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This is my favorite cabinet. I found this at an antique store when we expanded our Loopy space a couple of years ago, and it quickly found a home here. It has housed many different yarns. I had it full of Wollmeise once, but of course that never stays in there very long. This used to be in someone’s general store and it’s huge. Right now, we have moved the yarn out and put bags in there instead. (I love bags. You know that about me! We’ll continue to offer you fun bags. More are always in the works. This week the Baggu Bags came in, which is what you see on the left side. Those will be up in Monday’s Update.)

As I was taking this photo, I realized that this would be a perfect piece of furniture for a knitting room (or a knitting corner, or a knitting wall.) You could put stash in many of the cubbies, but you could also put different projects in some of the cubbies. I think if I filled the cubbies with my works in progress, I might stop casting on. There’s nothing like being confronted with tangible evidence that things have gotten out of hand. (Maybe I’d be better off putting the WIP’s in the drawers. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.)Β At the moment, I don’t have any room in my house for a cabinet this big. But maybe someday I’ll re-do things and find a wall for it. When I do, I’m totally taking it back from Loopy for my Knitting Central Zone in my house.

This month’s contest question: Do you have a Knitting Central Zone in your house? Or do you have supplies and projects spread all over the place? (You know, sometimes when you spread it around, it doesn’t look like you have so much of it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.) Leave us a comment and we’ll draw random winners next week. We’ll be sending the winners a $35 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificate so that you can find something fun to add to your treasure of stash. (Or a new bag to contain your stash. Did you know I like bags?)

While you’re thinking about knitting areas, you might check out our photo gallery of knitting storage ideas. Feel free to submit some photos of your yarn area, if you’d like. We love getting a peek at how others organize their projects and yarn.

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  1. I have everything everywhere!!! I wish I had time to get organized but really cannot. LOL!! I have some in my bedroom next to my bed; down in the kitchen near my chair; and some in a spare bedroom. I have total chaos!!

  2. When we lived in a big old house in Vermont, I had a whole room attached to our bedroom that we called the “knitting room”. It had cubbies for yarn and books and a big comfortable easy chair. Years later here I am with much bigger stash and half the square footage in a city condo. The stash lives in three huge Rubbermaid containers in my bedroom closet. Books are downstairs in the “library” or in my bedside table. Anything I happen to be working on sits on the coffee table, the side table, the dining room table–anywhere in the living room it happens to fall….and rarely in the official knitting basket next to the tv. If I’m blocking something, there goes the guest bed!

  3. I tend to stash my stuff in Longaberger baskets that sit next to “my” chair in our family area/kitchen where I have a nice fireplace and small TV that are close to the teapot/coffepot and unfortunately close to munchies, too. That’s all WIPS. The yarn gets hidden in more baskets in my bedroom.

    This is one beautiful chest/cubby.

  4. I like to put my knitting in strategic places around the house, my recliner, my bedside table, kitchen table etc. I like a good supply of candy, coffee, wine,
    cupcakes, etc. also so as to be comfortable in one spot. What a wonderful life!!!

  5. Most of my stash is in my studio space in the basement. But I just bought the paint today to start transforming an upstairs bedroom into my “aerie” studio… bright sunny yellow!

  6. I have a main area, my living room that has my comfy nursing rocker by the fire place and book cases with all of my knitting books and printed patterns. This faces the entry way to my home where I’ve placed a tall curio that dh gifted me for our 10 year anniversary, for yarn stash, and a cedar chest, for my fiber stash. My wheels and loom move around to various places in our home depending on use, and other factors. But mostly I spin and weave the living room. It is my Central fibery zone.

  7. I do have a central spot in our downstairs rec room with an overstuffed chair and a shelving unit that contains most of my stash and my knitting books, needles, notions, etc. There is also a basket there for UFO’s. My actual WIP’s, however, migrate all over the house and tend to show up on various table surfaces most often (coffee table, entry table, dining room table, bedside table, etc.). I love your cabinet!!!

  8. I have a loft in my apartment that is used as my closet and craft studio. I have a bookshelf for my craft books, a desk for my sewing machine and serger and bins, bins, bins full of yarn. As for knitting, I actually do that on my couch while watching mindless tv or listening to music.

  9. Most of my knitting supplies are contained to what I call my yarn closet. It is what would be a coat closet/hall closet/cleaning closet(wish it was a walk-in closet…hehehe). Probably 90% is contained within the yarn closet. My chair in the living room seems to have a constant halo of knitting stuff around it which would probably account for the other 10%.

  10. I kinda have my stuff all over the place, but I’m working (as the New years resolution) on making my craft stuff fit in a 6 foot wire shelving unit in my living room.

  11. This is the one time that I’m blessed to live on my own (other than my 2 cats), so I can “afford” to leave things all over! πŸ™‚

  12. I placed my yarn and most of my WIPs in the cupboard under the stairs (harry potter style). However, I have some WIPs in my bedroom closet and near the sofa downstairs. I keep a blanket WIP near the sofa so I can work on it while watching television. The projects in my closet are kept there so I can have something to knit in my bedroom while listening to my podcasts or audiobooks. πŸ™‚

  13. My stash is all over the place. I’ve taken over half of our dresser, bins under the bed and some will be creeping into out spare room, soon. I really need to get organized! Maybe this will be the year!

  14. My stash is protected (mostly) in my mother’s cedar chest (now I guess it’s my cedar chest), and I knit almost exclusively on the left side of my sofa with knitting accessories and waste yarn stored in the nearest side table. I also use some yarn for decoration in a few wall displays.

  15. My stash is all over my bedroom and in my closet and is now creeping into the computer room. My projects are lined up against the bedroom walls and I sit on my rocking chair in my room in the evening to knit and watch tv or listen to the radio. I’m happy. πŸ™‚

  16. I have yarn, needles and bags all in one location but knit everywhere. I wish I had a place for all my stuff but not in this house!

  17. No one place focused on knitting here yet, though I do have a few baskets of projects, fiber and yarn in the living room by the couch, and that’s where I sit and knit, mostly.

  18. Stash is organized mostly sharing space in my sewing room. One entertainment center holds most of my patterns in binders, sorted by type, and most of my books. Knitting zones, however, are all over the house. (Also: the Emergency Knitting bag – supplies for two hats and a pair of socks – goes with me every time I leave the house – never know when I’ll find knitting time!)

    I’m in danger of needing TWO craft rooms in my “dream house.”

  19. I keep most of my tools and yarn in a favorite Vera Bradley bag that my husband bought me. I also have a couple of baskets that I store things in. “Someday” I’ll get organized. πŸ™‚

  20. All my knitting wip’s are right in front of the tv, on my couch/nest (as my husband calls it). I also spin and my spinning wheel is nearby. I always knit or spin while I watch tv and I love to see the colorful yarn in the basket by my feet. I work from home doing sewing and alterations so my 2nd bedroom is now my studio and is filled with yarn and roving of very color!

  21. My knitting/spinning supplies are in the living room and the den.I would have them everywhere but this is a condo and the husband and cats have claimed some space too.
    Hope to win so I can add to the stash or ever growing number of patterns.

  22. I have a fiber room that houses my sewing machine, knitting books, fabric, yarn, and fiber stash. Of course, there is plenty of spill-over into other areas of the house too, especially in the family room where its easy to pick up knitting or spinning in the evening.

  23. I have a spare bedroom (the kids are grown and gone!) and it’s where the stash is housed. But most knitting/spinning is done in the living room, so there’s some “spillage” out here. Two spinning wheels, each with a project on them, two tote bags with WIPs inside, a basket of spinning accessories and another basket of knitting goodies – and speakers for the iPod and headphones, and, uh, 5 or 6 needles on the coffee table. And several knitting books. And a decorative chest full of fiber. And…..

  24. Ou place is too small for a “knitting zone” so I just have project bags that get piled in a corner (and still astonish my husband with all the yarn).

  25. My favorite place to knit is the recliner in the living room. The chair is comfy, the lighting is good, my kids are nearby … That said, I knit everywhere. The park, the car when waiting to pick up the kids, the backyard. One of my favorite things about knitting is that it’s so portable. πŸ™‚ my projects are on the pass through counter, upstairs in our bedroom, in the car and in the living room. The husband is not impressed.

  26. my stash is kept in built in cabinets in my living room. It’s expanding though so I may have to start using the cabinet space above it too… Actually knitting gets done on the couch in the living room, in front of the TV

  27. Absolutely – I have a central area in my study – a IKEA cabinet with large box drawers. But in addition, I have projects in the living room, ready to pick-up for movie watching. And the best: we added a window bench in the other study and it has a large storage area under the bench which my generous DH let me use for my other part of my stash.

  28. I have a bedroom upstairs filled with plastic totes and organizing furniture (curios, bookshelves) that have many crafty projects in progress or waiting to start. Of course the room is off limits to my three dogs (door is always closed) so I also have crafty projects throughout the house so I can look at them and pick them up on a whim. My husband is very patient with all of the fiber, yarn, tools, books, patterns, etc that are placed in many rooms of the house. He understands my pleasure in the looking as well as the working on those projects.
    Happy crafting! Kelly (wvkelly on Ravelry)

  29. I used to have stashes in baskets throughout the house, but now that we’ve moved we have an extra bedroom for storing everything. I even found an old chifferobe that I’m going to clean up and use to store my yarn!

  30. My house looks like a “knitting hurricane” hit it; I have things scattered everywhere. My places for knitting are in my kitchen office (where I have knitting books, patterns, pamplets, etc) in front o myf computer and Netflix, and my other spot is my comfy living room chair in front of the TV.

  31. My yarn stash and books are in my bedroom. Maybe after the last child leaves the house I will take over one of their bedrooms and turn it into my knitting haven… For now I knit in front of the tv in the family room mostly, or while on conference calls at work.

  32. My DH turned our youngest daughter’s room into my knitting room last spring–she had moved out 2 years ago and then got married in October. He put in new sheetrock and a garden window. It’s painted my favorite color, a medium Caribbean blue, with new flooring and teal throw rugs. I have lots and lots of drawers in there, and my “knitting command center” comfy recliner where I can knit, watch TV or use my knitting computer, look one way to see a freshwater aquarium, and the other way to see a saltwater reef aquarium. I also have a small sink and hot pot so I can have make tea. I keep all of my knitting stuff in there except for one WIP in the living room. Needless to say, I feel very spoiled!

  33. My Knitting Central is in a corner of a dead hall. (DH did a little home remodel so I have a hallway leading to a storage closet and no where else.) I keep that door closed so it doesn’t get visited by the cat. I can visit my yarn and select what I need. Patterns are stored on my laptop. It’s isn’t pretty, but it is functional. And in need of a bit of organization.
    Maybe that is just my LYSU (local yarn storage unit), and my Knitting Central is where ever I happen to be with yarn and needles.

  34. My yarn, patterns, books and magazines are spread out in 4 different rooms (2 bedrooms, living room and dining room). Nothing is organized. Boy howdy, I’d love a cabinet like that to start organizing myself.

    I always knit in front of the TV unless I go to several of the LYSs and knit there; plus I knit at work during my lunch break. I’M OBSESSED WITH KNITTING!!!!

  35. As the mother of a toddler who wants desperately to knit, I most definitely have a KCZ. There is Owl’s knitting chair – a chair-and-a-half with ottoman and end table that holds a cookie jar full off necessities needed within an arm’s length. Also in the living room, the wicker chest large enough to stash a corpse, or in my case, winder, swift and too many projects to name. All knitting objects stay in the KCZ when not in my hands.

  36. I do not have a central location for my knitting and crafts. Our house is just too small to convert a single space to crafts. I do try to keep my knitting neat and tidy though, so I can find what I need when I need it. Thanks for the contest.

  37. My boyfriend and I live in a two-bedroom apartment. The second bedroom is referred to as the crafty room. It holds our desks and computers as well as all of the modeling supplies for building our toy armies (my other big hobby is minature painting), my yarn stash, the sewing machine, and such. That said, my knitting is everywhere in the apartment. The best chair for knitting is in the living room (it has good lumbar support), but it doesn’t have a good view of the tv, so there’s also some by the couch. When the weather’s nice I like to sit on the porch and knit. And, when the dog’s being uppity, I sit at the dining room table and knit so my pup can’t reach the ball of yarn and make off with it. I also can knit in the dark, so there’s usually something simple bedside in case I have trouble getting to sleep, or wake up early…

  38. When I first began knitting I had everything that involved knitting in a storage container with a few drawers and wheels… years later I’ve centralized to my bedroom where I house half of my stash (in half of my closet), books taking up 3 shelves of a 5 shelf book case, and my notions, needles, soak etc is in a chest of drawers that I thought would house jewelry, make up etc. Now I mentioned that half my stash is in my room. The other half resides in a rec/computer room and Woodie (my spinning wheel) is in the living room.

  39. I have two zones, a knitting zone and a storage zone. My knitting zone has a basket for my prettiest yarns and current projects, and an Ott Lite so I can see what I am doing. My storage area is a cedar chest stuffed to the top with lots and lots of sock yarn!

  40. I moved to China from Iowa this summer so I had to go through my yarn stash. OMG! I might be in need of a 12 step program. I shipped most of it with me. I know I brought more than I can knit into finished projects in the next 3 years, but I’m going to give it my all:o) I have great built-in storage in our apartment in Beijing. I have it all organized now. It’s much easier when you have it spread around the house…you don’t realize how much yarn you have.

  41. I work from home, and I’ve been working with two computers on card tables, placed against a wall of my dining area. I decided to install a built-in desk with shelves, as a more permanent and attractive work space. However, as I started to organize the new space, it morphed into a stash and knitting area–perfect for when I need a flat surface to work on (like lace and beaded knitting projects). I’m going to try and upload a photo to the gallery. (Brandywhine on Ravelry).

  42. I HAVE a zone designated for knitting, in a small den off my bedroom. My stash is there, as is all my sewing supplies and machinery, and a comfy chair to knit in.

    However, usually I transport the current project to not be in the knitting zone, but to the couch in front of the TV. Partially because the den is very cold this time of year, and has so many windows that no matter how much heat is on, it won’t warm up and partially because I just like to watch TV. Heh.

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