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We’ve been kitting these up and sending them out the door for a few weeks now, so I’m looking forward to seeing some finished mittens and socks pretty soon. I love Jane’s patterns, and we’ve carried them here at The Loopy Ewe for a couple of years now. With our Loopy Ewe Solid Series line, it just seemed natural to come up with kits for the patterns. (And a big thanks to Jane for working with us on them.) We sent a kit out to one of our Loopy Test Knitters – the amazing Jettshin on Ravelry. Take a look at her Projects page. Wow! We had her do up a pair of the Cupcake Mittens, to make sure that we had allowed plenty of yardage in the kits. (There was plenty of yarn that she sent back with the finished mittens, so the answer is yes.) In fact she knit two pairs – the first came out a little small, using size 1 needles. The second pair (shown here) came out perfect with size 3 needles. Be careful to check your gauge when you work on these kits. With colorwork, sometimes you’ll want to go up a size or two.

We have these kits for several of Jane’s most popular socks and mittens, so check them out and jump into some colorwork. (Warning – it’s kind of addictive.) Elf Lori has been doing most of the “kitting up” and we like keeping her busy at the winder. She’s a pro at this. 🙂

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  1. Sheri,

    Can you flip it inside out and let me have a look? I have been doing the beets and carrots pattern from Spillyjane that I got from Loopy ewe and I am not sure it looks right. This is my first colorwork project.


  2. HOLY CRAP SHERI THAT IS THE CUTEST!!!!! : ) Omg. i love the cupcake mittens.
    A friend and I were just discussing making mittens earlier this week and I hadn’t even thought about trying before. . . Now I may have to pick up a kit before they’re all gone! : )
    Have a fabulous day

  3. Ooooh. Pretty! That is the kind of pattern that makes me want to do colorwork. Have done just a bit for a class.

    I want to make a sweater with chickens along the hem…

  4. Nice! That’s the kit I just received in the mail this week, and it is so cool to be able to see a photo where the individual stitches are clear. Jettshin did a great job. I can’t wait to cast on.

  5. WOW! I would gladly buy the kit and pay someone to knit those for me!! I wouldn’t have the patience nor skill to make them so nicely.

  6. Adorable. I spent a whole summer and fall kitting yarn when I worked in a yarn shop. Measured off 13 colors for a hat pattern. Quite nerve-wracking after a while. Please give Elf Lori some chocolate!

  7. I would be in big trouble if I put these pretty mittens on…always thinking of cupcakes! ….. Yummm!

  8. Awesome! I saw the pints one when the Yarn harlot was knitting it up, but not being a beer drinker I mostly just filed it in the back of my mind. I’m mostly interested in the swedish fish mittens. Yeah fishies!

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