Laughing Alpacas and Loopy Groupies

A friend visited an Alpaca Farm here in Missouri (obviously when the grass was still green and snow and ice were yet to come) and sent me this photo. She thought it looked like this guy was laughing, and I agree!  Or at least he’s having a happy day.

We’ve had a busy week and I’m glad it’s Friday. Definitely time for the weekend! But first, I wanted to finish the second half of our Loopy Groupie list from last week. A big warm welcome to the following people, who have recently reached their Loopy Groupie status. We’re glad to have you here!

Rebecca in AK, Audrey in Australia, Elka in MO, Christine in RI, Deborah in NY, Liesbeth in New Zealand, Patricia in VA, Gayle in Australia, Cynthia in Canada, Kathleen in MI, Deborah in CA, Judy in CA, Rikako in Japan, Laura in MI, Nathalie in the U.K., Robbie in AK, Sandra in OR, Lourdes in CA, Michele in OH, Susan in NC, Sarah in IL, Eleen in TX, Suzanne in TX, Jackie in NY, Marie in LA, Avery in NC, Jennifer in IA, Karen in FL, Laurel in NY, Jenn in PA, Jeanie in MI, Tina in KS, Cary in AK, Lynn in FL, Kristi in Canada, Carrie in TX, Lois in GA, Kathy in MI, Karen in PA, Dianne in ME, Abigail in IN, Kandice in CA, Tamara in LA, Yamamoto in Japan, Tracey in OH, Char in WI, Ginny in GA, Margaret in MN, Joel in WI, Gillian in MA, Emily in SC, Cheryl in MO, Heather in AL, Em in South Africa, Mary in OH, Renee in TX, Sumiko in IL, Reecca in NY, Katherine in Canada, Karen in WA, Katherine in MN, Beverly in CA, Judy in NY, Jennifer in NC, Patricia in Canada, Cecilia in NY, Carolyn in OR, Karin in GA, Lugene in CA, Maureen in AL, Kimberly in PA, Pernille in IL, Marie in LA, Diane in FL, Barbara in MA, Catherine in CT, Carol in OR, Michelle in NH, Susan in OH< Beth in MN, Judi in MD, Jill in WI, Rachel in NV, Marie in MN, Lieuvena in MO, Vicki in IA, Deborah in WV, Beverlee in KS, Darlene in ME, Elizabeth in VA, Joan in IL, Val in Canada, Janine, MI, Debbie in IL, Jenn in Canada, Sue in WI, Roxanne in NE, Joyce in CT, Barbara in MI, Lyndy in GA, Maryjo in CA, Nini in MO, Bailie in VA, Lauren in FL, Barb in VA, Michelle in NJ, Sarah in CA, Marcia in VA, Mary in NE, Catherine in MO, Lynna in CA, Heather in MD, Melissa in MI, Loraine in NY, Amy in OR, Davida iN NY, Donna in ME, Stacia in ID, Amy in CA, Danielle in NV, Margie in OH, Jennifer in DE, Patricia in MI, Tiffany in VT, Dawn in NC, Colleen in IL, Kerstin in Sweden, Karyn in NY, Kathleen in PA, Sherry in TX, Colleen in WA, Rachel in OH, Jessica in NE, Kristi in MO, Kathy in MO, Lisa in Australia, Cathy in PA, Christina in MI, Kelly in WI, Elinor in KS, Marina in NY, Karen in KY, Susan in MA, Sarah in CO, Sarah in MD, Joanne in Canada, Jean in MD, Mary in AK, Elaine in the U.K., Rhonda in KS, Nicole in the military, Sandra in CA, Catherine in Australia, Miwa in NY, Mandy in MO, Pat in VA, Linda in Canada, Megan in IN, Veta in WA, Sheila in MD, Amber in VA, Robbin in MO, Jeannie-Maree in Australia, Janet in MN, Luanne in FL, Jennifer in KY, Dawn in MI, Diane in CA, Nancy in TX, Sherilyn in MA, Kara in CA, Sheryl in MT, Heather in IL, Liz in CA, Bunny in NY, Jennifer in IN, Sandy in ID, Sarah in NY, Melissa in NY, Nancy in AL, Kim in OR, Teresa in MO, Susan in IL, Milly in WA, Chris in IA, Marybeth in KS, Caroline in FL, Michelle in OH, Christine in New Zealand, Allison in PA, Wendy in CA, Ann in NJ, Kristine in UT, Annette in PA, Denise in MI, Laura in MO, Jamie in MI, Hollis in NY, Kate in CT, Rachel in WA, Hyun-Jumg in CA, Shana in IN, Kate in IL, Diane in IL, Debi in Canada, Elizabeth in UT, Vanessa in MN, Cheryl in WI, Elizabeth in NH, Jean in MA, Kelly in NV, Erin in TX, Heather in TX, Agata in MN, Heather in OH, Beverly in SC, Karen in OH, Amanda in WA, Carla in MT, Bobby in TX, and Michelle in TX.

This is what I see when I look out my window at home – birds, birds, and more birds – at the birdfeeders and on the windowsills. They know a good thing when they find it. What are you seeing outside your window today?

Sheri ormaybethebirdsarewatchingmeknit?


  1. If I look out the back kitchen window, I see the dog run and dog house. “Someone” has been living in the dog house this winter (squirrels? Raccoons?), and it looks for all the world like they’ve shoveled out around it,

    If I look out the front, I see the paths the dog has traced in the snow, and quite likely Da Great Protector Dog, who insists on having his sweater put on, and running around protecting the neighborhood from the evil mailman, Fed Ex guy, milkman…. 🙂

  2. on my monitor that alpaca looks orange and purple…I have a friend who has an alpaca farm near here and we have red clay soil. I wanted a white alpaca blanket until I saw what it looks like after lying in our red NC soil. (We had a hot summer and they’d eaten all the pasture grass,) I’m hoping it’ll be warm here for shearing at nearby sheep farm tomorrow–last year it snowed. Have a good weekend.

  3. As I look out my living room window, I see the foot of snow from last weeks blizzard and the freezing temps we’re experiencing this week. Weatherman predicts 40 degrees by this time next week! Yea, I can’t wait. Until then, I’m content to stay in my warm house and knit and crochet all weekend.

  4. When I look out the front I see houses being built. When I look out the back I see a big pile of dirt and oil/gas drilling rigs drilling for oil/gas prepping for the nodding donkey and dust, lots of dust.

  5. We have so much snow in Northern Illinois and southern wisconsin I saw a beautiful male pheasant in a tree trying to get something to eat. Pheasants are not built for trees.

  6. I haven’t looked out my window since I got home on Wednesday morning from knee surgery – I hope to rectify that this weekend and get up and about a little bit. Enjoy your weekend and I hope you get some knitting in 🙂

  7. Have you had the bluebirds showing up? Our bird bath here in KC has had several visits from a fairly large flock in the past couple of weeks – they’re sooo cute. All the critters have looked so cold and miserable I’ve wanted to knit little birdie and squirrel sweaters for them…..

  8. I just spent a lazy hour curled up on the bed with our “pride” of cats, watching the blue heron preening on the neighbor’s dock. The sky is pure blue, not a cloud in sight, which means it will be a hard freeze again tonight. Meanwhile, the birch tree is showing us its buds, making it look more like spring than it is.

  9. I am on vacation in Virgin Gorda this week, so when I looked out my window today I saw the ocean and tropical plants and flowers! Oh, and we saw an iguana yesterday in the garden here.
    It’s a wonderful break from the miserable winter that we’ve been having in New England.

  10. Birds, birds and more birds. I, too, have a bird feeder, right outside my kitchen window. It is very busy these days A eek or so ago, several deer also visited in the night and we have racoons and skunks occasionally. I love the view from my kitchen window. I am a little tired of the snow, tho.

  11. Here in the desert southwest we see the very beginnings of spring. Buds are slowly emerging! The drooping cactus plants are starting to upright themselves. We have bright sunshine today. I am crocheting three dimensional roses. Wish I knew what to do with all of these!

  12. Our temperatures are rising today. It is already 30 degrees, and the sparrows have decided that it is bath day, so there are crowds of them at the birdbath on the back deck, splashing away. The finches, cardinals, blue jays, and chickadees are keeping dry but crowding the feeders. The sun is out, and last night’s light snowfall is very sparkly! A beautiful morning!

  13. The weather guy is predicting a warm up for us for the coming week. It is welcome, but I’m sure there will be a little more cold for us.

  14. I think I saw brown grass peaking out from the ice & snow – it might have just been dirty ice but I’m saying it’s grass! Come on warm temperatures & melt this junk! 37 more days til spring but who’s counting???

  15. I almost hate to say what I’m seeing out my windows! We really lucked out this winter: NO snow!

    I’m seeing trees and bushes with lots of buds; daffodil and tulip leaves 6″ tall and the forsythia coming into bloom. Oh, and lots of birds at all the feeders. And the dogs waiting for at least one sighting of a squirrel. We have rain coming in tonight so have high clouds and no blue sky.

  16. Today it is finally sunny — and 66 degrees, with warmer weather expected all week. So nice to see blue sky for a change!

  17. I have a floor to ceiling bay window the front wall of my living room and I set up bird feeders so I can see the squirrels and birds as I sit in my big purple chair and knit. Tons of birds, all kinds, and very cheeky squirrels. They torment my two cats. I also have feeders set up in the back yard. This will all change when Spring comes because my yard becomes dense with foliage. I’d like the back yard to become a bird sanctuary eventually. I have a stand of pine trees at the end of my property and some nice thick bushes. Talking about critters, I also have mice that live in my garage (unattached, the garage…not the mice) and they are so unafraid of me that when I was in my car getting something out of the trunk I looked up and there was one little guy sitting about 5 feet away just looking at me, totally unafraid! I talked to it for a while (yes, cabin fever is setting in – I’m talking to mice) and it was still there when I went back into the house. Go figure!!

  18. Outside my window? Melting snow and a bird feeder with thrushes, wrens, cardinals, juncos, chikadees and sparrows. Extra seed today because my husband got a new camera and wants to try it out photographing birds.

  19. I’m not looking out the window lately because my favorite kitty girl, Miss Isis had four kittens on Friday night-Saturday morn. Soooo, I spend my time peeking into their box watching. Two are red, one is white, and one is gray marl. I do SOOO hope they’ll survive but Isis hasn’t had good luck so far. My angel boy Puss in Boots, a big puffy red boy is her only survivor so far. Twice she’s delivered dead kits and eaten them. Gross. But, so far, all is well.
    Ann Carpenter, aka Furknitter on Ravelry.

  20. That is a terrific bird photo.

    I was working like a madwoman in chocolate land, so all I saw were customers and chocolates. No looking out of the windows.

    Of course, today I looked out the windows and saw the potential snow melt coming our way. I am appreciating the drips and drabs of warm weather we’ve received in the last couple of weeks. I hope that they are enough to prevent spring flooding.

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