Red and Blue (and Your First RAK posts!)

I find myself wanting to incorporate a pretty robin’s egg blue into my holiday decorating this year. I see that Target has cooperated with this whim, by offering me several red/blue/white/lime green choices in decorations. I think I’ve become attached to it because of this blog (and the photo on that post, which has appeared in her blog before.) How cute is that? So whimsical. I might have spent a little time playing with this, ย this and this, while clicking around there.

Today I want to share my friend Nancy’s awesome guacamole recipe with you. I have a group of 12 friends who get together for a long weekend every year or two, and Nancy always has to make this for us. (And we usually stand around watching her so that we can start eating it as soon as it is done. That’s our contribution. I’m sure she’s grateful.)

nancy's-guacamole-recipeNancy’s Guacamole

5 ripe avocados
1 small sweet onion, chopped
2 tsp. chopped green chilies (canned is fine)
4 dashes Tabasco
3 Tbl. fresh salsa (or Tacante Sauce)
3 Tbl. mayo
3 Tbl. sour cream
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. pepper
lemon juice

Mix everything except the avocados and lemon juice. When you’re ready to serve this, mash the avocados and mix in the rest of the ingredients. Sprinkle lemon juice on top to prevent it from browning (just in case your friends don’t gobble it down as fast as we do). ย Serve with your favorite chips and veggies.

Today is our first reporting day for our Random Acts of Kindness month. Leave a comment and let us know what you found to do for someone else in the past couple of days. Something extra nice. Not the “I held the door open for the mom with 3 toddlers at the grocery store” kind of nice, because I think you probably do those types of things all the time. What did you do above and beyond your every day politeness? Share it with us! I’ll be using the random number generator to pick winners from all of your random acts comments. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sheri stilldoingone-a-day.Althoughwe’rejust3daysin….


  1. Our afternoon reception-guy comes in late on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There is one particular secretary who is supposed to fill in until he gets there. Yesterday, I stopped her from gathering up her work to take to the front and told her that I would be happy to do it for her. She was thrilled. The way people customize their computers, it can be difficult to work at someone else’s desk.

  2. FIrst of all THANK YOU for sharing the adorable link! I agree the blue adds a lot of happiness to the typical Christmas mix.
    Had major surgery 2 weeks ago today and am still housebound so I must be honest I am the recipient of the most overwhelming and humbling acts of kindness! I’ve had meals delivered, flowers, balloons, p.j’s, a neck pillow, a body pillow, angel charms, messages of hope, the list goes on and on.
    As I said I am not up and out yet so I am at a slight disadvantage but as my hubby returns containers and dishes I am including a big holiday Hershey’s Kiss!

  3. It was really cold here yesterday and I happened to be downtown. What I saw was a younger woman and her child walking the street with no coat, I jokingly ask where is your coat, she told me she didn’t have a coat. She told me she either had to pay the electric bill or buy herself a coat, she chose electricity. So I chose to clean out the pockets of my coat and gave her the coat off of my back. I left a $20 bill in the coat just in case she needed a little extra help. I slept a little easier knowing that someone who was cold is now warm inside and out.

  4. Your Guac looks sooo good. My RAK actually just recently completed … I have dedicated the time between Nov. 1 to Thanksgiving as my personal “Knit for the Needy” time. Everything that comes off my needles between this time is donated to needy families through Catholic Charities, etc. It feels so good to make hats, and mittens and know that they will truely be appreciated. So, this year I completed 4 hats and 4 sets of mittens in this short time! My goal next year is at least 5 of each!

  5. I write a newsletter for our local electric cooperative. They had another story in mind for the December issue but the woman I was to feature proved difficult to work with. So, I convinced them instead to allow me to write about our area’s food bank network. The newsletter goes out to 6,500 people, mostly local. However, it does get mailed to members all over the states and even in several other countries. I included information in the article about how to volunteer, how to give money to the food bank and how to volunteer with AmeriCorps ( because many of the food bank volunteers are AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers. The issue arrived in mailboxes yesterday. I’m pretty excited that by doing my normal job, I might be able to really make a difference to many, many families!!! The administrator of the food bank was very excited when he saw the article. He thinks it will really help. Woot!

  6. Sheri,

    You are so good to remind us to be more than kind to one another! It has been fun this week demonstrating RAKs. Taking a friendly reminder from some of last year’s comments, I have made a concerted effort to be more generous in my driving habits. My route to work includes a long patch of construction with lane closures that people frequently ignore. I have been allowing the cars in who don’t merge until the very last minute instead of yelling at them for their lack of attention to signs. I am also teaching my 4 year old to share her blessings. At the beginning of the week, we set aside a ziplock baggie of dollar bills and change that I carry in my purse for her. Every time we see a Salvation Army kettle, my daughter puts “her” money in to help others. She is already looking for the kettles as we run errands! Last for this week, I have loaned my favorite knitting needles to a coworker who cannot afford to buy any so that she can knit a special Christmas present for her daughter.

  7. I did my yearly “adopt a family” for Christmas. One of my co-workers helped by donating to the cause, and my mother has volunteered to do some sewing to make a few warm pieces. This is always something we love doing because 1 – we know there’s a family out there who will be able to celebrate christmas a little easier with our help and 2 – It reminds us of the whole reason for the season, to treat others with love.

  8. on the teeming rainy dark Wednesday, when we had high winds and hoped for no power outtages, I gave my mail carrier a cup of hot cocoa. I didnt have a disposable paper or cardboard cup so I made it in a regular mug and carried it out under my umbrella for her to drink in her truck. She was so surprised, said she planned to get some hot soup when her route was done but this would get her thru. My reward was a handful of exciting bills from companies eager to take $ from me, wonder if they’d go for a RAK instead?

  9. A couple days ago when we had a (very) slow day in the office, my coworker and I debated whether to even come into work or not. It would have been a complete waste of our time but at the same time we didn’t want to leave the office completely empty. I told my coworker to stay home that day and I came in. I knew she wanted to enjoy the day with her boyfriend. My boyfriend was working that day anyway so I figured her enjoyment of a day off was probably greater than mine.

  10. I reached out to a classmate yesterday, who the day before had let our clinical group know that she was really struggling this term. We’re in an intense nursing program and it’s hard for all of us at different times. I just spent a few minutes listening to her and letting her know how normal it is to feel like it’s this hard sometimes. It felt like a small thing for me to do, but I remember how good it felt when someone did the same for me earlier on.

  11. My mother’s workload at work has increased during the holidays and all week I made dinner for her, my sister, my son, and myself. It’s something that made the week a little less stressful for her.

  12. First, I want to say to Brigette that you are an inspiration. Giving the coat of your back is a beautiful RAK that will make a huge difference in that woman’s life.

    My RAK is very minimal in comparison, but it brought a smile and happiness to my nail tech. I was rushing to my appointment and felt a great pull to stop at the coffee shop. So I stopped and bought her a large chai latte. I had no idea whether she would like this drink or not, but when I got to her, she was thrilled. She said she’d had a rough day and was just down and her favorite drink from the coffee shop was the chai latte! It brightened her day and thrilled my heart.

  13. A co-worker had quadruple bypass a few weeks ago and can’t drive yet. I drove him to his first rehab appointment this morning (I had to go in for my own shoulder PT), stopped at the drugstore so he could pick something up, and drove him home. I made my appointment for next week to coincide with his so I could do it again. We haven’t always seen eye to eye (shall we say), so this was a good opportunity outside of work to talk about non-work stuff and help him out a little.

  14. I made a donation to the Veterans Outreach Center who helps all veterans of the armed forces as well as their immediate families. It was the least I could do for all they do for us!

    Earlier in the week, I let my neighbor borrow my car while hers is in the shop.

  15. Mine was a yarn gifting, and minor compared to some others… Someone on one of my boards needed just a little extra of a color and didn’t want to buy a whole skein. I had about 1/3 of a skein left, and sent it off to her and insisted that the only payment I wanted was that she do the same thing the next time she say a need she could fill for someone.

    Tiny, but I’m just warming up.

  16. passed an 8 dollar off coupon to the couple behind me in line..they were obviously christmas shopping for grandchildren. they were thrilled.

  17. I have gathered several hats, scarves, and gloves to deliver to the Senior Citizen’s annual hat and mitten tree this evening. They will be distributed to seniors who need a little something extra to keep them warm this winter.

  18. This RAK is a joint one between my husband and myself. He took time off of work to watch our daughter so I could go with a friend and her 4 month old to a pediatric cardiology appointment. Friend’s husband was out of town and they had just been told the baby might have a heart problem. I did not want her to go alone as she was planning on. In the end, it was good news and we celebrated with chocolate souffles on the way home : )

  19. I always buy 2 coats for DD every year for winter. One for regular use and one for playing in the snow. I’ve put off buying her snow coat because we still have no snow. But I bought one this morning. For some reason I felt the need to get it today, even with no snow on the ground yet. I stopped at the grocery store on the way home and saw a girl about DD’s age in just a sweatshirt. I asked her where her coat was, it’s way too cold to be outside with just a sweatshirt. And she said she didn’t have one. I went to my van and got the coat I just bought for DD and gave it to the girl. She smiled so big and put it on right away.

    Her mom didn’t say anything the whole time just was in awe. I felt bad when she started to cry. She said she has been trying to afford coats for her kids but wasn’t able to buy the youngest a coat yet. The mom tried to give me something for it but I told her to enjoy the holidays and walked away. Money is a bit tight for us this year but there is no reason a little girl should go without a coat, while my daughter has an extra in the closet waiting for snow.

  20. I heard a podcaster mention that she wished she had a knitting machine and that maybe someday she could afford one. My knitting machine has not been used for many years so I gave it and the stand to her. She is in another state but it just worked out that someone was close by that was going to see her and could deliver it for me. I feel really good that it went to someone that will really appreciate it.

  21. I am working on two “college baskets”for our townships holiday drive. One of the students only asked for school supplies!

  22. My quick story is not exactly a “random” act of kindness, but through a very small group of friends (three to be exact including myself), we found one of our dear friends who had been missing from the doll boards and e-mails for over a week. Serious sleuthing too. she is a senior who lives by herself in MO, and had disappeared. I was hoping that maybe her disappearance was that she was at a relatives for Thanksgiving, but, she had been rushed to the hospital, and is now in rehab and I was sent her phone number last night. I’m not a phone person, but I did call and as happy as she was to hear from me, I was more than thrilled to hear her voice (the first time, I’m an e-mail only senior), make sure she that her two loved dogs were safe, and that she would be going home asap. Now I need to knit her up a little something for her get well, and get back to your home present and keep calling her.

  23. I delivered coffe and doughnuts to the Pharmacy staff who prepares my dad’s blister packs. They are always so nice ad helpful. They sdeal with alot of cranky people that is for sure

  24. I drove by my coworkers home (she usually walks) to see if she needs a ride to work. Now that it is winter even a short walk can seem very long.

  25. A dear friend of mine recently decided to learn how to knit so I have been teaching her over the past few weeks. She told me that her family budget is a bit too tight to purchase any yarn for new projects once her current scarf is complete. While I also can’t afford new yarn right now, I could certainly afford to part with some stash and so I gave her several skeins in colors I know she loves. It’s good to know they went to someone who will appreciate it.

  26. Our boys play with a neighbor boy who seems to not have a hat or gloves. He always borrows ours, so we bought him a hat and some gloves today. Actually my boys did.

  27. I work retail, so this time of year is especially busy – any time off is precious and hard to come by, as you might imagine! My coworker got the chance to go out of town two weekends before Christmas to see her favorite football team play in their stadium – so I’m working her weekend shifts and sacrificing my days off.

  28. I gave a hand knit hat to my favorite vendor of the local homeless newspaper. He has been wearing an acrylic job that never looked very warm.

  29. I know it’s not much but I was at the gas station earlier this week and a gentleman approached me and asked for some change – any loose change I could spare to help get him a few gallons a of gas to make it back home – I said all I had was a few coins and he was more than grateful he said all he lacked was 60cents from getting 2 gallons of gas and actually offered to only take 60 cents of the 75 I was offering – after he said that I told him to give the change to one of the people on the corner (it’s the area where a lot of homeless travel) and to pull his car behin mine and I would fill it up so he wouldn’t have to worry about it.

  30. I’m hoping that no one notices my RAK! There are a substantial number of dogs in the neighborhood that I live in, and not everyone is diligent about picking up after their pups. So, every time I walk my dog, I’ve been on the hunt for additional poops to scoop. I’ve been picking up one or two a day. It’s not much, but I know firsthand how much it can ruin a day if you step in it.

  31. i made a donation to a college FA fund.
    i just want to say that when i read all the above entries, i was super impressed with everybody’s kindness. its good to know there are people out there so nice. have a great day!

  32. I was given a gift card to Starbucks for doing an extra project at work. About an hour later I was talking to the admin who happened to say that her daughter loved the hot chocolate there but it was a special treat and they didn’t go very often. I pulled the card out of my pocket and handed it to her.

  33. It’s pretty small, but I took a name off of our Angel tree at work and bought a warm blanket, some clothes and a game for a 3 year old little boy that’s a refugee.

  34. I’m sending off a skein of Wollmeise to a woman I met on Ravelry who has never had the opportunity to grab any when they come up for sale. She’s on a forum group with me and she’s the sweetest most encouraging person and so I’m just going to wrap a skein up (purchased from you a few days ago) and pop it in the mail to her as a “Secret Santa” gift.

  35. I had a $5.00 off coupon at Target if you spend $50.00. It was about to expire and I had not spent the $50.00 so I searched the lines for someone that looked like they had spent that much. I saw a mother shopping with her mother with her calculator out totaling up what she spent on the toys she was getting saying she couldn’t go over $50.00. I gave her the coupon so she was able to get everything she had in her cart.

  36. I’ve started knitting hats for kids on American Indian reservations. this is done through the Dept. of Indian affairs.

  37. Not sure if this is extra nice enough (you TLE people are VERY nice and set a high nice-ness standard!)… but today I brought over some homemade chicken noodle soup for my neighbors. Both of their kids are sick, the 11 yr old has the stomach flu and the 13 yr old has strep throat.
    So now, what are the chances that the stomach flu kid will get strep throat and vice versa… mmm…. not good I’m thinking.

  38. I gave and received today. At work, a co-worker brought in some donuts from a local shop. We do this occasionally for birthdays, but today it was for no reason at all. I gave an extra pack of Skittles that I accident-ed upon to a co-worker who seemed interested.

    Makes us seem like gluttons, and makes me want to explore more altruistic RAKs. ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. I am working on fleece scarves for our church and we donate them to the multicultural center here in Gunnison. As some of you may know, Gunnison, CO, can be the coldest place in the nation several times each winter, and some of the folks who live here just don’t have the warmest clothes.

  40. A young woman I know is in vet school at Ohio State. She has very little family and struggles to make ends meet. There is no money for little. I packed up a box of goodies — Oreo cookies, peppermint patties, chocolate covered espresso beans, and a holiday gift box of the small flavors of Starbuck’s coffees. She received the box today which I had labeled “study aids.” They are on the term program and her final exams begin Monday! It really cheered her up…oh and so did the skein of Malabrigio that she found at the bottom of the box. She is a knitter and can’t wait to have some time to knit after finals.

  41. My SO is in grad school, and one of his classmates is from Israel. So I baked a batch of pumpkin bread to give him a gift on the first day of Hanukkah. Small gesture, but he was very pleased.

  42. I did a few small things this week just because. I went to my favorite bakery and picked up cake for the office and a croissant for a coworker who had wanted to try their chocolate one. Alas, she was out sick, so her croissant went to a different coworker. And today I took a coworker out to lunch. I called it a Hanukkah present.

  43. I’m in awe at so many of these stories. I wish everybody was this way!

    Also, Sheri, thanks for the RAK and the guac recipe – guac is a favorite food of mine.

    The church I’m visiting this month while visiting family is having a gift drive – you take a bag that contains a foster child of a certain age and gender, and a few items s/he would like. My three-year-old and I took one and have been having a lot of fun finding things for our special friend. Even though the child won’t know who we are, I hope that it will make him happy, and I’m teaching my child about giving in the meantime.

  44. I just dropped off a box of yarn at the post office. I’m sending this surprise to my friend, who is picking up knitting agin, by getting her stash started for her. I cannot wait to hear how she reacts to this.

  45. My coworker was recalled to active duty and is now in Kuwait. I knitted a helmet liner and filled a box with her favorite nuts, face cream and other goodies. She can’t buy those things reasonably over there. Today someone did something nice for me–my new coworker stopped on the way in a brought me Starbucks peppermint mocha latte. Hit the spot for a busy day!! It was a very sweet gesture as it has been a difficult couple of weeks of training. We actually made the best progress today!!
    Thanks to everyone is goes above and beyond.

  46. I recently emailed a friend via Facebook, and was shocked to receive a reply that she had cancer and was undergoing chemo (we are both right around 30). We became friends at the gym, and she is a triathlete, so the fact that cancer struck such a healthy person took me aback.

    I jokingly said that I was grossed out by puke, but asked her if I could do anything that wasn’t puke-related, such as clean her house or go get groceries for her.

    She emailed back and returned the joke, and mentioned she wanted me to teach her to knit.

    She has a week off chemotherapy treatments next week, so I bought her EZ’s “Knitting Without Tears”, a skein of Malabrigo Twist (because she should have something nice to knit with), and a bamboo circular needle. I figured she has enough to deal with already, without having to venture out and buy knitting stuff. I actually bought two skeins of Malabrigo Twist, and am going to ask her which she would rather knit with – the other colorway will become a hat for her. It is very soft Merino, so I figure it won’t hurt her sensitive scalp.

    I can’t wait to see my friend, and convert another one to the knitting fold. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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