Red and Blue (and Your First RAK posts!)

I find myself wanting to incorporate a pretty robin’s egg blue into my holiday decorating this year. I see that Target has cooperated with this whim, by offering me several red/blue/white/lime green choices in decorations. I think I’ve become attached to it because of this blog (and the photo on that post, which has appeared in her blog before.) How cute is that? So whimsical. I might have spent a little time playing with this,  this and this, while clicking around there.

Today I want to share my friend Nancy’s awesome guacamole recipe with you. I have a group of 12 friends who get together for a long weekend every year or two, and Nancy always has to make this for us. (And we usually stand around watching her so that we can start eating it as soon as it is done. That’s our contribution. I’m sure she’s grateful.)

nancy's-guacamole-recipeNancy’s Guacamole

5 ripe avocados
1 small sweet onion, chopped
2 tsp. chopped green chilies (canned is fine)
4 dashes Tabasco
3 Tbl. fresh salsa (or Tacante Sauce)
3 Tbl. mayo
3 Tbl. sour cream
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. pepper
lemon juice

Mix everything except the avocados and lemon juice. When you’re ready to serve this, mash the avocados and mix in the rest of the ingredients. Sprinkle lemon juice on top to prevent it from browning (just in case your friends don’t gobble it down as fast as we do).  Serve with your favorite chips and veggies.

Today is our first reporting day for our Random Acts of Kindness month. Leave a comment and let us know what you found to do for someone else in the past couple of days. Something extra nice. Not the “I held the door open for the mom with 3 toddlers at the grocery store” kind of nice, because I think you probably do those types of things all the time. What did you do above and beyond your every day politeness? Share it with us! I’ll be using the random number generator to pick winners from all of your random acts comments. 🙂

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  1. I finished a prayer shawl for my best friend’s mother tonight right before I received the email that her mother decided to stop all treatment. Not sure that qualifies but I rarely knit for others (let alone finish anything) and wanted it to be a comfort to my friend and her family.

    I was in the grocery store yesterday and felt so sorry for the bell ringer standing out in the cold. I bought a cup of hot chocolate and took it out for him after dropping something into the kettle. Think it is time to cast on for some quick, fingerless mitts for the next occasion that comes up…

  2. this is not particularly random, nor was it just me, but….

    a coworker suddenly lost her partner of 13 years a few weeks ago. a bunch of us have banded together to give her a gift of a massage at a fancy massage place as she is reknowned for never doing things for herself. we all just hope she’s able to enjoy it.

  3. My feet are tired from walking all over the mall looking for a couple gift items for charity — the recipients request certain items (useful things for the adults and toys for the kids) and the goal is to fill their requests. I’m glad to do it but my feet are not ready for the workout they’re about to get for the holidays.

  4. I was shopping today in a big department store, and I knocked a couple pairs of gloves off the rack. I promptly picked them up and hung them back up, and a store clerk came up to me and thanked me profusely for picking up the gloves. She said she’d been picking up things all day and was so thrilled that I’d given her a break. I felt so flattered- I guess it was an RAK for her too!

  5. One of my colleagues was having a particularly bad day. She wasn’t complaining, but she had a very “I may take the bridge” look about her. I took a walk and found her a fresh brewed Bailey’s Latte and a handmade Buckeye (peanut butter surrounded by chocolate). It made her smile — my goal. When I got back to my office, I realized that could be considered a RAK. How convenient that it happened on a Friday!

  6. Another teacher had to go home because her child was sick and we were over our sub limit, so I volunteered to keep her classes for the rest of the day.

  7. On Sunday I helped two guys on the subway train who thought they were going the wrong way. I showed them where we were and where the train was going. Not that big a deal, but they seemed confused. It wasn’t entirely random, but when I was home last weekend I tried to do a few nice things for friends and family. I made dinner one night for my parents and bought long underwear for a friend’s husband because it was on sale.

  8. This weekend I raked the leaves for my elderly neighbor. He was planning to do it an hour a day for the next couple of weeks. I got it done in a couple of hours.

  9. sorry, missed friday as we left town early. Aside from letting a few folks in front of me at the store when they has one item, we also assisted friends in transporting their 5th wheeler to some recreational property, setting it up…leveling, etc… At wally world i helped a wheelchair bound man with reaching items in a couple aisles he could not reach otherwise. Always love when you host this each year, reminds people to put others first….

  10. My husband and I showel the walk and driveway for our elderly neighbours and the family next to them, when it snows. We do it very early in the morning so that when they get up, they really aren’t sure who did it but I think they have a good idea of who actually does it. lol.

  11. Last week we got dumped with snow which meant putting on tire chain to get up the hill to our subdivision. DH had come down to help me put mine on, but another resident was struggling to get hers put on. While DH was fixing my chains, I walked over and helped her get hers put on.

  12. We are the recipients of a random act of kindness. Our daughter has autism and doesn’t do well in crowds. She really wanted to visit the mall Santa. The local mall made arrangements for Santa to be there at 8:00 am for families with children with special needs. No line, very quiet, no blaring music and hushed voices. We are so grateful.

  13. This isn’t so much my RAK, as one organized by a lady (R) in my knitting group. A friend of R just took in her two nephews, whose mother has been having drug issues. They don’t have a lot of money for childrens clothes or toys, and have been working their hardest just to provide food and a house. R organized for our knitting group to make scarves, hats, mittens, and stuffed toys for the family for Christmas, to be dropped off this week.

    So while I participated in this RAK, it is really in Honor of R, (who would totally get the prize if won).

  14. So many people are out shopping for the holidays, which is supposed to be fun. I let people driving have the right of way in front of me, whether they’re being rude or just patiently waiting for a break in traffic. They may not remember it very long, but hopefully, it will remove a source of stress for them, so everyone else they come in contact with will benefit, too.

  15. Today, I brought a tin of holiday goodies to my mechanic who has been working hard to repair my vehicle and I thought they could all use a treat. I too have been staying patient and letting people cut in lines – even traffic lines as it seems to cut the tension. Yesterday, I gave some of my coupons at Bed Bath Beyond to another customer so they could save some money … good luck everyone!

  16. Today was scenario testing for my nursing class. Basically they sequester us for two hours and three people at a time are taken out to do one of the skills we’ve been working on this semester. Everyone around me was terrified of messing up. So I took it upon myself to give some of them massages to help them relax. I think I did 5 or 6 before I was called into the lab but I hope it helped them to focus better.

  17. My goal since the new start of the St. Jude’s giving campaign started was to try and shop in as many stores that have been sponsoring St. Jude’s Childrens hospital so that I can give a $1 or more with my purchases. To date I’ve given over $15 and will be mailing in a separate check to the hospital as well.

    The reason I’m so passionate about St. Jude’s is because they saved a friend’s brother’s life when I was a child. He was diagnosed with Leukemia and the family couldn’t afford treatment but St. Jude’s make it possible for parents to get their children the treatments that they need to win their battle with illness.

  18. Even though I’ve not yet bought ANY gifts for my family, on a whim I took an ornament off the giving tree at our church and bought the first of several gift wishes on it….a Steelers blanket….and I have more to buy, AND WRAP before the end of the week….

  19. This past weekend I hosted and cooked for 10 college students. The reason- to share the joy of chanukah, a jewish holiday, with kids who do not know what it is about. Brisket and latkes for all and two desserts. They learned to play dreidel and played the Jewish version of Apples to Apples. This annual event is limited to 10 because that’s all my house can hold. I would do more but my health doesn’t allow a more involved event.

  20. While sitting at a traffic light, I watched a bus turn in front of me and pull onto the highway. This was a private bus that goes from our North shore community to Logan airport in Boston and it was pretty full—and so was the luggag space along the outside of the bus. How could I tell the luggage area was full? TWO OF THE DOORS HAD BEEN LEFT OPEN!

    I watched the bus go down the highway on-ramp, picking up speed. All I could think of was that some poor people were going to get to Logan airport without their luggage because it was going to be all over the road soon…and what if a falling piece of luggage caused an accident?

    As soon as I got a green light, I carefully changed lanes and instead of taking my hungry kids home we drove to the bus depot which wasn’t too far away. Parking was tricky, but I found a spot and went in to find someone who could contact the bus driver. There wasn’t anyone at the service window, so I searched outside by a loading bus and found the ticket agent. I walked her to her desk, explaining that an awful lot of luggage could be exiting the bus rapidly if the bus took a corner the wrong way. She was very upset and began calling the driver immediately.

    Then the kids and I retraced our steps and headed home to supper. It took us maybe 15 minutes out of our day, but I like to think we prevented a lot of misery in those 15 minutes.

  21. My random act of kindness was to offer to host my husband’s van pool Christmas get-together. As I was leaving the mall with a large box of wineglasses, I saw an elderly woman stumble and fall trying to open the door. If only I had been faster! But I was able to make sure that she was OK and go out into the parking lot to ask husband to come in to help her. That falls into the category of what any decent person would do. The van pool gathering, that is random, but it did put me in the way of being able to assist a fellow shopper.

  22. This isn’t really random but I forgave a bet that I won where the stakes were some very nice spinning fiber. During the season of giving, it seemed mean-spirited to take the fiber. I also paid someone’s expired parking meter so they wouldn’t get a ticket, and paid extra when I left my parking spot so the next person could enjoy some free parking.

  23. Just this evening I was at the grocery store and the lady ahead of me in line had a fussy/crying wee one and she was trying to juggle him, her groceries, and getting her wallet out to pay for them. I offered to help her by taking him from her while she got all checked out. I thought she would cry she was so thankful! And I got to hold a cute, 4 week old, snuggly baby! Win-win!

  24. My friend Cynthia’s 84 yr old mother fell 3 wks ago and broke her hip. Had to have surgery. She lives in south Florida and could no longer be alone so Cynthia brought her up here to north Florida where it is COLD (only 53 today with 22 predicted for tonight and windy). Mom is freezing and while Cynthia is knitting the Spiral Nebula for her it will take a few days so I sent over 2 of my own warm shawls for her to use until she has one of her own. Now I must hurry up and finish the edging on my Citron in the Spirit Trail Helen that I got this summer. Only a few more rows to go and I’ll be warm again! Maybe the cold will help to burn off some extra holiday calories!!

  25. I work at a department store and this time of year things get crazy. Yesterday I brought in doughnuts for my department before our Sunday shift. It made the day a bit sweeter!

  26. I’m not working right now, so I went over and raked the rest of the leaves in my neighbor’s yard for her. She’s 85 and her kids all live out of town. The last leaf pick-up of the year came by the day after I did them, so she was delighted!

  27. My family is starting to reconnect after a lot of years of distance and no conversation. My sister is now a mother, raising her daughter alone, holding down multiple part time jobs and giving life her best. Things are hard and I wanted to make her holidays a bit brighter. I’m knitting hats for her and her daughter. Money is tight this year and rather than buy something I wanted to make something. I figure making a gift with my two hands would be a good way to help re-establish some bonds. So a little act of kindness that will help keep them both warm.

  28. It’s a really small thing, but I took grocery coupons from the Sunday paper and put them on the grocery shelves, next to the products they’re for. Someone else will be able to use them, even if I can’t.

  29. I helped my elderly neighbor carry in her groceries and get them put away yesterday, so she wouldn’t have to be out in the cold for very long. She’s had some problems with chest colds turning into pneumonia in the past and I didn’t want her to get sick again.

  30. The Mom of a person who I am working for just entered the hospital to begin a bone marrow transplant. I am trying to think of all I can do to help. I e-mail often just to say I am thinking of her & that I know how hard it is for her to see her Mom suffering. I’ve been extra adaptable about delivering my work to her. On Sunday, I bought her a mug from Which hopefully makes the kindness circle around even more.

    Meanwhile, I had something happen to me last week that was not very kind. Sometimes, it’s hard to believe “what goes around, comes around”.

  31. My ex is a really wonderful man-we just did not blend well as a couple. He married a nice woman who is always gracious and friendly to me and our children.

    The kids are grown and their dad’s birthday is right before Christmas. I remind them-strongly-to call Dad and wish him a happy birthday. Every year.

    The ex is not a big communicator, so these calls are probably the only ones he will exchange with his children in a year. He does not know I am behind the calls and I hope he never finds out.

  32. There is a woman at the restaurant where I have breakfast who was relating to her friends that another person she knows had nothing for her grandchildren this year for Christmas, she had planned on knitting for them warm hats and mittens, and a blanket for the baby, but recently injutred her wrist in a fall. I have plenty of these already made so I packed up a bundle and gave it to Helen the next time I saw her and she delivered it to Mae. Mae was delighted and relieved. Have to help the Seniors—I will be there before I knew it (I threw in a shawl for Mae too)

  33. Last night, on my way to my new knitting group, I got to take a picture for a mom and her two boys against a silver Xmas tree in the mall. I had to get the one boy to show me how to work the phone taking the picture, but I did not too bad. I love doing that, taking pics for random strangers. Then I don’t feel so bad asking for someone to do it for me when I’m the tourist.

  34. Aside from letting a few folks in front of me at the store when they has one item, we also assisted friends in transporting their 5th wheeler to some recreational property, setting it up…leveling, etc… At wally world i helped a wheelchair bound man with reaching items in a couple aisles he could not reach otherwise. Always love when you host this each year, reminds people to put others first….

  35. I just have to share about the hubby. I have a friend and the couple are friends of his as well but I really am the one who spends time with them. Their granddad recently passed and they asked him to be a pallbearer. I am too small and a girl and watching two toddlers! So my husband who has no time off at work (he is still making up time from when our youngest was born 10 weeks early due to a car accident– 2 years ago), took the day off to be there. Now to go find more good. Thanks for the reminder!

  36. A little late getting this posted. Just sent a yarn sample to someone on Ravelry who was looking to make a wedding shawl. She wanted to see what a brand of yarn looked like and so I sent her a few yards from the leftovers of my last project. That way she can see the yarn without having to order it. What I have isn’t the color she is considering, but at least she can check it for texture and sheen!

  37. A coworker at the high school where I teach just returned to school after having back surgery. I saw that she had cafeteria duty on her first week back. It’s only 20 minutes before classes begin in the morning , but that can be important preparation time. I sent her a message saying that her duty was covered for the day, and I took the shift for her. The idea spread, and now her whole week is covered!

  38. It’s been a rough week at work so I’m trying to be a cheerleader – organizing lunches out and trying to spread a little cheer.

  39. I’m so glad this is back. I have terrible luck with contests so I dont usally enter, but I look forward to reading what everyone does & thinking about what I can do. Thank you all for that RAK.
    My year is starting small. I have a job that requires me to spend large amounts of time driving around. While I always say thank-you to the people directing traffic around road work. This year I knit a small bag & filled it with candy canes to hand out to the workers.

  40. I made a batch of blueberry muffins for my buddy Dave for breakfast Saturday, and I picked up my boyfriend’s niece and brought her to town so she could hang out with her cousins instead of staying home alone.

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