The Perfect Knitting Spot CONTEST

This is my favorite cabinet. I found this at an antique store when we expanded our Loopy space a couple of years ago, and it quickly found a home here. It has housed many different yarns. I had it full of Wollmeise once, but of course that never stays in there very long. This used to be in someone’s general store and it’s huge. Right now, we have moved the yarn out and put bags in there instead. (I love bags. You know that about me! We’ll continue to offer you fun bags. More are always in the works. This week the Baggu Bags came in, which is what you see on the left side. Those will be up in Monday’s Update.)

As I was taking this photo, I realized that this would be a perfect piece of furniture for a knitting room (or a knitting corner, or a knitting wall.) You could put stash in many of the cubbies, but you could also put different projects in some of the cubbies. I think if I filled the cubbies with my works in progress, I might stop casting on. There’s nothing like being confronted with tangible evidence that things have gotten out of hand. (Maybe I’d be better off putting the WIP’s in the drawers. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.)Β At the moment, I don’t have any room in my house for a cabinet this big. But maybe someday I’ll re-do things and find a wall for it. When I do, I’m totally taking it back from Loopy for my Knitting Central Zone in my house.

This month’s contest question: Do you have a Knitting Central Zone in your house? Or do you have supplies and projects spread all over the place? (You know, sometimes when you spread it around, it doesn’t look like you have so much of it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.) Leave us a comment and we’ll draw random winners next week. We’ll be sending the winners a $35 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificate so that you can find something fun to add to your treasure of stash. (Or a new bag to contain your stash. Did you know I like bags?)

While you’re thinking about knitting areas, you might check out our photo gallery of knitting storage ideas. Feel free to submit some photos of your yarn area, if you’d like. We love getting a peek at how others organize their projects and yarn.

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  1. I have a craft room where I keep my yarn, needles, patterns and supplies. As for where I knit, I knit everywhere. Pretty much any room in the house (except the bathroom) is part of my knitting zone. Wherever I happen to be, my needles are usually within arms reach πŸ™‚

  2. I have my knitting stash contained to one area and then I allow a little space in the bedroom for needed supplies for when I am watching TV and knitting.

  3. I like to think of my stash as organized chaos! it is Basically centralized but many wips are spread around… hey a few stitches here and there and eventually it all will get done,.///right? I also carry 3 wips with me at ALL times πŸ™‚ a little knitter’s ADHD… never hurt anyone right?

  4. All the knitting books, magazines, books, etc., are in a corner of our bedroom, in the corner portion of a wall shelving/drawer unit that takes up most of that wall. It’s kind of already outgrown, as I’ve been trying to keep the actual yarn there as well. I love having everything visibly accessible, but I may have to think about relocating the yarn to the bedroom closet.

    There’s a storage bench running along under the windows of the abutting wall to the shelf unit that hasn’t been used yet that yarn *could* go into, if I had proper boxes. It’s somewhat drafty in there, so my concern is weather elements possibly reaching anything like paper or yarn I put in there. Maybe I’ll try out one container of yarn, and see how that goes.

    Projects, on the other hand, are spread liberally around, as I always have multiple objects OTNs….

  5. Wow..if you let it the stash will take over the world…and it has. I can’t help it! there are always so many “beautious” things I just HAVE to have. My son came to my rescue!! He got me lots of nifty zippered mesh bags. Voila! each yarn has it’s own bag and it’s easy to see what’s in the bag since they’re mesh. (These wonderful items are from the Dollar Store!) Next came a great 3 drawer plastic cabinet on wheels. I knit at my kitchen table. The cabinet is right there with all my “stuff” and it’s easy to wheel out of the room when I need the space for something eating!

  6. My favorite knitting zone is my chair in the living room near the window with my laptop near at hand; never know when you might need to go to Ravelry or The Loopy Ewe.

    WIP’s generally stay upstairs, but most of stash is in extra bedroom/closet in the basement. I try to contain it there… somethimes that’s tough.

  7. My stash is in two, wait, no, three.. well actually four places. Current projects are in the family room in a basket or the coffee table that is a cedar chest. Nice stuff and soon to be projects are in the hall closet or upstairs near the wheel and loom. Odds and ends, and leftovers are with the older needles and patterns in the den closet. All un-spun fiber and weaving yarns are with the nice stuff in the craft loft.

    It really is a good thing that both of my children do not live at home much anymore.

  8. I sort of have two places in my house – upstairs on the couch next to the end table (which incidentally is where I keep most of my wip’s) and in my “knitting room” in the basement.

  9. I have things strung out all over and then there is the corner of or living room with bags filled with stashed yarn. Projects stay in bags unless they are UFOs that i forget about. Ugh I hate UFOs!

  10. Up until the end of 2010 I had my yarn stash anywhere I could put it [that is, except within reach of my Basenji who loves to tangle my stash]…but as I began to fall in love with Namaste bags, they began to be my stashing places as the bags were technically too large for me to carry unless going out of town and needed to have everything for my current project on hand.

    Anyway…as one may expect even those began to fill…so one day I found a 4 drawer Rubbermaid or Sterlite cabinet with wheels…perfect I said!! I loaded ONLY my current projects or near future projects and everything else stayed in the bags..the wheeled cart fits perfectly tucked into my sewing room! It has see-through drawers so I can see those lovely yarns calling out to me everytime I walk into my sewing room.

  11. I have stuff pretty much all around our townhouse, BUT we are in the process of building our forever house and in it I have a dedicated design studio that spans almost a third of the second floor. Great views, wonderful light, lots of space and a separate office tucked in back. I am going to be SO spoiled!!!!

  12. I have a spare room converted to a knitting room. I bought a kitchen table at Ikea, and a couple of bookcases with glass doors (also Ikea) and set up a crafting room. I stash the yarn and knitting books in book cases, and the doors keep the yarn in and cats out. The swift and ball winder are set up on the table at all times, and I can easily pull out the knitting machine on the table when I have the urge. My friends are all jealous!

  13. I have my “shrine” as my family of men (one husband and two sons) call it. It’s a spot tucked under a skylight window where I keep my collection of knitting books, my yarn swift and winder and my WIP’s in baskets. There’s my rocking chair piled with a few cushions and an afghan thrown over the back. There’s a large basket with a cushion in it just waiting for my cat (the only other female of the house) to join me. The only drawback is I don’t have enough room to keep my stash (that’s in one of my closets) but it still happens to be one of my favorite places!

  14. I think this is such a great contest because I just had so much fun reading over 600 different ways people store their knitting supplies. Awesome ideas, ladies and gents. I am SO jealous of so many of them.

    I have a walk-in closet just off my family room (where I do most of my knitting while watching TV with hubby) that I am converting from “Family Books” to “Amanda’s Knitting”. It is really going to be pretty cool to have everything in one place. My needles are currently in a two-drawer sewing table that dates to the early-1800’s. It was a college graduation gift from my parents. When I get in and out of it I feel very connected to all the women who owned and used it before me.

  15. My room is very small, and my stash is vast. I have my sock yarns displayed in a silk-lined (okay…it’s just a swatch of silk) basket in between my book shelves. Then I have a stackable shoe rack purchased from Target that is stuffed with yarn. Supposedly it’s yarn I plan on using soon. But that may be a fib. It used to be color coordinated, however my youngest son has reorganized the yarn to his liking. (On a side note, I recently took said son to a yarn store where he proceeded to plant his face in a large cubby full of alpaca yarn. Can’t say I blame him). Most of this is under my bed, which makes more sense if I mention that my bed is 4 feet off the ground.

    The bulk of my stash is stored in plastic tubs in our loft area. It’s not lonely though, there are also tubs of spinning fiber and fabric. There may be a nice wooden chest in the garage that still has some yarn in it. Then I have random project bags all over the house. Usually one or two in my closet, one under my bed, one beside the couch. My finished projects that have no home are in a basket on top of my drawers. So the house is pretty much littered with my knitting habit. πŸ™‚ It’s organized chaos though and nobody complains much. Here is a picture before I unpacked the yarn. And some more

  16. Current projects are in our tv room. Books are I’m a pie safe and stacked by my bed. Stash is in a bind under spare bed and in a closet.

  17. Well, I have always had a sewing room which was slowly taken over by yarn and knitting “stuff” so now it’s a combination of both hobbies. I can close the door when necessary! I do have an old wooden chicken crate (about 3′ x 2′ x 2′) that I have layered yarn in and thought that would contain all my yarn……silly me!

  18. Current projects and Loopy yarn is in a bag in the basement family room, inherited grandma stuff is in a bag in the closet for occasional forays. Needles are in the buffet.

  19. I keep wip’s in my car, the basement, and the living room. The stash, well most of it, no, wait! some of it, okay, it’s in several locations around the house.

  20. I too love bags…and baskets. I started with storing yarn in my larger Longaberger baskets that sit in cubbies (meant for LPs) and on shelves in my office/studio, but then expanded to stacking plastic drawers…and baskets on top of the large curio cabinet in the gallery…and bags in front of the plastic drawers…and containers under the work table. Books and patterns (all in sleeves in categorized 3-ring binders) are in the office/studio, straight needles are in the living room in a basket meant to hold a wine bottle, circulars in a flat basket and DPNs in fabric cases somewhere in the house. My half-implemented plan was to keep each project in a basket that could be carried downstairs, then put away each night when I went to bed. The system might actually work if the office/studio weren’t also home to stashes for bobbin lace, beading, needlework. I keep rearranging and trying to squeeze more in, bit it’s not working!

  21. We bought a house in June of 2010. One of the biggest selling points for me was the “retreat” room right off our master bedroom. It became MY room instantly because out of a family of five I am the only female and need MY space. This room also has a fireplace and it’s my place to watch my favorite crime shows, knit and be super cozy next to my fire. I keep everything in this room since leaving my knitting anywhere else means that a certain little five year old might get ahold of it and either unravel the yarn or god forbid take the wip off the needles which has happened a number of times before.

  22. I am a very lucky person and have a craft with a closet and several cabinets with glass doors to keep my books and craft material: yarn, needles, wip, etc. Against a wall there is a large kitchen table littered with patterns and little bags with my notions, swift and winder. My yarn is in ziplock bags inside plastic totes in the closet. Hanging on the cabinets knobs always have a couple of knit pouches with easy projects to take with me on the way out. I used to quilt but not anymore, kept all the material, rotary cutters, rulers and buttons because they are useful in knitting too. When I go there in the afternoon is like entering a world where nobody can break my peace, love it.

  23. I’ve got knitting all around my desk (I work mostly from home), and then visible all around my side of the bed. Yarn is stored in under-bed storage, though it has been spilling into the walk-in closet, too, and only in part because I’ve been too, um, busy to put it away neatly into the storage bins.

  24. Last year we built a new house and I treated myself to my very own “craft room”. Of course, the only “craft” is knitting so it is filled with yarn. It’s a great room to go into when I need a pick me up!

  25. I am in the process of building one. I just bought some unit from IKEA. I am hoping I picked the right ones. I was going to go for the ones with the drawers and instead got all shelving. I hope it turns out as nice as your piece or close.

  26. I have converted our third bedroom into what everyone refers to as” Mom’s craft room”. My craft of passion right now is knitting so I have baskets, boxes and huge storage totes full of my stash yarn. My pattern books are kept on an old cutting table from my quilting days and my needles are kept in a decorated flip-top box I found at the craft store. All my knitting is done on the couch we moved into the room and I watch tv as I knit- as long as the pattern isn’t too complicated.

  27. Only two rooms, generally: the family room and a guest bedroom (luckily, we have another guest bedroom for the few times we have guests). The guest bedroom closet is where I store my hibernating projects and my yarn. The WIP are in the family room, though, for me to flit to whenever I have a notion.
    I would love to re-do the guest bedroom — even removing the bed so as to make it more workable, but haven’t come up with a viable design and solution for that as yet.

  28. All of my knitting stuff is in the bedroom. My husband and I have a bed with three big storage drawers on each side…I’ve put all my yarns tucked away in my three drawers. The drawer closest to the head has half of it’s space free, for the WIP’s. I also have a drawer in a tall dresser (a deep drawer) for all my needles, stitch markers, etc. There may also be a WIP in there…
    In addition I have a canvas bag with my more inexpensive, low quality yarn (that I am more likely to use to teach someone, or to make a little toy with). And yes, there is a WIP in there as well.
    In the closet I have built in shelving…perfect space for all my knitting books, and the skeins I have yet to roll into balls. Also, on the floor of the closet is a big clear case of the foam pieces kids put on the floor. They interlock and have ABC’s and 123’s on them. I use those in my blocking (straight pins being in the dresser).

    So it’s all in one room…it just takes over the room. However it’s all tucked out of sight, so no one notices my addiction.
    My husband has opened the yarn drawers and said the rainbow pops out at him. πŸ˜‰ But it works. πŸ˜‰

  29. I have turned my living room into my storage area. I’ve purchased several cubical shelves (9 cubes – 12″ ea) and stacked them on top of each other. Each cube contains either a basket or a cloth box, that holds my yarn storage or a WIP–lately, it seems more WIPS than yarn! The baskets help to keep it tidy.

  30. I would love a piece of furniture like that for my knitting area. Right now, I have 12 circular tubes covered in polka dot contact paper that has my stash yarn and WIPS. I just wish I had more time to work on my knitting :).

  31. My knitting space is where I am. I’ve got little stashes of knitting all over the place. By my bed, by the chair in the living room, in my purse…

  32. I have both. My central knitting area is all over the house (mostly in the living room). I try to keep it confined, but having projects in bags, and putting the bags away when I am not home during the week. As this room also serves as our main hangout place, a mini greenhouse, my mom’s crafting space (rug hooking, knitting & rug braiding), and dog play area, I try not to over take it with knitting.

    My central stash area has a permanent place- my bed room. I use a variety of storing methods. Wool lives in metal, lidded containers (thank you Ikea) with plenty of cedar balls next to a bookcase that has all my knitting books. I appropriated a three level side table to house my acrylic in the middle, plants on top, and a bin of crochet yarn. I figure if the plants get overwatered a few times, it’s just acrylic. Then the is the bag and basket methods. They house the cotton, special (OMG I can never knit those), alpaca, and projects that have many many skeins. I think my favorite is the rocking chair. It is really comfy to knit in, but when I’m not doing that it has the big basket of sock yarn, the bowl of sock-yarn-in-waiting-projects, and many notions. I keep current WIPS is a series of 5 cloth bags, that I can easily pick up, relocate and knit with. With a small room and cramped space, this helps me keep my stash reasonable. Plus, the other crafts (cross stitch, needlework, rug hooking and rug braiding) are always looking for openings in which to sneak through and take over.

  33. There are two knitters in the house right now, so our ‘stash’ is pretty much spread all over the house. It doesn’t help that we knit almost everywhere we go, too, so there’s an emergency ‘something to work on just in case we end up waiting somewhere’ stash in each of our cars, too! πŸ™‚

    Does anyone else have yarn spread along the back of their couch?

  34. I have yarn in every room in the house except kitchen and bath. I knit in the living room, it has the most comfy chairs!

  35. My husband says there is yarn everywhere in the house. I can think of at least three rooms that don’t have any. I usually just sit on the couch and knit. I would love to have my own little space one day.

  36. While the stash is contained in a closet (OK, OK – TWO closets), I only knit in one spot. I have feline assistants that feel all yarn needs to be rolled around in to determine softness and dragged throughout the house to determine durability. My Feline QA Crew also likes to “test” out knitting needles – all of my bamboo ones have little kitty chaw marks up and down them. With that being said, I have one of those plastic 3-drawer bins on rollers that sits next to my recliner in the family room. The project du jour (and the project in waiting) are in the drawers so that the MEW CREW will leave them alone!

  37. I usually sit on my bed and watch Mad Men. The pets find me and snuggle on my legs or lap if I don’t have my tv tray up. My daughter will be leaving for college soon, so I think I will stash my yarn over there instead of in my bedroom closet. We’ll see. My other daughter might have other ideas.

  38. I love that cabinet. I don’t have any space big enough for it either, but I’d be happy to renavate to accomidate it. My stash is kinda everywhere. It’s organized, sorta. I can usually find what I need, but I have 2 project baskets that are overflowing. My yarn is in my walk in closet. It’s not like I use it for clothes. And I have an office/organizer room that is totally out of controll cause things generally get thrown in there till I find a home for them.
    I keep telling DH that it’s not out of control until theres yarn in the bathroom. I’m still safe.

  39. I am in the process of getting my very own She-Cave! My DH is presently renovating the basement (minus his man-cave room) just for me. I’ve picked the paint and carpet and now just need to move stuff into it. Presently, I have most of my knitting semi-organized in my closet with six 3″ binders of patterns in the computer room. My knitting books are also in the computer room on a shelf. Added into this mess is paper crafting supplies such as a Cricut and four bins of yarn. This doesn’t take into account the three or four WIP that are stashed next to my recliner!

  40. I have two Knitting Central Zones in my house: one’s in our basement, and one’s on the first floor. The basement zone has my main stash organized in plastic bins with the bins residing on an industrial-sized shelf while the upstairs zone has my books, notions, needles, projects, and the inspiration & luxury yarns contained within a lovely wooden armoire. I suppose since I always have a pair of in-progress socks in my purse, I create a traveling KCZ anywhere I go. πŸ™‚

  41. Wow, my stuff is aaaaaaall over the house! I’ve got a corner in the living room that’s buried in WIPs, and there’s stash pretty much everywhere. One area would be lovely, but my stash is just too big for this tiny apartment. Someday, though, when I get my old farmhouse… πŸ˜€

  42. I have knitting projects and yarn stashed all over the house. My favorite place to knit is in my big comfortable chair with a favorite tv show or movie on. Usually with at least one cat on my lap.

  43. Yarn, projects, needles, patterns, bags everywhere! I’d like to be more organized, but then I might have a heart attack when I see it all in one place!

  44. My knitting has its own room, and sometimes, the yarn gets out of hand and takes over, sometimes it stays where I put it. But I know each skein communicates with the rest on what will happen next and who gets to be knitted next. Sometimes it scares me, but then I fondle everything and it quiets down.

  45. Love the cabinet that was a great find! I’m very lucky we built a new home just over two years ago and I have a wonderful space of 600 feet where I have divided the room into a space for my knitting, a space for all my sewing and quilting. I also have a area with nice chairs and a couch for my knitting group. But I still have several baskets around the house for those projects that I’m working on.

  46. Last year I took a bedroom that had be used as a guestroom, office, storeage area, and make it my fiber workshop. I have all of my yarn and batts and wheel in there, along with knitting, spinning and weaving books. Now, that does not mean that I don’t have knitting in the living room, dinning room, bedroom, etc, just that I have a place that they all go back to.

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