Random Acts of Kindness Month

I can hardly believe that it’s December 1st already. The bad part about that is that I am way behind on gift buying. The good part of that is that it starts my favorite month here on the blog, because once again we’re encouraging and celebrating Random Acts of Kindness here at The Loopy Ewe.

This is the fourth year that we are encouraging everyone to find special things to do for other people during the month of December. They can be cost-free or expensive, big or little, and anonymous or not. Need some ideas? If you click on the “Random Acts of Kindness” category over there on the right side of my blog, you can read the comments from any of those posts for some wonderful ideas. Or come up with some new ones!

I say this every year  – it’s inspiring to others when they can read about what you have done. I know you don’t do these kind things so that you can brag about them. The pleasure comes from doing something for someone and not getting anything back in return. You don’t have to tell anyone else what you’ve done, but please do leave a comment on the blog each Friday in December, letting us know what you did that week. I get so many emails each December from people who want to share how someone else’s comment or idea has affected them and blossomed into something even bigger in their life. You have no idea how many people your kindness will continue to touch, as others read about your idea and adapt it in another way. Consider commenting as another way to multiply what you have done.

We’ll also be drawing random names to win prizes from the Friday comments, this month. (See? Another reason to do a random act and comment!) For every 50 comments, we’ll draw a person to win two skeins of The Loopy Ewe Solid Series yarn (in the color of their choice), a pattern (of their choice), and a tub of Soak’s Heel Creme in our Loopy Peppermint Scent, just because it’s my favorite. We’ll announce the winners each Monday.

So – are you ready? Fire up and do something nice for someone, then report back in this Friday for the first contest. There are FIVE Fridays in December, and we’ll be looking forward to your comments each Friday. I’m off to enjoy my first random act of the season. I’ve challenged myself to do one a day, instead of just one a week. How many will you try for this month? Even ONE will be a blessing to someone!

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  1. Do I have to wait until Friday? I enjoy helping my neighbors. I am almost “unemployed” with my favorite who fell while traveling and broke her arm. She was unable to do many normal things, so I helped her each day. She is healing fine and I only help once or twice a week now–yesterday I opened her jar of apple juice and another of sliced peaches.

    I have another neighbor who was just diagnosed with breast cancer. Time will tell how she does, but I pray she does fine. Meanwhile, I make treats for her and her family–this week I made four kinds of cookies one day and white bread another.

    Since this is Christmas, I make white whole wheat bread for many friends and special people who have helped me during the year–my mailman, a store clerk who smiled and was extra nice, the dry cleaners.

    I’m always ready to help someone who needs help. I remember when many people helped my mother when she was terminally ill 40 years ago. All I ask is that the people I help someday help someone else who needs help.

    Blessings of the holidays to all of you.

  2. Thank you, Sheri, for this timely reminder that this month is not all about the long list of things we need to plow through as soon as we can. You message gave me a reason to sit thoughtfully for a minute and think about possibilities.

  3. I bought two of the dolls that my granddaughter wanted for Christmas, one for her, and one for her to put into the toys for tots drive. She’s only 5 but she’s already learning (on her own, what a sweetheart she is) about generosity and kindness. She volunteers one day a month at the local pet shelter too.

  4. Yay! This is my favorite time of the year for reading all the awesome comments on the blog. Thank you so much for doing this every year!

  5. My Great nephews and niece want me to knit them an earflap hat, so into my stash, find a pattern and away I go before all my holiday stress begins.

  6. Great! I love reading about all the different things people do. It gives me great ideas and is very heartwarming.

  7. I put my neighbors christmas lights up outside. Then I fixed the timer so it comes on at 6 instead of 11:30. Does that count as two?

  8. Well……….. a local soup kitchen had an article in Sunday’s paper about the individuals that they serve. They said this population was rarely remembered, over the holidays. The request was for a sturdy backpack filled with warm gloves, socks,scarves, hats and underwear, toiletries, playing cards etc. I am excited and can’t wait till I have my sturdy backpack packed.

  9. I actually did a RAK at my son’s school this morning. We have been running a Santa Shop for the students to shop for presents for their family and friends. We have a student that had been saving his pennies, dime and nickels for months to come shop as he loves the fact he’s not with his grandmother (his guardian) when he shops (it’s his only time). No matter how he shopped he was over spent. It broke my heart. I pulled him to the side and helped him with his purchases and gave him the amount that he needed to buy the special item for his grandmother. I was thanks with a huge hug and a grin from ear to ear. It warmed my heart that he was so happy.

  10. It’s a surprise to me every Dec 1 rolls around, the year just seems to go so fast. I love to do the RAKs as it pulls me out of myself to focus on those around me.

  11. will have to wait till friday to post then as i started today… i was pleasantly suprised with a RAK to me today! A girlfriend who shops on base had picked up 2 boxes of tea that was a limited holiday edition for me as it was sold out in town… she wouldn’t let me pay her back for them… she told me it was her RAK for the day….sweets!

  12. I work in a pharmacy and last night we missed a home delivery. It was on my way home and I dropped it off. Could have charged time and mileage, but it was on my way home, FPS.

  13. Slightly less random, but I started yesterday. I arranged with the Facilities Director of our church and provided a hot 3 course meal for our facilities team to thank them for all their hard work keeping the place in good shape, especially over the holidays. I figured the lowest paid, hardest working crew deserves to know they are appreciated. What can I say? I’m more a planner than a randomer.

  14. I try to compliment people as often as I can. I particularly enjoy complimenting people who are providing a service (restaurant or retail workers for example) since they are so used to receiving complaints or being ignored.

  15. My boyfriend and decided to stop into the local donut shop because I had a sweet tooth (whats new). I had seen a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk a few doors down from the shop and talked my boyfriend into getting a couple extra donuts and a small milk. On our way past him, I offered him the donuts and milk and his face lit up. It made me feel like he wasnt only excited to get a meal (well, food at least) he was excited that someone actually treated him like a human being and not like scum. I also buy a bean and cheese burrito from del taco whenever i go to the one down the street for the woman that is always outside. Im pretty sure the only reason she stays there is because she knows I will show up.

  16. Probably the big one right now is a Maybe RAK – but I hope the thought counts on this one. Turns out my husband is the right blood type to donate his kidney to my coworker who is in need of a new one. So we are hoping to start the journey that will lead to a successful transplant. Cross your fingers! Oh – and this is completely out of the blue. My husband heard he was in need and piped right up with “he can have mine” – they have never even met.

  17. There is a local charity that collects children’s wishes at the holidays and some of them are truly heart-breaking. Some kids ask for food for Christmas dinner, or a warm coat. Reading the list made me feel very, very lucky and this year I picked several kids and shopped for their gifts. It was the most enjoyable shopping I did this year, since I know how happy these kids will be to have something to open on Christmas. When I told my mom about it, she asked me to get a few more names so she could participate too – I’m so happy I inspired someone else to give a little extra this season!

  18. A girl i work with, her mother made stockings for all the kids, grandkids, etc.. she passed away a few years ago (before I met this woman). Her oldest son wants to get engaged and she made the comment how he was terribly upset and said ‘who is going to make her stocking’..
    now, i have never made one (I am jewish), but I got some yarn and made her one and presented it to her yesterday. she was in tears and said that she hadn’t mentioned it because she wanted me to make one, she was going to take pictures of hers and see what she could find or do to make him happy… but this was much nicer’ and i felt good about it. (I told her not bad for a yid who never made anything for christmas :))

  19. I volunteered at a local Social Services Agency and helped people to carry the bag of groceries that were given them.

  20. A very nice lady at my work told me this story. She was shopping and waiting in the checkout line. The lady in front of her dropped a large amount of purchases on the checkout and waited while the lady in front of her finished checking out. When her turn came the cashier checked her out and said five dollars please. The woman looked at her puzzled and said oh no there is a lot more than five dollars here. Well the lady in front of her had paid all but five dollars of her order. She was stunned but so happy and announced to all around her that her purchases were for a serviceman in Afghanistan She took her purchases to her car and returned to buy more gifts and make a great Christmas for a second serviceman. One act of kindness quickly turned to two. The best part being 2 servicmen blessed for Christmas by two lovely ladies. That is what Christmas is all about.

  21. My neighbor’s siding got blown half way off in the big winds the other night. When I called her she said that the repair man could not come for two days. I went down to her house, climbed the ladder and nailed the siding back on her house to keep the rain off the exposed wood. The siding will have to be replaced because it is bent out of shape and creased but till then it is a good fix.

  22. I am a letter carrier and I have a walking route, about 7 miles. On Wednesday the weather was horrendous. Wet snow/rain, wind…..One of my coworkers brushed off my car for me after she had brushed off her own. It was such a sweet thing to do, and after such a tough day, much appreciated. Luckily I was able to return the favor yesterday. I brushed off her car!

  23. I met a woman on ravelry that has the same kind of cancer that I had. I sent her my chemo caps which I had been afraid I would need again – but I thought she needed them now.

  24. I was out shopping yesterday, with no RAK plans in mind. In the card shop a customer was being very loud and rude to one of the clerks. She was clearly out of patience, so another clerk “Toni” came to the rescue. Toni spoke in a low calm voice, gave in to the customer’s unreasonable demands, and after a lot of discussion sent her on her way, I was next in line, and poor Toni’s red-splotched cheeks clearly said that she needed to vent. It was good to listen to her and tell her that I thought she had been very kind and handled the customer well. The store owner came by before I was finished checking out, and I was able to praise Toni to her as well.

  25. It is not random because we do these things year round – first is the donations we make to the local Food Pantry – last month included the turkey that my work gives me + 4 more that we bought……we also support Sleep Trains Foster Kids program year round, and we recently dropped off a big bag filled with games for their Christmas gift gathering. Yearly we do a Giving tree – recently it has been the one at the local Police Department and this year we chose and adult female, and an adult male, and a male teen and a female teen. Year round at work we all donate to our Christmas Jar and then at Christmas time we choose who might have had a change in circumstances this past year and give it to them – we never know how much is in there – and the person is anonymous unless they choose to let people know they were the recipient.

  26. While standing in line at a Braums store I saw a Military serviceman in line with a few purchases. He was a few people behind me and not paying much attention to what was going on in the front of the line. I gave the cashier enough money to pay for his purchases and give him change. Then I left and he never knew who it was.

  27. My daughter called me and told me she was upset because she was short 50.00 for her rent, and that her work day’s were only 3 or 4 day’s a week this past month….so I went and gave her the money she needed…with 5 children to care for, this meant a lot to her…..and to me too!

  28. I gave my friend all my acrylic yarns, she now makes purses and bags for little girls and is selling a ton of them!

  29. I adopted a Silver Angel from an Angel Tree and purchased a bunch of great christmas goodies for them. I hope that she’ll get some pleasure from her gifts and good use out of her practical items.

  30. The receptionist in my department’s office was rudely treated by a medical student coming in to see me for remediation. She had failed a communication assessment and she was 40 minutes late. I asked her to let the student know that she would have to call and reschedule and she took it out on the receptionist. When I found out I let the student know and insisted that she send her an apology (she did). Then I took her (the receptionist out to Starbucks for a treat.

  31. My comment isn’t on a act of kindness I did…I was a victim to a random act of kindness and it left me quite shocked…sure people do nice things for me all the time…hold doors, wave me through intersections, invite me places but this was so totally random. I was in the checkout lane at the local grocery when the man in front of me grabbed me bottle of water and said I’ll take this too please. I thought what the heck…it took me a minute to realize that he wasn’t stealing my bottle of water just paying for it…in fact he had to say random act of kindness for me to get it…it was really nice!!!! Thanks dear man!!!!

  32. at the bagel place i go, one of the clerks behind the counter is pregnant. she has one small child. i try to chat with her when i go in. she told me she is due and can’t wait since she will be off work for 3 months….with no pay. but she is working right up till she delivers. when i went in i made sure it was ok with the manager, so as not to get her in trouble, i passed her $20 and told her to put it to all the diapers she will need. it wasn’t much, but wanted to help her in some way. it warmed my heart.

    i don’t like doing things and letting other know, but perhaps my act might inspire others to help someone else.

  33. we have an Elf tree in our small community where I teach and I am rounding up gifts for local families that need help. Alos gathered yarn for a friend’s mother to make scarves her her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

  34. We have a family tradition of making peanut brittle each year, and we distribute it to random people we come in contact with. It’s not a big thing, but each year we always have someone ask before we’ve made it if we’re going to do it again. Realtors, checkout clerks, wait staff – it’s fun to leave a special treat for people.

  35. As a sock knitter for Mittens for Akkol charity, I also make knitted 12″ bears. Our fearless leader, Nanci, takes the bears to the orphanages in Kahzakstan and lets the little children pick their own bear to love. These little ones get to make very few choices in their lives, and this is one time they can make a decision about their bear who is their’s alone.

  36. Thru the charity Mittens for Akkol, I knit wool socks for orphans in Kazakhstan. This past year we were asked to also knit 12″ bears for the under 11 year olds. Our fearless leader, Nanci, hand delivers these to the children. Since these kids get to make very few choices in life, they get to choose a bear of their own to love forever. Its rewarding to see the photos of the kids smiling with their bears and then sleeping with them in their arms.

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