Red and Blue (and Your First RAK posts!)

I find myself wanting to incorporate a pretty robin’s egg blue into my holiday decorating this year. I see that Target has cooperated with this whim, by offering me several red/blue/white/lime green choices in decorations. I think I’ve become attached to it because of this blog (and the photo on that post, which has appeared in her blog before.) How cute is that? So whimsical. I might have spent a little time playing with this,  this and this, while clicking around there.

Today I want to share my friend Nancy’s awesome guacamole recipe with you. I have a group of 12 friends who get together for a long weekend every year or two, and Nancy always has to make this for us. (And we usually stand around watching her so that we can start eating it as soon as it is done. That’s our contribution. I’m sure she’s grateful.)

nancy's-guacamole-recipeNancy’s Guacamole

5 ripe avocados
1 small sweet onion, chopped
2 tsp. chopped green chilies (canned is fine)
4 dashes Tabasco
3 Tbl. fresh salsa (or Tacante Sauce)
3 Tbl. mayo
3 Tbl. sour cream
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. pepper
lemon juice

Mix everything except the avocados and lemon juice. When you’re ready to serve this, mash the avocados and mix in the rest of the ingredients. Sprinkle lemon juice on top to prevent it from browning (just in case your friends don’t gobble it down as fast as we do).  Serve with your favorite chips and veggies.

Today is our first reporting day for our Random Acts of Kindness month. Leave a comment and let us know what you found to do for someone else in the past couple of days. Something extra nice. Not the “I held the door open for the mom with 3 toddlers at the grocery store” kind of nice, because I think you probably do those types of things all the time. What did you do above and beyond your every day politeness? Share it with us! I’ll be using the random number generator to pick winners from all of your random acts comments. 🙂

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  1. I love when you do this! It Just makes my day reading all the comments from everyone else. It reminds me that there are a lot of good, kind-hearted people in the world! My RAK was to bring flowers to a colleague who has been going through a stressful time. I also shared my lunch with a student who forgot to bring his today.

  2. I bought a bag of groceries from the grocer’s table of “bags of food for those in need”. You buy a bag of pre-chosen groceries in certain price ranges and put them in the barrel for collection. Anyway… I bought one of those for the barrel when I was getting my holiday baking supplies.

  3. I’m so glad to see your RAK’s again!
    I’ve been asking for RAK’s the past few years as a remembrance of my mom, whose birthday was Nov. 24. I’ve heard some lovely and heartbreaking responses. This year, I was the recipient of one–I moved and the new place did not have a refrigerator. Someone contacted my new landlord, and had a new fridge delivered to me with a note inside that said Random Act of Kindness. I’m trying to pay this forward every way I can.
    A little girl–the niece of a friend–has cancer. There are fundraisers being held, and her aunt is holding one with a plan to have the winner shave her head. I had already made a few chemo hats for Regan, and I made Regan and her aunt 2 matching sets of chemo hats, so that they will match on the 6th when Kate gets her head shaved!

    This morning in the store, a high school aged girl with a cast on her leg sat waiting for someone. As I walked past, she commented that she loved my scarf, and asked if I had made it, because “no storebought scarf is ever that pretty!” I took my scarf off and gave it to her (hey, she has great taste, it was Noro Silk Garden!)

  4. Today I ordered a gift certificate anonymously for someone who posted on Ravelry about a specific yarn they’ve always wanted to try, that is being discontinued and they can’t afford to purchase…

  5. You’ll like this one, Sheri!

    I had a box of some things ready to go to another Raveler for her new baby: a hat I’d knitted for the little one, a handknit sweater I’d made my daughter, a car seat cover, that sort of thing.

    Just as I was ready to send it yesterday, I read that she had received some very disappointing news (not baby-related, don’t worry). She needed extra cheering up! She had just talked about a shawlette pattern she wanted to knit, but was debating whether she could afford the yarn for it, with Christmas coming up. I found that I had some lovely Spud & Chloe Fine in her favorite color, PINK, which I had bought for a specific pattern and then decided it was not quite the right pink for that pattern, so had carefully put away. It’s such lovely yarn, and seems perfect for a shawlette, and more than enough for what she was planning to knit. So, I popped in the yarn, taped the box closed and off it went.

  6. I helped my kids’ piano teacher make her first pair of socks by finding and e-mailing her detailed instructions for toe-up socks, and making yarn and needle size recommendations. She needed a portable project for a trip to China, and came back from her trip with a complete pair of socks!

  7. I posted this Wednesday thinking we could start posting:

    I actually did a RAK at my son’s school this morning. We have been running a Santa Shop for the students to shop for presents for their family and friends. We have a student that had been saving his pennies, dime and nickels for months to come shop as he loves the fact he’s not with his grandmother (his guardian) when he shops (it’s his only time). No matter how he shopped he was over spent. It broke my heart. I pulled him to the side and helped him with his purchases and gave him the amount that he needed to buy the special item for his grandmother. I was thanks with a huge hug and a grin from ear to ear. It warmed my heart that he was so happy.

  8. Not anything particularly special … I had some sweatpants and sweatshirts that I wasn’t wearing often enough to keep so I took 2 bags over to church because we have a family who delivers them to a shelter for homeless teens. I had planned on donating them and with more snow predicted, I got them delivered.

  9. RAK are something I do all year round. My mom always said that you don’t know when you entertain an angel. This year my daughter has a friend whose husband has been unemployed for several years. We did some shopping for her yesterday, gifts for her to put under the tree from Santa. I know when she finds out the tears will flow,but they will be good tears. Even as difficult as it is for them, she often donates time and money to others who she feels are more deserving tha she is.

  10. One of my fellow teachers has suffered a major medical setback, and it has become necessary for her to consider retirement. The problem: she is 24 days short of being eligible. Our principal put out the call for us to consider donating some of our sick days to her account, and several of us did. To lessen someone else’s stress is a wonderful feeling!

  11. My mother’s washer was on its last spin. I used the great savings on appliances at Home Depot and bought her a new washer and dryer. She is thrilled and I’m thrilled for her.

  12. I taped notes to everyones doors in our gated town house couminity letting them know that they needed to pick up their mail at the local post office. Not really a big deal, but some people here dont speak english, and its harder for them to investigate things. I just wish my spanish was better.

    Let me tell you, 58 flights of stairs is hard on the legs. I also made sure that the mail problem will be fixed, so that people will have their mail delivered again come Monday. I am not on the HOA board or anything, It just needed to be done, and if I wasent getting my mail, I would apperciate it if someone told me why. (I figured it out pretty quick, talking to a few of my neibours, I was the only one. No bills? talk about wishful thinking! :P)

  13. My friend’s depression and anxiety has come back. She told me she hadn’t left her house for 7 days. I got her prescriptions from her, filled them at the pharmacy and bought 3 bags of food for her, all freezable or with long use-by dates on them. She shouldn’t have to shop until Christmas, when she is due to visit her family in another state.

  14. I had DH go out to the car (hey, I was wearing shoes I hadn’t yet purchased) and bring my Loopy Ewe knitting bag into the shoe store. Three sales gals and one guy got a basic heads-up on knitting your own socks because they really wanted to know.

    If you get some new customers from the Planet Shoes store in Cape Girardeau, I sent them.

  15. I knit an unsolicited shawlette for a friend who is always cold. When she found out she offered to pay for the yarn. I told her to donate the money to our town’s Service Center (food pantry). Every one wins. I get to see her in my shawl. She stays warm. and the people who are having a hard time will have a little more.

  16. My friend’s youngest daughter loves to knit, so I showed her how to make a hat, she rushed home and made one and now all her friends want one. She doesn’t have the money she needs to buy the yarn………… I gave her mine!

  17. Not sure if this counts as a RAK, but I was at the pet store buying some pet food for my kitty. The store had signs that you could buy and donate food to the local animal shelter. I wanted to make sure the furry ones get to enjoy the holidays too, so bought a few extra.

  18. I stored my friend’s stuff in my garage for eight weeks while she was in the middle of moving and renovating. I can park in there now that the snow has come, so that was good timing!

  19. Well……….. a local soup kitchen had an article in Sunday’s paper about the individuals that they serve. They said this population was rarely remembered, over the holidays. The request was for a sturdy backpack filled with warm gloves, socks,scarves, hats and underwear, toiletries, playing cards etc. I am excited and can’t wait till I have my sturdy backpack packed.

  20. Yesterday, I cleaned out my stash of odd balls of yarn and then took is all to the local elementary school for them to use in the art classes. The art teacher was so happy with it because the older classes are working on weaving-she said it was perfect timing!

  21. I’ve gotten so busy with my own issues that I completely forgot about this. I’m trying to catch up on un-read blog posts and thankfully this was one of the first that i came across. I love you RAK weeks every year, it gets me thinking about what I can do for others instead of thinking only of myself.

    I feel badly that I had to think really hard for a RAK this week. I came up with one, it’s small but I hope that it helped. I have a co-worker that is having a very difficult time with the changes and uncertainty that is going on in our work place, as it is in so many others. I took 30 minutes out of my day to just listen to her. I was swamped and had many other things to do but she needed to vent. I tried to reassure her as much as I could. It wasn’t much but I hope it made her feel a little less stressed out.

  22. I am donating the proceeds from my knitting pattern sales to a fellow knitblogger who is having a rough December. A link and a small mention would be greatly appreciated, so that I can help Kim. Thank you.

  23. My son came this week for a post Thanksgiving visit with his dog. She likes to run in the park on her walks and gets into mischief. Anyway, I treated her to a “beauty day” at the local Petco, and she loved it. I don’t get to see her very often, but I think I made a friend for life.

  24. My RAK was to send a birthday card to a friend of mine; he didn’t know it was coming, and still doesn’t! He’s been going through a rough time with his grandmother passing.

    And I snuggled with my baby sister, does that count? 😉

    Someone has RAKed me recently, a shoutout to missyowhite on Ravelry and whoever my Yarn Fairy is! Thank you both!

  25. Random acts of kindness rocks………………………The woman who works across the hall from me is having a difficult year, her husband has cancer. Yesterday, I got a gift certificate at a restaurant that has car side service. All she has to do is phone in their dinner selection and drive up and take it home. Oh and I got out of my warm bed to clean 6 inches of snow off our daughter’s car really early this morning before she went to work.

  26. One of the ladies in my church just had surgery, so I took her and her husband dinner. (Good healthy dinner complete with vegetables, and home made fetuccini alfredo).

  27. My best friends home burned and she lost everything this year. My husband and I had lots of extra furniture in storage that I thought I couldn’t part with. I found that I could part with it easily when someone really needed it. Our friends were able to rebuild and are now in their home and I find I love to go there and see my former things being used and loved.

  28. A coworker of mine has been sad lately because his marriage fell apart. Then one day, he said “Great–now it gets cold. It fits my mood perfectly”. I felt so sad for him that I made him a really soft scarf. He always wants to feel the yarn of whatever I am working on, and loves the real soft stuff. Now, he tells me every time he wears the scarf, and how warm and soft it is, and how good he looks!

  29. We live on a long unplowed road in rural Oregon. When it snows a lot (more than 3 feet!) like it has, the 5 people who live on the road hire a grader to come plow.. too much for any one small plow. One neighbor is unemployed and I have been paying their portion without telling them. I am not sure it counts because it makes ME SO HAPPY!!

  30. Oh it isn’t much compared to some of these others. A fellow knitter on Ravelry who is part of Sock Knitter’s Anonymous just had a bad car accident and I sent her a get well card.

  31. I knit 3 helmet liners for my LYS who is collecting them for troops (not that I see that as a RAK, since I’d have done it anyway), and also paid for the next person in line when I got coffee the other day. Its not much, but it puts smiles on peoples faces 😀

  32. Mom and I were shopping at Kohl’s and couldn’t find anything to spend our $10 on, so we gave it to a young woman who was shopping with her two children. She didn’t have one and was genuinely pleased to receive $10 she could use to what she was accumulating her cart.

  33. Twice this week I’ve emailed people to let them know how big of a positive impact something they had done had had on me. I think it’s something we don’t do often enough, and that was made clear when I got answers to my emails saying that my words had made their day. 🙂

  34. I helped a little girl at the mall yesterday find her mommy. I felt horrible for her because she didnt speak english and I barely speak spanish. Well, turns out mom was in the same store but hidden behind a rack of clothes, she didnt even notice her daughter was missing!!! No ‘Thank you’ “Gracias’ or anything of the sort…oh well! Im just glad the little girl is safe (for now at least, with a mother that doesnt keep an eye on her own daughter how safe can she ever be?!?!).

  35. I made potato latkes for Chanukah for an elderly member of our synagogue who mentioned that she is too old to make them any more. I brought them to her yesterday morning so she would have them for dinner on the third night of Chanukah. It felt good to help her out like that.

    She seemed so happy when I brought them to her.

  36. My RAK for the month is to try to repay all of the wonderful friends who recently helped me through a terrible time in my life. This week I’m taking dinner as a surprise to a friend (her hubby is in on it).

  37. For the holidays my synagogue adopts families in need and I purchased and donated clothes for some of the children.

  38. So, a lady from my choir passed away on Thanksgiving, and I went to the funeral on Friday and sang in the funeral choir. Is that too planned, or does that count? She was a dear sweet lady, did needlepoint and loved dogs, and she will be sorely missed.

  39. My hubby and I decided to visit the new local bakery run by a young couple who make incredible pastries. We had been hearing lots of good reports about their food and service. They were very busy (which is good), but it was obvious they had been working non-stop all day, baking and waiting on customers. Just around the corner, at another local establishment, a chili-cook-off was being held to gather toys for a local charity. My hubby and I decided to surprise the busy bakers (who have been spreading a LOT of cheer to the community with their scrumptious goodies) by getting a few bowls of the winning chili and delivering them to the harried bakers. Needless to say, they were surprised and thrilled by the kindness of two people they had just met as customers.

  40. A couple of days ago my husband and I were coming home from a day of shopping along our highway. Just off the highway was a house on a hill with a winding driveway and two elderly folk who had driven off the driveway and into the ditch. We could see they were having trouble getting back out. She was trying to steer and he was trying to push. We aren’t people people and this isn’t something we would ever usually do but we turned the car around and drove back to see if we could help. They looked at us warily but allowed us to help push. I slipped and fell and skinned my knees while pushing but we got them out. It felt good to do it too!

  41. My not-so-random but still an act of kindness this week:
    I got the name of a child from the local school program to “adopt” a child for Christmas. I then did all of the Santa shopping for this child. It was an 8 year old girl. What fun! I’ve only ever had a boy to shop for, so a girl made it double the fun. Head-to-toe dressing, including outerwear, underwear, socks and jammies, toys and books as well. Now I just have to wrap it all up and deliver it to the school for the parent to receive.
    I only wish that I could be a fly on the wall on Christmas morning and watch her open all of her gifts.
    A friend of mine “adopted” her 3 year old younger brother. She had just as much fun shopping as I did.
    Isn’t that was Christmas is all about?

  42. I saw a little girl on the sidewalk fall off her bicycle, so I turned around and went back to make sure she was okay and ask her mom if they needed any band-aids (I keep a first aid kit in my car). Also yesterday I bought a case of Cup O’ Noodles to keep in my car to hand out to those who stand at freeway exits with signs asking for help.

  43. It seems that I know a tremendous number of people who are suffering from life-threatening illnesses this year. We live in an area that is mountainous, with snow. Most folks keep a nice supply of firewood on hand to help keep warm during power failures and extra cold days and nights. My not-so-random act is taking my 2 tweens out every weekend to stack firewood for these friends who are having health issues. They never want anything, but I’ll vacuum the house and wipe down the kitchen while my kids stack wood. We’ve done it every weekend since the 1st of October, and I still know more friends who need help. It’s a sad time for them, but I’m also teaching my kids to be aware of what they can do to help someone or brighten their day.
    Tomorrow we’re going to a friends house to decorate a little and fix dinner. Her hubbo is having difficulties and she’s just old.

  44. It’s a small gesture, but I passed a car the other day with an expired meter and put quarters in so they wouldn’t get a ticket. They’ll never know, but it felt good to do it!

  45. Today I baked a loaf of bread for the family of the little girl who was over for a playdate with my daughter. Random small things that brighten everyone’s day – love it!

  46. A lot of times I find myself thinking about things people do that really aren’t a huge big deal, but in a way they are because they illuminate that person’s character in ways that I admire. This week, I decided that rather than just think those things, I was going to let people know how much I valued those things about them. I e-mailed two different people, one a pretty good friend and one someone I see only occasionally (my Mary Kay lady). I saw each of them this week, and afterward I was struck by these beautiful personality traits each has…one who values interactions with friends and finds creative ways to make that happen, and the other who shows incredible patience and focus on individuals when it would be easier to just rush. I let them each know how much I valued those aspects of who they are. I think we all could use that kind of encouragement. 🙂

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