Kollage Riveting and February’s Club Loopy!

I love the idea of yarn made from recycled blue jeans. My favorite weekend attire is comfortable jeans and a thick, warm sweater, so when Kollage’s Riveting yarn line came in, I nabbed a skein and made the “My Kind of Saturday” cowl. (How could I not? It even references the weekend!) This was quick to knit up and I picked a color that reminded me of my oldest, most favorite faded blue jeans, Cloud Denim. I knit it up just as the pattern called for, and I like the fit a lot. It’s large enough to easily go over your head, but still fits well enough to keep your neck and front warm when you’re out. I have about 40 g. of yarn left over. I wonder if I ought to find a fingerless mitts pattern for it. Or maybe I’ll combine that light color with a bit of a darker color and do 2-color mitts. Hmmm.  I’ll have to ponder that. (Edit: You bought us out again! More Saturday Cowl patterns and yarn on order. We’ll let you know as soon as it gets here.)

I wish you could have seen the Elves kicking it up yesterday. Not kicking it up as in forming a dance line, but kicking it up as in working their tails off. Donna, Sue and Lori all came in on their day off to join Susan, Karen, Anna, Mary and Vicki, in order to get the other half of our pre-ordered Club Loopy kits out, along with getting most of the Update orders out. They’re amazing and I am so lucky to have them here! We’re still working on the remaining orders today, and we also have the February Club Loopy kits ready for individual sales. We saved a good number of kits to be sold individually, for those of you who would rather purchase month to month, and for those of you who were sad to miss out on the 3 month bundle. I’m not showing the photo here in the blog, because I know that many of you like being surprised by the contents, each month. However, if you want to see the kit and order one, click here. It will take you right on over. The kits are pre-boxed and ready to ship right out, so like all of our other kit offerings, they do need to ship by themselves.  The yarn is luscious, the patterns are fun to knit, and the Baggu Bag has my favorite fun knitting quote on it. 🙂 (Personally, I think it reminds people of just how talented knitters really are, given the basic materials that we have to work with.)

Sheri hopingtofinishaninterestingscarfsoon,


  1. I’m waiting until I can savor the kit before i open it. My mailman was kind enough to leave it on top of the snowbank next to my mailbox. Yes, up at the street!

  2. Thanks so much for welcoming me to your store today. I am so impressed by your business and your incredible yarn offerings! I can’t wait to finish the project I’m working on so I can come back and shop for something new to work on.

  3. Thanks for the chuckle today. Loopy’s message on the webcam is “No such thing as too much stash.”

    That made me laugh as I looked through the webcam at shelves and shelves of yarn and thought, “Sheri has the biggest stash of all! She’s got a whole STORE of yarn!” lol

    The lace pattern on the cowl is lovely……..

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