Socks, Scarves, Shawls or Sweaters?

winterback071210In Wednesday’s blog, I talked about how I have come to enjoy knitting shawlettes – those gorgeous little, unintimidating creations that use 350-450 yards of fingering weight yarn. I wonder how many people are now lace knitters, just because someone came up with smaller-sized patterns like this that pulled you in? Fun to do, relatively quick to finish, and great for gifts. Did you see the two shawlettes that Wendy designed, using our Loopy Ewe Solid Series? I just love them. (Wendy has so many pattern ideas in her brain that she makes this designing stuff look easy, and I know it’s so not!) It was fun to see her come up with Winter Morn (using the Silver Sage color) and Woodland Walk Shoulder Shawl (using the Hydrangea color). Now she says she has a WoodlandBack070610colorwork sock pattern doodling around in her head for our color line (because she thinks our Solid Series is “wonderful” and she “loves the huge range of colors”. Yay!) I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the next pattern worked out, when it comes up in her queue.

Speaking of our Solid Series, are you participating in our Third Quarter Challenge? The goal is to knit something out of our new line, and I know a lot of you are working on it. We do have gift certificates to award for last quarter’s Challenge, now that the votes are in. The Reader’s Choice Award goes to Carol in MO for her Julia tank, made from Schaefer Audrey. We also drew two names for the randomly drawn winners, since we put the regular sweater challenge and the summer sweater challenge together. Those awards go to Patricia in OH for her Spidery Tank out of Universal’s Cotton Supreme, and Patricia in MT for her Cassidy out of Dream in Color Classy. All three winners get a $30 gift certificate to The Loopy Ewe. Thanks to everyone who participated with us. Everything turned out beautifully! On Monday, I’ll announce the winners of last week’s blog contest.

It was fun to read about the types of stash you have, on Wednesday’s blog. I liked Linda’s comment that when you stash yarn for a sweater, it counts as one “unit” in the stash, not 5 or 6 skeins. Of course. That makes so much sense. And I also liked Kathy’s comment that any yarn that has a plan attached to it (“this is going to be a February Sweater”) is not counted as stash. Stash is just the yarn without a commitment. Β This brings my stash into the completely reasonable amount category. In fact, I might need to add to it a bit….

Now I’m interested to know – what do you most enjoy knitting? Socks? Scarves? Shawls? Sweaters? (Or something that is not an “S” word?) Do tell.

Sheri wonderinghowintheheckitgottobetheendofJulyalready??


  1. Hooray! Thanks Sheri. The Loopy Ewe is my favorite LYS! And not just because I won a random drawing. You all are great at what you do there!

    I enjoy knitting socks, fingerless mitts and hats. I do love a baby blanket thrown in there on occasion. I am trying to branch out to shawls though. They are on my list.

    Thanks again,

    Patricia in OH

  2. Yes…I love socks now that I have discovered the magic loop method…don’t know why this makes a difference…I have recently completed my first shawl..working on the second, and I just really enjoy trying and personalizing new patterns. Each new project is exciting to me. Sweaters are next… the fact that I love yarn just makes it ALL that much better!

  3. I like to knit lots of different things, but I think I get the most enjoyment out of knitting lace (especially shawls and wraps). Knitting lace is like knitting art to me. I feel accomplished that I could create something so beautiful and challenging. It is my favorite type of knitting!

  4. Socks are still my favorite – my comfort knitting, but I also enjoy the challenge of lace in shawls/shawlettes. Fingerless mitts and hats are easy, quick, practical gifts.

  5. For me, there are three categories of favorite knitting:
    1. Mindless (DH and I are driving for hours and chatting). A sweater in the round (garter stitch/rib/knit stitch)
    2. BYE (Best yarn ever) A simple scarf and hat or shawl are too much fun when the yarn is so yummy I can’t keep my fingers out of it.
    3. Mindful (esp useful when things are stressful) I plunge back into this lace scarf I am working on-requires concentration so I don’t think about the stressor.

  6. What I most enjoy knitting is anything challenging: charted lace, charted Fair Isle, charted intarsia, or any project utilizing a new-to-me knitting technique.

  7. I’m starting with socks, and like the prospect of being able to finish a project and have something to show soon!

  8. Definitely NOT scarves – or – as I prefer to call them – long, skinny rectangles. I’ve completed exactly one, the Noro striped scarf and that was because the yarn was so entertaining. I love knitting and designing socks and am in the testing phase of a new Houndstooth sock. I cast on for a second pair with your Solid Series too! Will post pics when I finish.

  9. I’ve been on a shawl kick for well over a year now, but now that I have a shawl and a shrug to finish for August birthdays, I want to knit socks again. Socks are just the ideal travel project, especially in the summer.

  10. I love knitting socks!! and then fingerless mitts/gloves, and then scarves. (oops, a non s-word slipped in). Socks and fingerless gloves are quick (instant gratification). I do like scarves but they take me a bit longer. I like shawls, get all excited about starting one but then they end up in the waiting pile so I can work on socks. AND I must knit me a sweater!! I’ve said that for two years now. I’ve knitted the gauge swatch and wound the yarn. But no, I haven’t started yet. I still have 3 pairs of socks on the needles and I’m thinking about starting the new sock pattern I got by Monica from the Loopy July Sock Club.

  11. Long long ago it was Icelandic sweaters. And Aran sweaters with lots of cables and twists. Then it was socks. Right now it’s lace. Have been doing shawls of all shapes (stoles, triangles, circles). Just finished swatching for a black silk lace jacket. I’ll let you know how that goes!

  12. Whew! I am so relieved — by these new stash rules I have hardly any stash at all!! I guess that means I should by more treats to build up my “non-existant” stash πŸ˜‰
    I think I prefer to knit shawls…socks are a close second though.

  13. Oh, the stash rules are great. My stash just went down tremendously. Yay!

    Also, I love socks for the speed and usability (though I always am afraid to wear my socks cause I don’t want to “ruin” them). Probably scarves/stoles next because the pattern-work with the lace is so amazing!

    I’d like to add sweaters to the list… eventually. I’m not going to start a new project UNTIL I finish this sweater. *stamps foot*

  14. Socks.

    And Sheri, EVERYBODY who works in education knows that today is NOT the end of July…tomorrow is. No need to rush us! πŸ™‚

  15. LOVE knitting lace — whether it’s a shawl, socks, cardigan, or tea cozy. I’ll add it into a stockinette pattern just to get my kicks!

    I like the stash philosophy where only uncommitted yarn counts. In that case, I’ve only got stash for single balls that are for looking at or touching, lace and sock weight yarns.

  16. SOCKS are most definitely my go to item to knit. I love to wander around though and knit different things. Sweaters, shawls, and scarves I have definitely knit and I seem to go in stages as to what I want to knit, but socks definitely RULE! Currently I am knitting my new sock pattern, Port Ludlow, with some lovely Wollmeise both of which I got from TLE. Loving this pattern! Also have a sweater on the needles.

    I absolutely need to add to my stash as per the new stash rules. My stash dwindled to next to nothing. hehehe…

  17. Socks is the big think I like doing. I am getting in the shawl groove also. Found a farm that raises alpacas and they mill their wool here in Ohio. They were at the farmer’s market and I got hooked on their wool……..bought 4 skeins of black alpaca yarn. It will be a shawl before I know it. Plus hoodie sweaters is a problem for me………..I am on my second one.

    What is a girl to do!??!!!

  18. First, regarding the beautiful shawls in the pictures – do people actually wear them? They look so wonderful hanging there, I’d almost be afraid to wear them! If I made one, I’d probably hang it like artwork!

    I always have a pair of socks going and a scarf going. My favorite thing to knit is what I am knitting at the time because I usually don’t start something unless I love it (whatever it is). I do like socks and scarves because they are portable.


  19. Love Wendy’s “Woodland…” shawl. I could only wish my mind worked that way.

    I started out as a sweater knitter (in the 80’s) but love to knit shawls, big and small, and I also love scarves (skinny shawls). I also have an unreasonable attachment to anything felted.

  20. I think I enjoy knitting anything from my handspun the most. I am addicted to socks and small shawls at the moment I think. I just finished a Shetland Triangle out of handspun and I am working on a Traveling Woman in handspun too.

  21. I still love socks and always have at least one pair on the needles. Right now I’m working on a pair for DH and there’s a pair for me that have been hibernating for way too long. For the past several months I’ve also been into shawls. There are two WIP shawls right not, a Shipwreck Shawl and a Multnomah which is very near completion. There are several projects lined up and ready to go: two sweaters, a sweater for my grandson, three (or more) shawls, and at least two socks. I just love to knit, it keeps me sane, or almost.

  22. Right now I am all about the triangle scarf/shawlette. If it’s technically a shawlette I still wear it like a scarf with the triangle in front and the ends wrapped around and back to the front.

  23. Since I took a two at a time magic loop class in March, 2007 my knitting passion has been socks. This year I seem to have branched out into shawls and shawlettes but the other two “S” words are seldom in my knitting vocabulary.

  24. I get on stints with particular authors or designers.

    I have been stuck on Elizabeth Zimmermann, Wendy Johnson, and right now I’m into Ann Kingstone’s work.

  25. Right now I LOVE the shawlettes. Once I figured out charts I just keep collecting the patterns and knitting one after another. Otherwise, I usually have socks on the needles. And, yes, I am so thankful for the smaller shawl patterns.

  26. My favorite thing to knit is mittens! Having a unique set of mittens makes them very unlikely to get lost: even when my children have dropped them on the sidewalk they end up coming back to us. And unlike socks, they’re on display when worn (I’m a bit of a quiet show-off.)

  27. Here is a list in order of preference:

    1. Tees (summer tops)
    2. Felted oven mitts
    3. Other felted items (bowls, eggs, etc)
    4. Baby sweaters
    5. Shawlettes
    6. Scarves
    7. Socks

    Interestingly the most yarn type of have is sock weight which can be used for so many different things: socks, shawlettes, scarves, and even tees.

  28. I like small things best – baby booties, toys, and fingerless gloves are my top choices, but I also like to knit hats, cowls, scarves, and socks . . . I’m working on my first ‘shawlette,’ though I’ll probably wear it like a scarf. Haven’t tried a adult-size sweater yet, but this may be my year!

  29. Hats. Definitely hats. I LOVE knitting hats! Which is a very good thing, as my dog LOVES eating my hats! πŸ™‚ Next would probably be shawls/stoles/scarves. Then sweaters/vests. For crocheting, it’s bags (like, purses, not shopping bags), hats, and afghans for the top three. Though I’ve got some fantastic scarf and shawl patterns that I need to get working on.

  30. Shawls for sure, scarves…..I have a ton of sock yarn is the stash and I bet less than 10% will ever get knitted into socks….so shawls and scarves! πŸ™‚

  31. Socks are the new favorite; on my third pair now. Small, quick, immediate gratification. I’ve seen some gorgeous sweater patterns, but truth is, I know I don’t have the attention span. πŸ™‚

  32. Cowls or neck warmers are fun because you can pick any weight yarn that you love and make a lovely item. Even though I gave a lot of them for gifts last year, I still have a drawer full of them!

  33. I love knitting lace. Shawl, scarf, sweater, as long as it is a lace pattern I love it. I’m more of a process knitter than a product-focused one.

  34. I’m on a sweater kick lately. I started with socks, which were great to learn on, with a small commitment. Then scarves, and I have plenty of those, followed by shawls, which I really enjoyed for learning lace (and have a few UFO’s left). Now I do socks on a circular sock machine (talk about instant gratification- about two hours a pair), and love that I can now make sweaters long enough for me! (I’m 5’13”).

    I still need to try hats. Good thing I live where there is snow for at least a few months of the year – plenty of excuse to knit warm things.

  35. Right now I like knitting shawls and crocheting blankets. I have knitted so many socks that I need a long break from them. Hats are nice to knit also. They are FAST.

  36. Socks because they always get worn and I get a little thrill each and every time I successfully turn a heel and shape a gusset. I love the architecture of a sock. A close second is shawls, second only because they’re not quite as wearable as socks. But I’m thinking of exploring mittens and fingerless mitts this winter, and knitting more hats.

  37. I think socks appeal to me the most, because the rows go so much faster.

    Followed by shawls. I hope one day to become attached to knitting sweaters. I am going to be making my first one this month. I set up a knit along on Ravelry for an August sweater knitalong. I am going to knit a beaded juliet sweater that’s been in my queue for a long time. I’m almost done stringing beads on the yarn.

  38. I had to chuckle at your question: “I wonder how many people are now lace knitters, just because someone came up with smaller-sized patterns like this that pulled you in?” ME! Count me in! In fact, I just finished my first shawl out of sock-weight yarn, the Gaia Shoulder Hug. Really easy, not intimidating at all for a first-time lace knitter. But what cracked me up was that I fell into the trap of not liking the lace at all before I blocked it. I KNOW everyone says blocking makes a difference, but I thought (for some silly reason) that I could see enough of it on the needles. It wasn’t that scrunched up anyway, right? Ahem. Slice of humble pie eaten, the shawl is blocking on the bed. And I love it. Of course, now I need to convince myself that I do actually wear shawls…. πŸ™‚

  39. I am really enjoying knitting the small shawls – have done three in the last few months. Like you said the smaller size patterns have pulled me in…and they double as a scarf when not wearing as a shawl.

  40. What I enjoy the most to knitting is socks and actually I like the self striping yarns the most. To me knitting a plain vanilla sock is the best way to relax after a long day at work. I got the first Wendy sock book and she had a gusset heel. I had problems figuring out the short row wrap and turn stuff. Once I got that book I was off and running.

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