Loopy Legends, Sanguine Gryphon

Our line of Loopy Legends are back! You know that previously, we have dyed up some special colorways in honor of some of the Loopy Legends around here. We had to find a new dyer for that line, and I turned to one of my favorite companies with it comes to beautiful multi-colors – Lorna’s Laces. I knew that Beth and her team would be up for the challenge. I didn’t want to show them pictures of another dyer’s work, so the only direction I gave them was to tell them the same thing I told the first dyer – “Here are the colors that go in this colorway – we’ll look forward to getting these in your interpretation of it.”  In some cases, the colorways are similar to the first batch. In other cases, they are quite a bit different. It was so fun to get these cases of yarn and see how they turned out. I think you’ll agree with me – they did an awesome job on these.  (Shown here: Sharon’s Island Time.) Now that we have the original 24 Legends back in stock, we can start working on our next batch of brand new Legends. How do you become a Legend? We keep an eye on our top customers and frequent shoppers. There’s no magical threshold or number, except that you have become a Legend to us in one way or another. We’ll keep adding to this line, now that we have it up and going again.

Also in tonight’s Update, we have lots of Sanguine Gryphon Bugga and Skinny Buggy to share with you. We get this line in regularly, because we know this is one of your favorite merino/cashmere/nylon lines. Plus, Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock big skeins, the March color for the Skacel’s Trekking Knit-A-Long, re-stocks of Kollage’s Riveting yarn and patterns that sold out last week, and a new line of hand-made project bags from Three Bags Full. (Many of you know MicheleinMaine on Ravelry, and have already discovered her beautiful bags.) Finally, we have two more patterns available from last year’s sock club – Karya Socks by Monica Jines and Autumnal Neck Cozy by Wendy Johnson. You’ll find those in the Sock Club section, under patterns.

Enjoy checking out What’s New and check back on Wednesday, when we’ll have the first Club Loopy kit up and available for individual purchase. (For those of you who pre-ordered the kits, we’re shipping yours out today and tomorrow.)

Sheri whodidnotknitontheUltraPimasweaterthisweekendafterall.


  1. I’m so glad you’re carrying the Mia bags by Michele. She’s a nice person and makes great bags.

    Thank you, Sheri, for helping it seem like spring is just a few steps away with all of the glorious yarns tonight.

  2. Looking forward to purchasing a couple of skeins of Legends, just have to go to the bank tomorrow and put the money in to cover the payment, even DH thought they were great and said “So order some”” Music to my ears!!!

  3. Well, Sheri, you just added to my must-have list of colorways. Those LL interpretations of the Legends are simply breathtaking! My sock mojo was beginning to fade, probably because I foolishly decided to make my Navy son a pair of socks in Zombie BBQ–72 stitches on size 0 needles, size 11 1/2 feet. I think a couple of Loopy legends might be just the thing to revive it.

  4. February just keeps getting better and better!

    I can hardly wait for the first Club Loopy Project. I gotta hurry up and finish my Loopy Lite socks….Love love LOVE! the yarn in all past kits so I am looking forward to my box this week!!!! Hurray!!!

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