The Week Before Vacation is Always….

Busy. And crazy. And then you throw in several appointments with yarn reps and a bunch of orders in and out, and getting ready to be gone for a week, and you have busycrazytothemax. That’s what this week has been so far. (On the plus side, I’m seeing and ordering some fun yarn for summer and fall. That’s always good, right?)

lostI did take time out to watch LOST last night. Of course there is no knitting during LOST. It’s too dangerous. I always end up messing up the pattern in one way or another. I am sad that this show is coming to an end on Sunday night. But on the other hand, it IS fun to see some of the quirks of the show coming together and making a little more sense, now that the end is near. Do you watch LOST? Or have you completely avoided the whole thing? We have watched it from the first season and I’m still not sure how it’s all going to end. It has never been predictable!

Next week, Knitting Daughter and I are going to Germany to visit Claudia, the Wollmeise and her family. We are so excited! We’ve been planning the trip for a long time and if anything like a volcano spewing ashes interrupts this, I will not be a happy camper. She has promised me a visit to her workshop (dye lesson, maybe?), and hanging out at her Wollmeise store next weekend. (Pretty sure I’ll find some yarn that I need. See those red couches? I’ll be sitting there, knitting.) We’ll also get in some shopping and some touring. My grandparents are from a town just a couple of hours from there, so we’re looking forward to visiting that. I’ll take pictures and tell you all about it when we get back. In the meantime, I’m working through this busycrazytothemax week and trying to maintain some semblence of order. I’m not sure it’s working.

Are you having one of those weeks, too? Or are you floating through a relaxing few days and enjoying the peace and quiet?

Sheri whohasacutenewbabysweatertoshowyouonFriday


  1. You have a a great time in Germany. We were there 1 1/2 yrs ago for the Christmas was truely magical. We went to Munich, Nurenberg, & Rothenburg family is also from there, near Freiberg. My Great-grandmother was born in Frankfort. Have fun with Claudia.!!

  2. I will miss Lost, I’ve never missed an episode. I don’t know if that is a good thing, lol. I am looking forward to seeing how they tie it all up. Hope you have a great time on your trip!

  3. I too am a big fan of Lost and don’t think I have missed any of the episodes. I am sad to see it end but then it is getting more and more confusing so I think it is time for us fans to finally see the end. I have been thinking of buying the dvd’s of the seasons and rewatching them this summer.
    My husband wants to go to Germany and visit a friend so guess I will have to get that planned in the near future for us.
    Have a wonderful trip

  4. Glad you are going to experience the red couches!!! Germany is one part of the country I would like to see. My heritage is German.

    Have a BLAST!

  5. have fun on your trip! We just got back from one and now hubby has asked me to head to BC with him for a few days next week, lol, we better see some sun soon so i can finish weeding before i take off!

    You know, i have never really watched Lost. What is sad is we lived less than 30 minutes from where it was filmed, even camped one night on the beach with the prop’s of the plane crash site. Maybe someday i will rent the first series and see if i can get interested.

  6. I am so very jealous…I would love a trip to Wollmeise Heaven!!! You might get to see the madness of a saturday grab bag update…the only way some of us have been lucky enough to get our hands on of this wonderful yarn!!!

    Have a wonderful trip!

  7. WOW – sounds like a great trip!! Have a wonderful time traveling with your daughter—what a special opportunity! It’s so beautiful in Germany, lots to see and do and eat! That will be very special visiting the town where your grandparents are from.

    There really is so much to do before you can leave town — and especially when you have your own business. Very tiring, but then it feels oh, so good to get on that plane and just relax….and knit some! Lots of time for that—-be sure to tell us ALL about Claudia’s shop. I still have not gotten any Wollmeise…someday!!

  8. Have a wonderful vacation. No I do not watch Lost. I’ve heard it’s great, but just never interested.

  9. We are LOST fanatics too. I also can not knit during them – it is a recipe for disaster! Can’t wait to see it end on Sunday night, even though it’ll be bittersweet!

  10. Hey Sheri,
    I’m a HUGE Lost fan too, and I rarely (if ever) knit while watching it. If I do, it’s something I don’t actually have to look at. Although if Claire could crochet baby booties while in captivity, I’m sure I could whip something off too. 😉
    Have fun on your vacation and don’t get stranded on a deserted island! Although you could take up spinning plant fibres like Jacob and his mom…hehehehe….

  11. I’m going to be lost without Lost. just love the show. Between having to wait for Dr. Who, and missing Lost, I guess it will be time to take out all those unfinished knits.

    Have a wonderful trip!

  12. I love Lost! I’m so sad that it is ending. We didn’t start watching until the 3rd season, but we rented the first 2 seasons to get caught up.

    Enjoy Germany.

  13. What an awesome vacation! My paternal grandmother was all German. Her dad came over from Germany, I think. I would love to see Germany, and to meet Claudia, and see her store, et al, not to mention that I took two years each of high school and college German. Enjoy your trip & I’m sending your positive vibes that no volcanic ash will interfere with your trip! Best wishes! Marianne

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