Stashing and De-Stashing

DSC00347We’ve talked about stashing before. Some of us you do have a yarn stash, some of you don’t. Some of us you wonder how people get along without a stash. Some of you wonder why in the world people want extra yarn sitting around. I went through my stash last weekend and pulled out a bunch of yarn that I no longer want or need in there. (Four big Loopy bags full. Gracie looks horrified by the whole thing, doesn’t she?)

The yarn that came out of the stash typically fell into 3 categories:

1. Yarn that someone gave me from their great aunt’s old stash. (Or their friend’s stash. Or their grandma’s rejects. Etc.)
2. Yarn that I bought on sale because “it was too good a deal to pass up”. (I’ve learned. Last weekend just reinforced that.)
3. Β Yarn that I bought to see if we wanted to carry that line here at Loopy (and then decided against it).

DSC00350I have a lot of sock yarn stash. It used to be THE thing that I loved to knit. Socks. Of course I still love to knit socks, but I have branched out. I really like all of the new shawlette patterns that use 350-450 yds. of fingering weight. It’s a perfect use for some of these colors that I still like, but will (realistically) probably not knit up into socks. Now I’m just as likely to look at a skein of fingering weight yarn as a potential shawl, instead of just as potential socks. Here’s one stash picture just so those of you who buy yarn from us every week, know that I’m just like you. I like having lots of choices and I love having a stash. (No, that’s not all my stash. I also have numerous plastic bins of it. I’m just not sure WH needs to see all of that in my blog. I have it strategically separated in different parts of the house so that one never sees the full extent of it. I think it’s better that way.)

DSC00353Look what I found in my stash – one of the first skeins from Madelinetosh, when Amy was truly an indie dyer, doing this on her own. See – she even handwrote the label! This, I am keeping. Along with plenty of other skeins. And I found something else I like to knit – sweaters. So now I’m starting to stockpile yarn for future sweaters. DSC00354Just this week, I took skeins of this and skeins of this for someday sweaters. (Yes, I realize they are both green. What can I say?) And guess what? I’m going to do a legitimate swatch for both sweaters. See? I did learn my lesson.

So I’m curious. For those of you who do have a stash of one kind or another, what do you figure you have the most of – Laceweight? Fingering weight? Sport? DK? Worsted? I’ll have a related question for you on Friday, along with our Sweater Challenge winners.

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  1. I definitely have more fingering (sock) yarn but lace is running a significant second. Worsted and DK not so much, but more than I had a few months ago…LOL

  2. I have sweater yarn for specific (sweater type) projects then I have lots of single skeins that I bought to see if I liked the yarn and how it would knit up. Finally, catching up to all of that is my sock and shawlette yarn. I think my stash is beginning to get out of control – before I even realized I had a stash. Oh, my!

  3. I have a lot of lace/fingering/sock weight yarn becasue I love to knit lace and used to get my yarn from a weaving supply store, but the majority of my stash is aran/DK/Worsted weight because I bought most of it intending to make a sweater (and another and another . . . ) so I usually bought 1 or 2 bag lots (I’m a big girl) to make sure I had enough.

    I guess it also depends on whether you are talking about weight of yarn, or number of skeins/balls/cones/hanks, or storage boxes devoted to a certain type, or . . .

    Yes I do have a yarn problem.

  4. I have mostly sock/fingering. I am starting to acquire some lace now. And I love green so almost all of my stash is green or has green in it. I keep trying to branch out into other colors……….

  5. Sock/fingering weight followed by lace weight. I’d say 80% of my yarn at the very least is from The Loopy Ewe. πŸ™‚

  6. I would have to say the majority of my stash is sock yarn, because it’s so easy to stash! You can buy one skein and you know it will be enough for a pair of socks, or mitts or a shawlette if you so choose. I do have sweater yarn stashed but most of it was purchased with a particular project in mind, although I do have some that just has an idea of a sweater. πŸ™‚ I was on a felting kick a while ago and have a bunch of Cascade 220 singles for small projects of some sort. There is some lace too because someday I will once again make a shawl out of lace weight, rather than fingering…at least that’s the plan.

  7. Well, Sheri, most of my stash, which is largely fingering/sock yarn, was bought from you!! πŸ™‚

    I blame my friend, Martha, for reintroducing me to knitting while on a girls beach trip and then showing me your website!

    Seriously, I’ve been sorting stash the past few days and came up with one big red Loopy bag-full that is going to Interim House in Philadelphia for their knitting program.

    I need to go on a knit from stash program because I’m going on a big trip to Europe next summer that I hope includes a visit to Wollmeise. Of course, this knit from stash regime won’t start until August 1 because July is my birthday month and all purchases in July are exempt!

  8. My stash is split between lace and sock yarns. I don’t knit a lot of sweaters just because of how long they take, so I don’t have a lot of worsted yarns at all.

  9. According to Ravelry, I have 25 in fingering weight with worsted coming in 2nd with 14. I bought ALOT of sock yarn when I first started knitting. Now that I’m knitting sweaters, my stash of worsted, DK and aran have increased. I like all weights…makes it easier to choose a yarn for a project.

  10. Laurie right before me just stoled my post!! πŸ™‚ 90% fingering weight sock yarn and 99% of it bought from the lovely Loopy Ewe! Then there’s also the worsted weight because I like to make felted bags.

  11. I have mostly fingering weight. I do have some cotton worsted weight for when I was big into dishcloths. Someday I want turn some into bags. And yes a lot of it was purchased at Loopy Ewe but I do have some cheap store bought yarn from Jo Anns that will someday be the stripe vanilla socks maybe Christmas Gifts.

  12. What yarn I have the most of depends on whether you count be the project or by the skein. By the project sock yarn would be the most but every knitter knows that sock yarn doesn’t count as stash. Actually probably would win by the skein too because sock yarn is deceiving. 2 or 3 storage totes of sock yarn is probably like 10 totes of worsted or DK weight.
    I destashed some pretty awful yarn I’d bought to make prayer shawls and decided it was so awful that I was not going to make any more shawls with it. I’m donating it to a ministry that makes lap robes for hospital in nearby city. I need to consolidate/compress some stash but don’t want to do that until cooler weather.

  13. Thanks mostly to you, the bulk of my stash is sock yarn and then laceweight. I do love having it around to look at and pet, but chances aren’t looking great that it’ll all get knitted up anytime soon!

  14. Hands down or should I say feet down— sock yarn or fingering weight. And like many of the previous posts mostly purchased from the Loopy Ewe. Most of which once I received it I decided it was way too nice for socks. One of these days I’m going to try my luck and making shawls, shawlettes or lacy scarfs. I have also been searching Revalry for sweater patterns that use fingering weight yarn.

  15. Definately sock yarn..although Lace is running a close second to that…I guess I really have the most of absolutley-had-to-have, cannot-live-without, and never-got-around-to-actually-knitting-up yarn!

  16. First, it is important to note: sock yarn does not count. Srlzy. I have bins and bins of worsted (which doesn’t match up with many of the comenters!) I cannot resist a good tweed, so more than half the stash is tweed. But it doesn’t go bad, and you don’t get extra credit for dying with all your projects completed — so go ahead and stash!

  17. These days it’s sock, sock and did I mention, sock? I hardly ever knit socks with it, though. Sweaters and scarves and shawls, mostly, and the odd hat. Lately, some lace too. All the other types of yarn just languish in a bin at the back of the closet. Time to do some destashing?

  18. Fingering weight is the yarn I have the most of……I bought some spiral hampers at WalMart for storage. Imagine my surprise when I filled four of these and I still have not sorted all of my stash. My stash is obscene and I too have bought yarn that I discovered I did not like or was too good of a deal at the time…and now I have to wonder what was going through my mind. lol

  19. It’s a toss-up between sock/fingering and worsted. I have SOOOOO much yarn sitting around in storage bins! Of course I also have goodly amounts of DK, sport, and chunky/bulky. I do believe I’m a true yarnaholic! Just can’t pass up beautiful yarn!

  20. For sure sock yarn. I love it. I want to buy more of it everywhere I go. Worsted weight yarn does not call to me unless I have a project in mind. Neither does lace weight. But sock yarn in all of its loveliness and variety – I want some of each it seems.

  21. My biggest stash item is fingering weight sock yarn. I have no willpower when it comes to sock yarn. Like you I do like to spread out the storage locations a bit because it might be a bit of a shock to my husband to see it all in one place. He is already worried because I also quilt and that also creates stash.

  22. I de-stashed about 2 months ago. I got rid of 3(!) trash bags full of yarn! I donated it to a church that has a prayer shawl ministry (they’re not as picky about what they’re knitting with as I am;-) I, too, blogged about stash this week, but my blog entry was inspired by a friend of a friend who is a serious knitter, but only buys the yarn for her next project. She might as well tell me she’s from Mars! I kept a lot of lace, enough worsted for about 6 sweaters and tubs and tubs of sock yarn. But didn’t I read somewhere that sock yarn doesn’t count as stash? Well . . . that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

  23. Most of my stash used to be worsted weight. In the last 2 years I’ve changed to alot of fingering weight. Its easier for my hands to knit and I actually like the finer stitches.

  24. My stash is mostly fingering weight. Part of me thinks I need to knit them all into socks but then I think they would make great shawlettes. I have found that I enjoy knitting those and I like to have different scarves to wear when it is cold.

  25. Well, I thought I might be getting too much yarn stashed around the house, but I see some people have me beat πŸ™‚ I plan to let my husband know this. Mostly, I’ve been buying sock yarn and fingering weight even though this is the first year I am going to try socks. I’m halfway on the little free sock yarn kit from Sheri. I love to do shawls with these yarns. I have some worsteds in a big Longaberger hamper, other things in bins in my guest room closet. The ones I love to take out and look at, touch and hope to knit NEXT are in another basket and a big glass lidded crock (from Target) in my bedroom. Others that are closest to the being-knit-next list are in baskets and bowls in my family area. I like to hear how people store/use their yarn. Now where do you keep your needles?

  26. Sock yarn – and roving. But I did a little stash busting (roving) during Tour de Fleece and I am starting to consider shawlettes, too, for getting through some of that sock yarn!

  27. I re-organised my stash not that long ago. It was epic. Something I’m not looking forward to doing again anytime soon. Just plain stressful; realizing you possibly haven’t got enough time in this life to knit all of that!

    Fingering weight is the reigning queen in my stash, along with blue colourway (38 yarn types in this colour!) I have over 250 yarn types stashed in Ravelry and with possibly over 350 skeins, I think.

    Having said that, it has been 30 days since my last actual purchase of yarn. At least that’s what my Paypal history tells me. There were other club subscription related payments but technically they don’t count since I signed up for them in January. I can honestly say that I am happy with my stash now. I need to knit.

  28. Definitely my stash is mostly comprised of fingering weight (oh, is it.), followed by worsted (mostly single skeins for various hats and then some for a few sweaters) and then a wee bit of lace weight. I just love to knit socks and shawlettes, so it’s the perfect balance for me. πŸ™‚

  29. Sock yarn, no question about it, though I tend to knit more sock yarn shawls than actual sock right now πŸ™‚ I also have a good amount of laceweight, and maybe five or six sweater worths of worsted and dk.

  30. I just moved to a new home and decided I needed to know what was in my stash so I put almost all of it into Ravelry. Big eye opener. I have a lot of fingering weight yarns. In your cabinet I did not see too many yellows that must be because I have them..

  31. My stash is mostly fingering weight or worsted to chunky weight. I live in a cold climate so need to feed my sock habit as well as my sweater addiction. Really!
    Like you, I have my stash spread out in several locations so if my husband finds one stash of stash, he MIGHT think that is all there is.

  32. I have lots of worsted wool from my felting craze. Then I found fingering yarn. I have tons of that too. Then I found sock yarn! This is my absolute favorite! I have yarn throughout the house in huge ziplock bags. My hubby’s mom (who also knits) was visiting from Texas and I pulled out “one” of my bags. She must have sat in the bedroom for an hour just touching it! I’m still a WM virgin and I’m very afraid if I am ever lucky enough to grab some from TLE…. I know that will be bad, very bad… (runs out to buy more ziplock bags…)

    I love how you have yours stored in the cabinet. It’s beautiful!

  33. Oh, I love that sock yarn cabinet. I would have to say that that’s most of my stash, but I’ve got a lot of yarn, period. I need to destash that sale yarn that is in the wrong color/weight or that I didn’t buy enough of to do anything with. I’ve got a big sackful of novelty yarn from that first year when I was attracted to shiny and yes, cheap. The sale rule applies here, too.

    I’m totally with you on the multiple stash locations. It’s important to keep some things from DH!

  34. Most of my stash is Ewe’re fault 8)
    I mean fingering weight.
    Worsted running a close second.
    And I’ve recently discovered small shawl knits to help justify sock yarn stash.
    Always socks OTN, though.

  35. By far, my stash is fingering weight, but I have a nice laceweight section and a worsted section. I have almost nothing heavier than worsted, and virtually no Dk-sport weight(s), so of course, guess what yarns are catching my eye these days?!

  36. I have a lot of everything! If you think projects I probably have more sock yarn than anything else, followed closely behind by laceweight. If you think total skeins it would be worsted for sweaters, but that’s just because a sweater generally takes several skeins.

  37. I forgot to mention when I posted yesterday that I also have yarn in my stash to crochet an afghan. I’ve been thinking about getting that project going so that I can get that bulk of yarn moved out of the stash! πŸ™‚

  38. I knit a ton, but I have more buying power than knitting power, so my stash is decent. πŸ™‚ I try to have a variety of different weights on hand. I find DK, sport, and bulky weights to be the hardest to use when it’s stash yarn. I try not to purchase those types of yarns “just because”. I never feel badly about fingering, lace, or worsted weight yarns in the stash b/c it’s easy to find a good match for those.

    I am trying to get into the practice of having a purpose for the yarn when I buy it.

  39. HI Sheri! As far as the stash question, I can’t honestly say what I have the most of yet… I will sway towards worsted because I think that’s what most of it is … but I haven’t actually seen a lot of it in a long time. My husband of exactly 2 months today is learning (slowly I think) that the ‘Stash’ situation is bigger than he originally thought. He made me a bookcase with fabric boxes to store my yarn… Then he realized I was still putting some in my closet and some in another basket and some in yet another basket with a lid … I wholeheartedly agree you can’t have all your stash in just one big open to the public kinda place! lol : ) So now we’re looking for an extension on the bookcase idea since I went shopping last weekend and my knitting ladies at church are still hoping I’ll take more yarn home.
    Keep up the great work and as always, the laughs! : )

    PS _ Loopy is my absolute fave, even my Hubby thinks he’s cute! : )

  40. I find that I am knitting more sweaters, but I tend to stash sock and lace yarns. I buy sweater yarn for a specific pattern and tend to knit it within a year, but the sock and lace yarns get stashed and knit whenever.

  41. My stash-ette is still utterly haphazard… I obviously still have some stash-building skills to acquire. Maybe I should do that akill before I try to learn fair-isle πŸ™‚ Can anyone recommend good guidelines or references? πŸ˜€

  42. I have mostly fingering and lace because one or two skeins can be made into something. One or two skeins of worsted or sport – will begin a sweater but not much else.

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