floor, the shallow mud swamp and the living room couch were always preferred.

  8. It is a gift to be comfortable anywhere, cats have that all over us! Thanks for the news on all the wonderful stash builders…I’m going over to look!

  9. Hi Sheri!
    In response to the wrapping stuff, my Merlin had a very similar reaction to some tissue paper last week. He was thrilled by it. I do think he licked it also, and then yes, hunkered down for a quick nap because I was ready to clean up the mess. lol
    Anyway, yet another gorgeous selection of updated yarns!! Keep up the great work.
    And no more snow miss!! We had rain yesterday but sunshine today. Come on Spring, you can do it – no more showers, just bring on the flowers!!
    🙂 xo

  10. Our kitty mostly enjoys her bed, but that might be because we placed it very close to one of the radiators. She spends most of her days basking in its heat or sitting on top of her food box waiting for it to whir. It’s hard being a cat!

  11. Hi Sheri…I’ve been thinking for some time that your Zoe and my Zara must be distant cousins. I’ve finally posted a pic to show you what I mean:

    Zara favourite place to sit is on her knitted blanket I made especially for her out of all my remaining novelty yarn. She likes it! And it disguises the cat fur!

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