When the To-Do List is Long

You know there is to much on your To-Do List when you start looking at colors of yarn and make up coffee and tea names to go with it. Not that I need an extra dose of caffeine to get through my list or anything. WH took some extra photos of a few skeins of our Loopy Ewe Solid Series and it makes me think of coffee, tea and chocolate (clockwise, starting in the upper left corner):

– strong espresso
– peach tea on ice
– salted caramel hot chocolate
– mocha latte
– iced chai tea
– peppermint hot chocolate

(Ok, in real life they are called Coffee, Sand, Rose Brown, Mocha, Tan, and Sienna. We tried to stay with one or two word names for our Loopy line. But I could’ve really gone to town on names, if I didn’t think that “simple is often better” when naming a basic solids line.)

I might need to add a Tea and Coffee scarf pattern to my To-Do List. It would definitely remind me of Life in the Spring of 2011, which has been crazy nuts.  Or I could whip up a scarf with a combination of some colors that are hot and some that are cold, because some days are in the 80’s and other days, it’s snowing. That seems to be the norm this spring, too. And I definitely need to make a scarf with a variety of blues. Not because I’m BLUE, mind you, but because I seem to be a bit addicted to a combination of Robin’s Egg Blue like the Loopy wall, and similar colors. What colors would you use if you were making a scarf to represent your own Life in the Spring of 2011?

Sheri workingonnewyarninfosignsforLoopyshelvestoday


  1. Sheri, If I were to make a scarf to represent this spring… It would have to be wild, varigated colors to show the craziness in my life right now. Throw in some spring colors to represent the new grass & plants for my garden. And some dark, dusty blues and browns to show the pain & sadness that the weather brings to my body.
    Instead I’m focusing on a shawl in baby colors to bring me hope for something new and something cozy to give me a big hug.

  2. Apparently I am highly impressionable right now – probably due the crazy nature of my life this spring. I can’t think of a color scheme, but I want a latte!

  3. OH, it’d start with yellow for the return of the sunshine, then some green since my plants are starting to come up, definitely a couple shades of blue (a dark and a light) for blue skies and blue moods, and throw in some brown in a shade that resembles tea with milk. And I think I’d crochet it in rows of colored stripes, with an interesting stitch.

    Oh, yes, and it’d have to have pockets. With buttons on them. To keep the stuff I need to hang on to. And the buttons would be REALLY COOL.

  4. I think it would have to be some blues and grays for the sky, green for the grass and trees, some floral colors & whatever color is a good match for Mommy & boys playing outside whenever they can. Which is what we’re doing right after lunch!

  5. I’m on a gray kick every since I knitted an Einstein coat in deep charcoal Lamb’s Pride bulky last winter. I’m buying tons of gray clothes. The weather here in eastern Montana has been unusually gray, as well, although today is bright sunshine for a nice change. Snow forecast for tomorrow and Friday, though, so I guess gray fits.

  6. Maybe red and white to remind myself of the tremendous struggles the people of Japan are enduring right now and that we should count our blessings every single day.

    Crazy Noro colors and a creamy neutral will forever remind me of this spring’s Mitered Crosses blanket that SO many of us are knitting in support of the earthquake/tsunami victims of Japan as well.

    Lastly, maybe some cute baby colors because I just found out a dear friend is expecting for the first time…and it’s TWINS! I am so excited for her, as I have my own set of twins and I know how full her life will be in the near future and for years to come.

  7. I think I found the perfect project for my spring so far. It’s in a lime green yarn, and is a sweater. In a bulky. Yet designed to stay open and be adorable. And I might not have enough yarn. Oh, and it’s coming together super-fast, and soon the knitting will be behind me.

    Yup. That’s my spring so far.

  8. Yellow~that would be the color of my spring scarf. But I have a hot pink summer sweater on the needles and am really excited about that!

  9. Is there a color that says “having your butt handed to you daily”?
    or a technique that says “sleep is for other people”?

    then that (whatever it is) is my pattern and yarn!

    Between the wild temperature fluctuations and teasing sun with 30 degree days, the 9mo teething and adventures of having 5 kids….I think that I would title the project
    Life in the Momlane (think Eagles’ life in the fast lane)……sure to test you every time (cause I think my brain got sucked out wayyyy back nursing baby 2 or something)

    Haha….Thanks for helping me have a light moment while thinking of what life would look like in knitting! Going back to my sock and mohair sweater a little happier!

  10. Even though it snowed here today my spring colors would be yellow and green. Anything bright and cheery. But I did love your coffee colors!!

  11. We’re in Autumn over here, but my colour selection would be the same as I want to remember Spring is eventually coming. Purple and sage green for the irises that come up in our yard in spring. Their leaves are a sagey green and the main colour is that beautiful deep bluey purple. No yellow I’m afraid though as then it gets too busy.

  12. Red, orange, hot pink, yellow and just a dab of lime green would do it for me! Lots of warm colors and a little cool. Love it! Can you ask one of your dyers if they could do something like that?! Woo Hoo! Wouldn’t that be a wonderful Winter scarf?!! Melting snow like nothing else!

  13. Colors to represent my life right now?

    To be honest, the Serenity Green in the Loopy Line is how I want my life to be. Serene. I bought some to make a sweater the other day. It reminds me of the ocean, as well.

    The reality is far more chaotic and exhausting, like a tangled ball of navy blue yarn that I cannot see well enough to untangle.

  14. I would choose either Mediterranean blue or turquoise! I’m getting ready for some fun travel! Little Loopie will be joining me. Wahoo.

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