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Thanks for weighing in with your Club Loopy opinions. We knew you’d have some! I posted this over on the Loopy Groupie board on Ravelry, but for those of you not over there, I wanted to share our thought process on this. We always listen to you, but you do know that your opinions differ, right? So what we do is take: Opinion A + Opinion B + What’s best for the long-term success of The Loopy Ewe = how we roll. Here are just some of the opinions offered about sock club over the past couple of years:

  • Love it! Don’t change a thing.
  • Tired of socks and have too much sock yarn. Please offer other choices.
  • Wish you’d have more semi-solids in the club.
  • Wish you’d have more exclusive multi-colors. I can get every color of semi-solid from many different places – those aren’t exclusive.
  • I’m so upset that we didn’t get any bags this year and Loopy Lite got a cool bag.
  • I have way too many bags. No more bags.
  • One can never have enough bags – bring them on!
  • Can’t we prepay and get a discount on the cost?
  • I like paying month by month.
  • Love the extras.
  • Don’t need the extras.
  • Can you do themed kits with lots of extras?
  • Why don’t you open up more spots so more people can get in?
  • Why can’t you do a smaller club so that you can use more indie dyers?
  • Love being surprised by the kit. Don’t tell us anything about it.
  • I don’t like surprises. I want to know what’s in there before I buy it.
  • Can you include a real sheep in the next kit? (kidding. Just wondered if you were still reading…)

Sock clubs have changed so much since we started ours back in 2007. There were just a couple of them back when we started. For that first one, I hoped that I could fill 50 spots, and I was so unsure about the whole thing that I told people to just email me if they would like a spot. (Didn’t work so well. We had more than double that amount within the first two hours. Live and learn.) Now almost everyone offers some kind of a club (lots of options for all of you), so this might be the year to finish ours out and try something new. We’ll see how it goes. It’s an inordinate amount of work and planning, but we know that you like them. (Well, opinions vary on that, too. You love them, hate them, are intrigued by them, want to discuss them, can’t decide, etc ….. But you DO have an opinion about them.) It keeps things interesting!

We’ll continue to evaluate and listen and figure out the way that makes the most sense for us, while keeping you as happy as possible. We have lots in store for 2011, so if Club Loopy doesn’t trip your trigger, then hopefully something else will.

Enough about Club Loopy. What’s your favorite flower? We have a seven below windchill here today and I’m thinking about flowers. I like Gerber Daisies. I wonder if I can find a vase full of them at this time of year? It’d be a nice thing to have in my office, while the wind howls outside!

Sheri Ilovesnowandcold,butsevenbelowmightbealittletoomuchofagoodthing


  1. Heliotrope (I think that is how you spell it) prefer the purple, but white is nice too. It’s their scent, love it!

  2. I have no opinion on clubs as I just buy the yarn I like….but flowers…..I have opinions – Carnations – long lasting, fragrant and a simple flower……..

  3. I can’t pick just one flower, especially after reading all the comments! I also worked in a flower shop and I’m loathe to pick just one. Anything blooming this time of year is wonderful 🙂

  4. My favorite flower? Yellow roses. Well, whatever I have in my garden, really, but if I’m buying one, yellow roses. Especially if they smell good. And I raise orchids, too, so those are on the list. It’s a long list.

    COLOR!!! MUST HAVE COLOR!!!! **giggle** 😀

    (Yes, too much sugar today, I think.)

  5. Flowers? First is the humble crocus. One of the first signs of Spring 😀 For color, violets. For interest, columbine. For scent, old fashioned roses with rose hips.

  6. Lilies are my personal favorite. Thanks for being so customer-centered. You are really the gold standard of knitting mail order as far as I am concerned.

  7. Irises – All varieties

    I had a nice bed of them at my last house and I have yet to get any going at the new house, maybe this year. I know that I miss them.

    For cut flowers I really do like roses… any color but red. The orange ones with a hint of pink are my fav.

  8. Favoite flower?
    1. Pansys
    1. Apple Blossoms
    1. Sunflowers
    1. Purple asters

    See, it’s not hard to pick 1 at all! ;^)

  9. Blue hydrangeas! I wish someone would dye a fabulous sock yarn in those colors of blue, yellow, yellow-green, with just a tinge of pinkish/violet.

  10. My favorite is irises, and I have several beds of them in my yard. I like all the spring flowers though. I have at least a dozen different varieties of daffodils in my yard too. Ok, I’m ready for them to start blooming!

  11. I love lilies and peonies. I even managed to get oriental lilies to come back last summer in Alaska! That’s not supposed to happen.

  12. It IS cold, but I felt warm,and welcomed in your shop today. Thanks for visiting with me, Sheri. So nice to meet a fellow ISU alum. I love coneflowers because they come in so many colors and their texture is so interesting. They attract butterflies in my front flower bed, which entertains my kitties during the summer. Can’t wait until they come up again this spring Stay warm!

  13. Favourite flower – so many to choose from, but probably the pansy. I love their faces. Also sweet peas and memories of the ones my dad used to grow, crocuses – maybe because when they first appear it means spring is coming after a long Canadian winter, lupines, violets the list can go on for so long

    Sock club – I hope to join this year. Watching your blog daily, checking my treets. I say Sheri, do what works for you. Your business is great

  14. I was in Club Lite and I loved every kit I got. Currently finishing up my argylers fingerless mitts and everyone at my knit night thought they were awesome. I know whatever you do it will be awesome!

  15. I love whatever’s blooming, but I have a soft spot for wisteria. There’s some that’s gone wild near one of the major highways here, and for about a week the drive along there smells heavenly.

    Inside, I love an overfull vase of tulips. I have a vase that’s shaped so that I can just plonk them in and let them fall however they will, and they always look awesome.

  16. The tulip and the peony are my favorite flowers. When I lived in Central Missouri, the back of the 150 year old house was lined with the most beautiful, sweet smelling peony bushes. They made the long winter seem far away.

  17. Daffodils~ my husband has always bought me a bunch of daffodils on Groundhog’s Day and they sure do brighten up wintery western New York!

  18. I love Gerber Daisies!! Have you seen Jill and Kevin’s Wedding on youtube? All her female attendants carry Gerber daisies while they are ‘dancing’ into the church. Those flowers are so happy!

  19. The sweet peas that covered the wall of my grandmother’s garage – I just knit a shawl in Cherry Tree Hill fingerpaints called sweet pea, and the color variations reminded me of those flowers – other favorites are lily of the valley (those I can actually grow in MN) and peonies.

  20. Sheri,
    The list of comments and wishes really cracked me up ! It is amazing to realize how diverse our knitting community is. And it also makes us able to understand the diificulty you are facing, trying to please us all…
    You are doing a great job and I, as a knitter, thank you heartfully for the service and kindness you provide us with.
    ps : make it a romney for my sheep, please :0)

  21. Alstroemeria.

    Sheri – Part of the sock club issues is attributable to your overall success. My husband just loves it when he gets student evaluation forms, and there are directly conflicting comments. You get the same, just because there are so many different individuals involved, so you are clearly not catering to only one segment.

    I’ll add to the mix – a semi-mystery club? Post a somewhat vague description of a package – “### yard skein of fingering yarn in superwash wool, green color family, with sock and hat patterns.” No major extras. Perhaps a bit more flowery than that, and take orders with commitment to buy. Delivery promised for a little ways out, so you can use an indie dyer and they’ll have time to dye for the order. This is kind of like what Sanguine Gryphon does with unlimited orders for a specific color, with slightly delayed delivery so they can dye for the number of requests they get. And it wouldn’t really have to be identical yarn in each kit you send out, adding to the mystery. And of course, the knitting police aren’t going to nab you if you knit something other than the patterns the yarn came with.

  22. Delphiniums! I have a picture of myself as a 2 year old, plucking delphinium blossoms off a stalk, and I used them in my bouquet when I got married 10 years ago. They’re such a beautiful blue color.

  23. Peonies are my absolute favorite! I love, love, love the smell!!!

    Now, if I could just find some yarn that smelled like Peonies…

  24. Daisies are my favorite, but I prefer Shasta over Gerbera. In a close second are Hydrangeas, Lilacs and Lily-of-the-valley. Those three are the flowers I remember from my “spot” in my parent’s backyard. There was a rose bush too, but strangely I’m not attached to the roses really. And a tiny apple tree I “planted” (I buried an apple core and found out 20 years later that my tree did not grow. My parents bought a tiny one and planted it to fool me! It never did that well, but I got 4 or 5 apples from it over the years) had great blossoms in the spring. And I love Gardenias, but they don’t really grow up here in Wisconsin.

  25. Hi Sheri
    I was out of the office yesterday due to our latest snowfall. Silly really but better safe than sorry.
    My favorite flower is a purple bearded Iris. I will gladly accept the japanese version that most florists carry, but the bearded one is just more dainty and i like that better. : )
    I’m sure you can find a vase full of gerber daisies! : ) Think warm and colorful thoughts. Stay well

  26. I don’t have a favorite flower, but I like azaleas, roses, amaryllises, and I think four o’clocks are cool. I also like bright, showy flowers that smell nice.

  27. That list of contradictory opinions is definitely what happens when you ask people what they want. I’m so glad you give customers a choice.

  28. It’s weird me and flowers. I love yellow flowers, if hubby goes to buy me roses i do not want red or any other color but yellow (though i would appreciate his thoughtfulness and never let him know otherwise, lol) but my favorite flower would be the lilac, sadly our tree does not bloom for long. But I adore tigerlillies and black eyed susans….so go figure!

  29. At the moment it is the intense yellow blooms of witchhazel. Because I know when I see them, even surrounded by many inches of snow, that spring will not be far behind. Yes I have one in the backyard that I can see from the kitchen window.

  30. lilies of the valley were the first flower that popped into my mind. followed by peonies. although neither of those grows well at my house. how about lilacs?

    i loved being in the sock club the past two years. my favorite extra was the red namaste buddy case. i use it all the time.

  31. I loved the sock club for the two years I was in it. I just love making socks even though I love to make other things also. I loved the surprises and everything in the kits. I give LOTS of soks away. Like when a friend goes to the hospital, birthdays, happy days, just because days. There is something about hand knitted socks that says “Cozy”.
    I also believe in change to make growth happen. You guys are such great folks and i love buying from you.
    I love nearly all flowers but right now I am thinking Snow Drops and crocuses. That means Spring cannot be far behind!!
    What ever you decide on Clubs it will be perfect. Remember some will complain no matter. I have loved all your kits and yes felt a little evny when I missed one but hey that is just LiFe.
    You do a great job!!!

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