Stashing and De-Stashing

DSC00347We’ve talked about stashing before. Some of us you do have a yarn stash, some of you don’t. Some of us you wonder how people get along without a stash. Some of you wonder why in the world people want extra yarn sitting around. I went through my stash last weekend and pulled out a bunch of yarn that I no longer want or need in there. (Four big Loopy bags full. Gracie looks horrified by the whole thing, doesn’t she?)

The yarn that came out of the stash typically fell into 3 categories:

1. Yarn that someone gave me from their great aunt’s old stash. (Or their friend’s stash. Or their grandma’s rejects. Etc.)
2. Yarn that I bought on sale because “it was too good a deal to pass up”. (I’ve learned. Last weekend just reinforced that.)
3.  Yarn that I bought to see if we wanted to carry that line here at Loopy (and then decided against it).

DSC00350I have a lot of sock yarn stash. It used to be THE thing that I loved to knit. Socks. Of course I still love to knit socks, but I have branched out. I really like all of the new shawlette patterns that use 350-450 yds. of fingering weight. It’s a perfect use for some of these colors that I still like, but will (realistically) probably not knit up into socks. Now I’m just as likely to look at a skein of fingering weight yarn as a potential shawl, instead of just as potential socks. Here’s one stash picture just so those of you who buy yarn from us every week, know that I’m just like you. I like having lots of choices and I love having a stash. (No, that’s not all my stash. I also have numerous plastic bins of it. I’m just not sure WH needs to see all of that in my blog. I have it strategically separated in different parts of the house so that one never sees the full extent of it. I think it’s better that way.)

DSC00353Look what I found in my stash – one of the first skeins from Madelinetosh, when Amy was truly an indie dyer, doing this on her own. See – she even handwrote the label! This, I am keeping. Along with plenty of other skeins. And I found something else I like to knit – sweaters. So now I’m starting to stockpile yarn for future sweaters. DSC00354Just this week, I took skeins of this and skeins of this for someday sweaters. (Yes, I realize they are both green. What can I say?) And guess what? I’m going to do a legitimate swatch for both sweaters. See? I did learn my lesson.

So I’m curious. For those of you who do have a stash of one kind or another, what do you figure you have the most of – Laceweight? Fingering weight? Sport? DK? Worsted? I’ll have a related question for you on Friday, along with our Sweater Challenge winners.

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  1. LOVE the pic w/Gracie and the bags o yarn. It reminds me of the delightful photo book “Cats at Work” that features felines in careers that include retail, hospitality and supervision. I wonder how many cats actually work in LYS, probably a dream job for any feline who wouldnt maul the merchandise.

  2. My stash is mostly fingering weight, and almost worthy of its own set of shelves (thanks to Loopy & company). I hardly look at worsted anymore, which is probably a mistake. And I get a look like the one on Gracie’s face when acrylic is mentioned!

  3. Since we are actually converting a room to a fiber studio, stash is on my mind alot.

    I define “stash” as yarn without a commitment. 10 skeins of souvenir Nova Scotia mohair is not stash since it is in a plastic bag with a note saying “sweater”. See? It has a commitment.
    And the commitment can change if necessary.

    Wonderously, DH is the one who came up with this. He and I were discussing stash (thank you, God, that he loves fountain pens) and he came up with the definition.

    My uncommitted yarns are sockweight. I also have an embarrassing amount of uncommitted Wollmeise. I also have a slew of new ziplock bags and white 3 by 5 cards upstairs RIGHT NOW. By September, everything I own will be committed to a project or destashed on Ravelry. POOF! Stash gone.
    In crochet, stepping down a yarn weight makes for nicer projects. Laceweight crochet socks (I hear) fit in normal shoes. So the sockweight will act as DK or sport in crochet projects.

  4. What will you do with all the stash you no longer want? I too, have lots of stash I will no longer use, want, like, etc. What to do with it !!!!

  5. I have mostly worsted/DK weight for sweaters, so much so that I will never be able to knit or wear them all. That’s if you count by total volume/yardage. If you count by number of projects, then I definitely have more sock yarn, mostly from TLE!

  6. My stash seems to be evenly divided between yummy sock yarn (that I will knit up some day), and yucky leftover acrylic yarn (that I am slowly pawning off on people).

  7. My stash has lots of worsted, DK (sport), fingering, and lace yarns, but almost no Aran or chunky yarns. I simply don’t like the look and drape of huge knit stitches. Until last year, I didn’t have a whole lot of sock yarn. Now I have lots, because I took TLE’s motto, “Sock Yarns Don’t Count as Stash”, to heart!

  8. I have a significant amount of fingering and of worsted weight yarns. I only think of it as ‘significant’ when I’m gearing up for a move. When it has settled back into it’s usual hidey-holes it seems like a very reasonable amount to have.

  9. I just reorganized my stash so that now I can enjoy looking at some of it instead of having it all packed away in bins. I found that I mostly have fingering weight yarn. I was really into knitting socks but like you I have branched out into knitting shawlettes. I have also been using my slightly heavier fingering weight yarn for cowls, mitts and baby sweaters lately.

  10. Mostly sock yarn, but with worsted running a close second, especially heavy worsteds like Peace Fleece and Bartlett’s Maine wool.

  11. I used to be heavily stashed on sock yarns. At this point I am not. I think I owe this to spinning. Now that little 4 or 8oz purchase is fiber.

    So now I’m pretty well diversified and have a bit of everything. I think my stash is now being taken over by the leftover half skeins and such. I’m going to have to find a way to clear them out before they start making me crazy!

  12. My daughter called me a hoarder last night. I’m still in shock. I have lots of yarn…in all weights. I don’t even want to know how many sweaters I could make out of all of it. I could also make lots of socks and lots of lace shawls.

    I’m going back to my knitting now that I’m depressed!

  13. Definitely fingering weight. When I buy worsted weight yarn, I buy it in quantities for a worsted-weight project (scarf, sweater, etc.). I’m far too non-committal to do that often, so I usually stick to single skeins of fingering weight. Much less pressure that way 🙂

  14. My stash is mainly fingering weight. I think I HAVE TO purchase some lace weight yarn, because I DON’T have it in my stash!!

  15. I would say it is a toss up between worsted and lace weight. Though my stash is greatly getting smaller with not having the funding to shop lately for new yarn (lol, daughters college is reaping the rewards of our dollars!)

  16. That is a spooky post because I’ve been changing my habbits, too.
    No one knows better than you that I like to stash fingering weight sock yarn, but the last few months, I’ve been stashing enough sportsweight and fingering weight to knit sweaters, and knitting them. (It started with the KAL when I knitted Mr Greenjeans. Fun to knit and lovely to wear.)
    I try not to stash laceweight but sometimes those really pretty colours seduce me into buying a skein.

  17. I’m heavily leaning towards lace weight & fingering. I don’t have much to speak of in heavier weights of yarn. The lace stash is growing and may need to graduate to a larger bin this week and I’ll demote some of the yarn I’ll never knit to a destash. It’ll be tough but worth it.

  18. Mostly worsted/sport. For years I only crocheted sweaters and blankets, and after switching to knitting stayed with the same them. SO most of my stash bas been purchased with those in mind.

  19. IMy stash distribution by weight is different depending on if you look at it by weight or yardage. (Can you tell I’m an engineer?) By yardage it breaks down as 41% fingering, 25% lace, 15% worsted and 19% other weights. ‘Course that’s only for the yarn I actually managed to get entered in my spreadsheet…. LOL

  20. I definitely have more sock yarn than anything else. I have tried to become more selective in the past 18 months and have sold/given away a good bit of my stash – but my MIL still says I could open my own yarn shop!!

  21. I have enough yarn to make 3 sweaters & TON of socks & a few lace skeins. Then there’s the odds n ends and a few skeins of cheapy icky washable stuff that starts with the letter ‘a’ to make the kids vests for this fall/winter. And some cotton for quick gifts 😉 My girls are wanting the red bags shown in your photo above. I personally love the china hutch filled with yarn, now that’s a display!

  22. Worsted. But my stash runs the gamut. I rarely buy yarn now; mostly it comes to me for free (from the charity knitting group).

    Because most of my knitting is for charity, bought yarn usually represents something for charity (that needs a specific coloration, such as red/white/blue for TAPS, or red for Red Scarf Project), or to make a gift.

    And again because of the charity aspect, a lot is acrylic or acrylic blend.

    Unfortunately, the stash continues to grow, as I can’t seem to knit quickly enough!

  23. Hey, I read some place that sock yarn does not count as stash!! 🙂 Guess that we have to count that now huh? Well I love to make everything out of fingering/sock weight yarn. My love is socks! but I also love sweaters, and shawls, scarves…….So I had to disguise some of the yarn. I love some of the decorative hat boxes and flat boxes that really look neat stacked..they are very good at dispersing my overflowing sock stash all OVER the house. I give lots of socks away as little Happy Day gifts. I wish my hands went faster. I have a quilt shop by day and I knit all night…………….I am so far behind BUT so happy I have things to plan and make and all the gorgeous yarn to buy. I do hold you, Sheri personally responsible for all this gorgeous wonderful stuff!!! Loopy is great!!

  24. I seem to have a lot of lace yarn and sock yarn and no time to get them knitted up. Guess I buy them because the are pretty and soft.

  25. It’s all sock yarn in my stash. For bigger projects I buy what I need and only when I’m ready to start. I never thought I would have a stash, but it’s being growing without me realizing it!

  26. A followup to yesterday’s post- I ended up going through all my crafty stuff last night – found more yarn of course so tried to consolidate my stash… My husband now knows that I need more storage space!!!! lol : ) Happy Friday to all at Loopy!!

  27. I have mostly fingering weight because I too like socks and you can buy just one skein and know you’ll have enough. In spite of a large stash, half the projects I knit require a yarn purchase.

  28. I have way too much sock yarn. I just finished my craft room and decided to move the yarn in and get it sorted out. I dumped in on to a blank canvas and then counted. OMG there was a lot and it was just the sock yarn. The worst part was that I kept finding more after I counted it. But I’ll buy more. I love yarn!!!

  29. Sock yarn coming out my ears! And now I have hand-knit socks coming out of my drawers. It’s time to start knitting shawlettes. AND sweater knitting will be my focus in 2011!!

  30. Mostly fingering and lace weight, but some DK and worsted in sweater quantities. Mine is all in huge zip topbags right now due to an earlier moth problem, and I’m still debating on whether to put it back in the bins. I’m thinking perhaps I’ll do that after I invest in a gross of smaller zip top bags to keep the evil creatures out.

  31. I have mostly fingering because I am addicted to the texture and colors of sock yarn. I don’t knit near as fast as I think I do with all of the yarn that I have. Oh well. It’s fun to go through it all!

  32. Most of my stash is fingering weight, and a lot of it purchased at your wonderful shop….have some lace weight and a bunch of patons yarn that I purchased when just starting to knit….

  33. Yes, like most here my stash is mostly fingering and mostly from The Loopy Ewe…. What I want to know is: Will you be selling some of that de-stash and if so will you do it through Ravelry or through The Loopy Ewe????? I would love the opportunity to look through it!!! LOL

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