Socks, Scarves, Shawls or Sweaters?

winterback071210In Wednesday’s blog, I talked about how I have come to enjoy knitting shawlettes – those gorgeous little, unintimidating creations that use 350-450 yards of fingering weight yarn. I wonder how many people are now lace knitters, just because someone came up with smaller-sized patterns like this that pulled you in? Fun to do, relatively quick to finish, and great for gifts. Did you see the two shawlettes that Wendy designed, using our Loopy Ewe Solid Series? I just love them. (Wendy has so many pattern ideas in her brain that she makes this designing stuff look easy, and I know it’s so not!) It was fun to see her come up with Winter Morn (using the Silver Sage color) and Woodland Walk Shoulder Shawl (using the Hydrangea color). Now she says she has a WoodlandBack070610colorwork sock pattern doodling around in her head for our color line (because she thinks our Solid Series is “wonderful” and she “loves the huge range of colors”. Yay!) I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the next pattern worked out, when it comes up in her queue.

Speaking of our Solid Series, are you participating in our Third Quarter Challenge? The goal is to knit something out of our new line, and I know a lot of you are working on it. We do have gift certificates to award for last quarter’s Challenge, now that the votes are in. The Reader’s Choice Award goes to Carol in MO for her Julia tank, made from Schaefer Audrey. We also drew two names for the randomly drawn winners, since we put the regular sweater challenge and the summer sweater challenge together. Those awards go to Patricia in OH for her Spidery Tank out of Universal’s Cotton Supreme, and Patricia in MT for her Cassidy out of Dream in Color Classy. All three winners get a $30 gift certificate to The Loopy Ewe. Thanks to everyone who participated with us. Everything turned out beautifully! On Monday, I’ll announce the winners of last week’s blog contest.

It was fun to read about the types of stash you have, on Wednesday’s blog. I liked Linda’s comment that when you stash yarn for a sweater, it counts as one “unit” in the stash, not 5 or 6 skeins. Of course. That makes so much sense. And I also liked Kathy’s comment that any yarn that has a plan attached to it (“this is going to be a February Sweater”) is not counted as stash. Stash is just the yarn without a commitment. Β This brings my stash into the completely reasonable amount category. In fact, I might need to add to it a bit….

Now I’m interested to know – what do you most enjoy knitting? Socks? Scarves? Shawls? Sweaters? (Or something that is not an “S” word?) Do tell.

Sheri wonderinghowintheheckitgottobetheendofJulyalready??


  1. Sheri is right — I do love the Loopy Ewe Solid Series yarn — so many beautiful colors from which to choose. I do have a colorwork sock design that is percolating, and I’ve already got the Loopy yarn to knit it. πŸ˜€

  2. It is funny, I started knitting socks (after the obligatory scarf!!) made 3 and then fell in love with sea silk and lorna’s laces pearl. My sea silk obsession – yes it is an obsession – has turned me into a shawl knitter and I haven’t looked back!

    I love shawls. I love how it starts out so tiny (co6) and grows to something big and beautiful! I love the variety of shawls, the weight and the fact that I’ve been able to start and finish one in a week.

  3. I love socks and shawls! I just finished one sock in the Fruit Loops pattern you recommended and they’re great and I did it in Yarn Love’s Strawberry Shortcake! Gorgeous and stretchy! My shawl addiction started with my first Multnomah and has been going strong ever since!

  4. Most favorite: Socks (they always get used.)

    Least favorite: Scarves (they go on forever — that’s why I now have a loom. Weaving scarves goes way faster!)

  5. I like to knit lace for the challenge. I have to think more for lace. In all honesty though I seem to be knitting a lot of jackets/cardigans these days. Knitting doesn’t mean they are assembled though. sigh…

  6. Shawls, shawls, and more shawls. I can’t keep up with all the new patterns and new yarn I just must have. I have three shawls on the needles and many more I want to make. I envy fast knitters and those who must not get much sleep or knit in their sleep.

  7. I like to knit socks and sweaters most because those are the two knitted items I wear the most. I don’t knit for others often. I love the rule that yarn assigned for a project doesn’t count. That makes mine a bit better.

  8. I like to knit everything, but my go-to is socks! Socks, socks, and more socks! I like Shawls/shawlettes, but I find they end up taking me a while because I get bored with them at some point… socks, though? Socks are my Knitting Love.

  9. Socks. Flat out, socks! I’ve got enough sock yarn for more than 300 pair of socks. However, I’ve been getting into shawls/shawlettes. I’ve done one sweater. Still not blocked. It’s only been a year! πŸ™‚

  10. Right now, my favorite thing to knit is shawls with lace yarn. I also like a challenge and something new to learn. Last year I knit lots of socks. Between serious knits I also like to try a tiny toy or doll – something fun.

  11. Right now it’s socks and shawls for me. I haven’t yet tried a sweater. I do like to see all the creative uses for sock yarn.

  12. Socks and cardigans are the things I get most use from – I love shawls but they are a little impractical for me, so they tend to end up as gifts for close friends instead. Baby knits are good for a quick fix, but most of my friends have toddlers and young children rather than babies these days!

  13. When I first taught myself to knit, I was in college (think 80’s) and I wanted to be able to knit sweaters. I accomplished that – knit one for my boyfriend (now husband) long before I heard about the “curse”, knit one for my mom, and did some for myself.

    Then I was away from knitting for some years and came back to it about 10 years ago. I saw someone knitting socks and my goal in becoming a better knitter was to be able to do socks. I loved cute socks anyway and hand-knitted socks seemed like they would be the perfect small project, the perfect gift for a loved one or just to do for myself.

    I am not a fast knitter, even though I knit continental, so I also do some scarves and bags.

  14. I very much enjoy just casting on for a new project! It could be anything but the excitement of picking out a pattern, finding the prefect yarn or roving, and casting on to me is very exciting. Though I do always have to have at least one pair of socks going. πŸ˜‰

  15. I always have the S’s in the works: socks, shawl, scarf and sweater. Try to keep it to one in each category at a time in the “active” mode BUT right now, truth be known, I have exceeded my own guidelines which include 3 sweaters. I count the American Girl and grandaughter sweaters separately, of course and they just happen!

  16. I love to crochet baby items and afghans and I just finished my second sweater. I knit shawls, scarfs, mitts and a couple of socks in progress.

  17. lol, it really depends on my mood. so like many i usually have 4-6 projects on needles at the same time. Socks, sweaters, shawls, a simple cable scarf, etc…. this also helps me to grab a mindless knitting project for travel or just when out in the car and traffic might hold us up.

  18. SHAWLS!!! They do not have to “fit” a body part/parts like socks and sweaters do, but I also have enjoyed the sweaters that I have knit this year with a little “incentive” from TLE. Thanks to Sheri and her elves!!!!

  19. Socks – and it really helps that all of my family prefers handknit socks rather than store-bought ones.

  20. I’m all about shawls and toys right now because you don’t have to worry about fit and they’re so much fun to make. I’ve been dabbling in socks and am just not sure I like how they turn out but I guess I’m still learning.

  21. Currently I am knitting shawls, socks and cowls. I like to have a mindless project on the needles,as well as, a challenging lace project. I’m using Bugga right now for a cowl and love the soft feel of the yarn. It is very pleasant to knit with.

  22. So far, the only items I’m finding I *don’t* like to make are gloves, and that may just be because I’m using too-long dpns on the fingers. I like shawls; I like socks; I like pullovers and cardigans; I like dishcloths; I like cowls; I like scarves; I like mittens; I like hats; I like toys.

    What I actually make most often, though, is socks. We have short, mild winters, so I don’t need more than one pair of mittens or gloves. I love sweaters, but I’ve already got more than I can wear in any given winter. I don’t wear shawls or scarves very often, even in the air conditioning. But socks? I can wear those all year, even in summer.

  23. I most enjoy 2 types of knitting, lace and color work. but to confess I work mostly on doll sweaters for the 22″ Japanese BJDs. It started with wanting to work so many patterns from Barbara Walker’s books, and moved into lace doll shawls and lace or cable doll sweaters, as how many can I wear, especially if they are skinny sweaters? I do knit a sweater or two for my daughter each year, and make cousin’s mini-shawls or lace scarfs here and there. Especially good for things like cousin’s 60th BD present, or just because I don’t get to see them often enough. For myself, warm hats make me happy but seeing lace taking form from my yarn gives me great joy. I do want to mention how much I love this blog since finding it. I start my morning with my bone building med, sit for 30 minutes and enjoy this knitting community. – Barb

  24. Ok. That’s interesting. Stash yarn is uncommitted yarn. Every single skein has potential . . . is that the same as committed? I have some serious pondering to do. I have been justifying my cancerous stash as being committed – so necesarry, but honestly, how many years will it take for that skein of “Beach Ball” colored yarn going to turn into something.

    I feel a destashing coming on. . . .

  25. All of it. Really, it depends on what has taken my fancy. Right now I’m trying to make a perfect dishcloth for entry into the county fair–and am excited about finally splitting a tank for the front straps, and then there’s the neverending vest I’m determined to finish and wear this year. And I’m thinking I need some more lace in my life, too. I love it all.

  26. Fairly recently, I’ve begun knitting shawls – FUN! Something to do with all that sock yarn besides knitting socks! Of course, for instant (almost) gratification, I use DK or worsted yarn.

    Now I have to take the plunge and try knitting from charts! Everyone says it’s easier than following written instructions.

    I guess my current knitting love would have to be shawlettes and shawls with an occasional child/baby side-to-side or top down garment thrown in.

  27. My absolutely favourite knit is estonian lace and lace in general It is never a boring job. The bigger the project the better. And the best part is blocking it and see how fab it looks.
    As for smaller things socks are the best as holiday knitting, you can fry yourself in the sun and knit all at the same time πŸ˜‰

  28. Based on what is on the needles at the moment, socks seem to be the favorite. I also have a lacy scarf in progress, and would love to try one of those lacy shawlettes. But I need to finish some socks first. So the “S” words win!

  29. I never have to decide I always have one pair of socks, one shawl and one sweater on needless- Scarves are just for fill in when I don’t have something simple to carry around. As long as my yarn has some cashmere or alpaca I’m a happy knitter.

  30. I must love knitting socks according to my stash. I just read Robin’s post above and I think she may be on to something. Always a pair of socks, a shawl and a sweater on the needles. I think I may aspire to this plan. I like it.

  31. Yes, I like the 3 -at-a-time rule, too! I feel like I can get them done that way! I have something a little harder, something I can travel with, and something that takes a while. I guess in the past for me that has been shawl, baby hat, sweater. I’m still working on the tiny red sock–but my next one will be a size for ME with the yarn from my Loopy Groupie bag. I can’t wait. By the way, Sheri, I love that bag. You do a great job at your job–and so do the elves.

  32. I just love knitting haven’t done it in a while but now its like I never stopped. I’m a little slow but….I love knitting socks, baby socks, scrafs, hats and blankets in that order. Unfortunately my stash keeps growing and I’m still slowly knitting.

  33. Socks, pretty much exclusively for the past year. They feed my soul/sole πŸ™‚ Mindless and mindful all at the same time.

  34. Lately I have tended to knit mainly hats and scarves for donation to charity as well as for my family members. I truly am finding that I enjoy knitting shawls, though!

    Initially I leaped into knitting after Stitches Midwest 2008 overstimulated. First I did the Fanning the Flames mittens and the ruffled skirt from Lorna’s laces, then I knit up the Mariposa shawl in summer, 2009, and loved it. Anything with an open, lacy pattern seems to appeal to me these days, and I love a variety of yarns to please my fingers!

  35. My question is how did it get to be so hot, hot…HOT all this long hot summer? But besides that, what I really like to knit are sweaters. I knitted a green mohair sweater as my first project back when I was a freshman in high school. There were lots of girls knitting in class but mostly socks. I was working on a sweater at home because it was too big to bring into school and carry around all day (nope, did not even consider putting it in my locker at all !!!) Since then I have knitted a number of sweaters for members of my family and for me. When I put on a sweater that I made I know the length of the sleeves will be long and fit me, the body will fit too! I always feel good when I wear a sweater I made. There is a certain level of comfort being wrapped up in a nice warm article of clothing hand made. Socks just are not the same, fun to wear…yes!… and show to off to friends (and a challenge to boot!). I like to knit regardless of the item being made. My favorite is sweaters.

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