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Thanks for weighing in with your Club Loopy opinions. We knew you’d have some! I posted this over on the Loopy Groupie board on Ravelry, but for those of you not over there, I wanted to share our thought process on this. We always listen to you, but you do know that your opinions differ, right? So what we do is take: Opinion A + Opinion B + What’s best for the long-term success of The Loopy Ewe = how we roll. Here are just some of the opinions offered about sock club over the past couple of years:

  • Love it! Don’t change a thing.
  • Tired of socks and have too much sock yarn. Please offer other choices.
  • Wish you’d have more semi-solids in the club.
  • Wish you’d have more exclusive multi-colors. I can get every color of semi-solid from many different places – those aren’t exclusive.
  • I’m so upset that we didn’t get any bags this year and Loopy Lite got a cool bag.
  • I have way too many bags. No more bags.
  • One can never have enough bags – bring them on!
  • Can’t we prepay and get a discount on the cost?
  • I like paying month by month.
  • Love the extras.
  • Don’t need the extras.
  • Can you do themed kits with lots of extras?
  • Why don’t you open up more spots so more people can get in?
  • Why can’t you do a smaller club so that you can use more indie dyers?
  • Love being surprised by the kit. Don’t tell us anything about it.
  • I don’t like surprises. I want to know what’s in there before I buy it.
  • Can you include a real sheep in the next kit? (kidding. Just wondered if you were still reading…)

Sock clubs have changed so much since we started ours back in 2007. There were just a couple of them back when we started. For that first one, I hoped that I could fill 50 spots, and I was so unsure about the whole thing that I told people to just email me if they would like a spot. (Didn’t work so well. We had more than double that amount within the first two hours. Live and learn.) Now almost everyone offers some kind of a club (lots of options for all of you), so this might be the year to finish ours out and try something new. We’ll see how it goes. It’s an inordinate amount of work and planning, but we know that you like them. (Well, opinions vary on that, too. You love them, hate them, are intrigued by them, want to discuss them, can’t decide, etc ….. But you DO have an opinion about them.) It keeps things interesting!

We’ll continue to evaluate and listen and figure out the way that makes the most sense for us, while keeping you as happy as possible. We have lots in store for 2011, so if Club Loopy doesn’t trip your trigger, then hopefully something else will.

Enough about Club Loopy. What’s your favorite flower? We have a seven below windchill here today and I’m thinking about flowers. I like Gerber Daisies. I wonder if I can find a vase full of them at this time of year? It’d be a nice thing to have in my office, while the wind howls outside!

Sheri Ilovesnowandcold,butsevenbelowmightbealittletoomuchofagoodthing


  1. I like Lily of the Valley.
    My grandfathers lived with my family when I was young. Every summer day they’d sit outside under this one tree. At the base of the tree grew lily of the valley. My one grandfather said it was his favorite and would sing a little song about them.

    I now sing that same song as a lullaby to my daughter.

  2. Hi. My favorite flowers are pink roses, but I adore hot pink azaleas, too! A single rose or three roses, in a bud vase… And, I can’t forget blue pansies, either; those remind me of my lovely late Mom.

  3. Lilacs & Lily of the Valley. Love the flowers, and the smells. My mom had these planted in her yard, and when I see or smell these flowers, it helps me remember her. I also love Morning Glories, I used to help my Grandma plant them every spring. I have a tattoo of Morning Glories on my right ankle in her memory.

  4. I love a simple white daisy…they always make me smile! As far as the club goes, I love the idea of Club loopy w/ a few projects other than socks. I have not been fortunate to get in in the past so I hope to get in this year. I also think you can never have too many bags…especially when they have anything to do with yarn or knitting! That’s my 2-cents worth!

  5. My favorite flowers are hydrangea, but I cannot have them anymore because they are poisonous to kitty cats. Saru-chan would decide it was food and that would be the end of it!

  6. Tulips are the flowers in my dreams, however our climate is too warm to grow them here. I dream of wooden shoes and the socks that can be worn in those shoes! Bring on the sock yarn!

    Here in Texas we get the wonderful colors of the wildflowers: Bluebonnets, Black-eyed Susan’s, Indian Paintbrushes, Standing Winecups, and so many others. What a lovely gift every year!

  7. I love Icelandic poppies, hydrangeas, hyacinths, gardenias, passion flowers…I could go on and on and there are so many more in other geographical areas that I haven’t even seen yet. I love winter, though (and detest the heat of summer) so I am content with whatever peeks through.

  8. Hybrid Tea Roses, espicially Sterling Silver, so fragrent!! Minature Roses too! I keep thoses and african Violets blooming all year round. But I love all flowers!

  9. Favorite flowers are white or purple hyacinths. Pale delicate pink poppies…. larkspur, with so many different shades of blues and violets. How can we join the sock of the month club???

  10. Peonies, any color. I’m not any good at growing them but occasionally I will get several at a florist stand. I planted a few years ago, just in front of the Rose of Sharons . Well, the Rose of Sharons got taller and overshadowed any light getting to the peonies. But, in my childhood home, my dad could grow the finest of Peonies, so I guess one of his favorite flowers is now mine.

  11. It is cold and snowy here in central Ohio.
    I am pleased to participate, if I am lucky enough, in any sock club run by you and Loopy. Here’s to crossed fingers.
    My favorite flowers are all the Spring ones, including dandelions. Such an intricate exquisite little bloom, so generous and accommodating for the kidlets. My husband hates them, but I am pleased each year when a few survive the killing season. Violets, peonies, lilacs, iris, daffodils, lily of the valley, I love them all.

  12. Clematis……for a dreary winter day, there’s nothing more beautiful. They’re available right now at the grocery stores and I’m sure at good nurseries. I got one for my MIL and myself on Wednesday at Dierberg’s. They were $11.99 each. Calculate that out for a “daily dose of beauty” and it costs about $.17 cents per day thru the middle of March. WELL WORTH IT!! Have a great day.

  13. Hydrangea’s – I have so many different varieties planted in my yard! I bought a limelight on a whim, it is the BEST! The mopheads are as big as my head! The bush is huge! I planted a second. When they bud, they are green, then turn white, then burgundy in the fall. My niece got married in October by the falls in Ithaca NY. She carried my limelights for her flowers, We also took extra to sit on the tables. Beautiful!

  14. I like what ever is blooming at the time I am out side.

    I also like flowers that I can eat. But I only eat the ones that I grow! Viola’s are kind of minty, roses make rose hip tea. So find a tea made with flowers and enjoy flowers in the winter in a different way!

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