My Favorite Valentine and a CONTEST

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! I hope you’re feeling loved by all of the special people in your life today. My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is that it’s Knitting Daughter’s Birthday. 🙂 And here’s one of my favorite photos of her when she was about three. Now she’s all grown up and enjoying life at college. I don’t know where the time went between then and now. I’m pretty sure that it was just a few weeks ago that she was sitting on the kitchen counter and I snapped this photo. WH and I zipped over to Indiana to surprise her over the weekend. Not for the whole weekend. You can’t surprise a college student for the entire weekend and expect that they don’t already have plans!  So we went late Saturday night and claimed Sunday morning (church) and Sunday lunch with her. It was a lot of fun and makes it a smidgeon easier to be this far away from her on her actual birthday, today. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JULIA!!)

So that’s my favorite thing about today. What’s your favorite thing about today? Leave your message in the comments below and we’ll run the random number generator on Friday, to see who wins some beautiful red yarn. See all of those skeins in the photo? We’re pulling prizes from there. We made that to put up on the webcam for you today, hoping you feel the Loopy love!

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P.S. We do have an Update going up later today. Watch for new multi-colors of Universal’s Cotton Supreme, Namaste bags, Soak, Sajou Scissors, and misc. knitting gadgets!


  1. My favorite thing about Valentines – I have a wonderful husband who I’ve been married to for 25 years to celebrate it with…

  2. My husband surprised me with a dozen roses! Valentine’s Day in general – we have a candlelit dinner with the kids, and whoever behaves the best gets to blow out the candles!

  3. I usually work on Valentines Day, so I get to play Christmas/Easter, and leave stuff that will be found when I am already gone to work. I even sneak into my Mom’s house and leave her treats and balloons! And I LOVE red!!!

  4. I enjoy making something for dessert I’ve been meaning to try for a long time, and my husband brought me a little orchid plant. We also try something for dinner that is new or out of the ordinary for us, and light candles for dinner.

  5. My favorite thing about Valentine’s day is that the next day is half-off-chocolate-day! (I like my boyfriend and all, but neither one of us could really be called sappy. or romantic.)

  6. My favorite thing is that even though my two kids are teenagers, they still like to celebrate the day and can even be a little silly (and sweet) about it.

  7. What a lovely post both about your daughter and the picture of the beautiful red yarns. My favorite thing about Valentines Day is my DH who is my one and only Valentine!

  8. My favorite thing – surprising all my family (hubby, daughter, son-in-law & baby grands) with sweets and luscious iced strawberry cupcakes! Watch out for that sugar high!!

  9. I love that the day gives a good reason to go buy chocolate and flowers and cover things in pink and sparkles. It lets me be unabashed about being a girl if only for one day.

  10. I love that I can stay home and make a great dinner and homemade chocolates and we can just sit on the couch together and veg for the night, and it’s the way we both want to spend the evening

  11. My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is watching the kids carefully deliver their cards into their friend’s tissue mailboxes! hahaha I work in an Early Childhood Center. They are a hoot!

  12. My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day….that it’s really no different than any other day because I always feel loved by my loved ones all year ’round!

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